My wife and I spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week together. We are very close and we like it. We like the same things and enjoy being with each other.

But she lives in a different, sometimes better universe.

I have mentioned before a scene when visiting her in-laws. Her sister smokes one cigarette after another. It is hard for us to be around her smoke. We wheeze and gasp. Yet I saw Anne sitting close to her sister and carrying on a lengthy conversation. The room was so full of smoke that I could not enter, yet Anne was unaffected.

Later, I asked her how she was able to be so close to her sister's cigarette smoke. Anne looked at me wide-eyed and firmly said, "She was not smoking!" I experienced her smoking, but Anne did not. Anne experienced no discomfort. And this went far beyond denial.

In my universe, her sister was lighting one after another. In Anne's universe she was not smoking -- until I pointed it out and then, later, Anne was not able to be around her sister and her smoke.

I think that I shifted Anne's universe in a negative way.

Another example. We have several small spaniels that we adore. They have free run of our home and usually use the doggie door to go outside when they need to pee or poop.

Yet recently one of them has taken to pooping in our bedroom. As I am going to bed, I step in it. Barefooted. I turn on the lights, clean it up. Wash my foot and do some complaining. Yeah, I guess I am creating dog poop! I was not expecting it in the beginning and am trying to think about other, better things when going to bed, but boom! It happens again.

My Anne has never stepped in it even though she follows the same path into the bedroom as me. Well, never stepped in it until I began getting mad about me stepping in the poop.

Am I creating dog poop and smoking sisters in Anne's universe?

I think that, in many ways, she is better than me in maintaining a happy universe. So I carry a small flashllight and quietly pick up the poop, but it is still, too often there.

A final example, though there are many more. She is driving. I am in the passenger seat. She goes through a yellow traffic caution light for which she could have stopped. I cringe because in Georgia, going through a yellow/amber traffic light can get you a ticket and many of the lights have video cameras and later, you get a ticket in the mail.

In warning her about this, she responds, "It was only a yellow light. If it had been red, I would have stopped!" Yeah, I am a backseat driver..... But I am trying to help!

In her universe it is ok to run a yellow light, but not in mine. She is a very good and safe driver. Always obeys the other traffic laws.

Does my trying to caution her, to point out unhappy things (in my universe) cause her universe to have dog poop? Smoking sisters? Traffic tickets?

Am I manifesting dog poop where it does not need to be?

EDITED ADDITION @Nikulas - while I appreciate the humor associated with the responses, further clarification is requested. As our lives intersect with each other, we have differing perspectives. Some feel better than others. Ignoring some may cause bad feelings.

From my perspective going through a yellow light equals strong possibility of getting a traffic ticket. But in Anne's universe, she does not see this as a possibility. She has never gotten a ticket for going through a yellow light. I have.

Her universe = no tickets My universe = getting a ticket

She is happy in her universe going through a yellow light. So, do I "warn" her about an event that does not seem to have relevance in her universe? And thereby make it a possibility that she does get a ticket? Obviously we do both agree on not going through a red light, but here is a grey, or yellow area.

I am asking for responses to the overall question, not about yellow lights and dog poop.

Let me try to state it more simply: Anne has a reality from her standpoint that works for her. Where, at what point do I have the right or responsibility to try to alter her reality?

asked 01 Jun '13, 06:47

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

edited 02 Jun '13, 09:19


Thanks for the laugh - really appreciate it! And to answer your question - yup!

(01 Jun '13, 08:09) ele

@ele - Glad that you can appreciate the humor (grin), but I think it also goes deeper.

(01 Jun '13, 08:17) Dollar Bill

haha I really need to laugh.. hmm? how deep is it? You may want to take your dog to the vet, especially if this is new behavior. Good Luck!

(01 Jun '13, 08:20) ele
(02 Jun '13, 03:27) ursixx

@ursixx beautiful, dogs diary video has made my day, absolutely hilarious +100 points :D

(02 Jun '13, 03:34) ru bis

@ursixx dang! I was going to post that video when I get back. Love it! Can't wait till Bill gets up to go to the bathroom. Not often does anyone get the best of Bill.

(02 Jun '13, 04:19) ele

@ursixx THAT is hilarious! In watching it, I found another on cats.

(02 Jun '13, 06:16) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill I realise you are asking for something more profound than this and really this is a deep question but I'm just going to go practical here for a while. I had a similar prob with one of my cats - the vet told me the cat was distressed and sold me a plug in pheromone spray thing - £30 ker ching, a friend told me the cat was deeply psychological disturbed and had I heard of a pet whisperer/psychologist? We solved it when we discovered we'd left the cat flap locked ...

(02 Jun '13, 15:06) Catherine

@Dollar ... look for a simple solution to this problem. I don't think it is possible to manifest something in someone else's reality but you are raising her awareness by complaining about it and inadvertently bringing it into her awareness so YES you are manifesting it in that sense. I love this question DB!

(02 Jun '13, 15:07) Catherine

I love the title... The details though turned my brain upside down... I am reading more so that I can relate it. Is this a sort of parallel universe existing simultaneously?

(02 Jun '13, 23:31) Romel
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Yes Dollar, dogs are spiritual beings just like us and mirror the image of their masters

alt text

your dog is surely saying

"wuf, follow the path of duality and you'll always come across shit, wuf"


answered 02 Jun '13, 02:39

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis


OMG love it! That has got to be the funniest image you have ever posted @ru bis! I'll keep my comment to myself, till Bill responds. I know Anne will love this! lol!

(02 Jun '13, 02:49) ele

@ru bis - also love the image! He's making a lawn sculpture!

@ele - come on! I always love your comments. So does Anne!

(02 Jun '13, 09:27) Dollar Bill

yes @Dollar, this lawn sculpture could be the start of something much bigger ... or as the saying goes, where there's muck there's money :)

(02 Jun '13, 10:04) ru bis

Bill - "while I appreciate the humor associated with the responses" - YOU missed the point - it's all about the 'poop' - think about it. He also made a good point - "duality".

(04 Jun '13, 01:13) ele

thanks @ele i feel understood ... when i wrote this answer i was talking of duality/shit ... it's only afterwards did i see the funny side

(04 Jun '13, 08:21) ru bis

@ru bis for once it was a no brainer & I thought your reply was full of humor w/or w/o the pic.

(04 Jun '13, 19:17) ele

@ele - Eschatology and Scatology. Are they two sides of the same coin? Har har!

(05 Jun '13, 05:35) Dollar Bill

Har har! I'm laughing so hard, I have tears running down my cheeks. Even worse, I knew what Scatology was. Yes, the flip side of the coin - the last poop or final event in ones lifetime.. BTW, I call heads..

I told you "it's all about the 'poop", Bill & apparently it always is. ('poop' is symbolic or a metaphor)

(05 Jun '13, 16:47) ele

@Dollar Bill In Atlanta, is the red light ticket issued to the registered owner of the vehicle & not the driver? If both names appear on the registration, the ticket gets mailed to the owner whose name appears first - would that be you?

(05 Jun '13, 17:15) ele

yes @Dollar i like it ... eschato/scato in other words immaterial/material, spiritual/physical worlds :)

(06 Jun '13, 00:20) ru bis

@ru bis much classier response than mine - making up for the $h!t. I noticed this after I made the other comment to you. "i was talking of duality/shit ".. Did you leave out the "f" - did you mean shift as I assumed or read ?

(06 Jun '13, 00:37) ele

well @ele i mean shit, excrement ... negative as opposed to positive ... it's all in the black/white, yin/yang lol

(06 Jun '13, 02:40) ru bis

well @ru bis "follow the path of duality and you'll always come across shit"

(06 Jun '13, 02:47) ele
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Two people can share a physical reality and have the same physical props.

All those physical props do is serve as tools to pinpoint what belief systems you hold onto. The physical props allow you to experience joy equally as much as frustration, like stepping in dog poop. An actor can use a prop in whatever way they desire, as a human can experience a physical event in whatever way they desire.

As well as belief systems, I feel is comes down to your accustomed emotional fixed range.

One of my many jobs deals with customer service. Whilst all I encounter is happy, friendly and interesting customers, I find it very amazing how other staff members encounter quite the opposite; rude, unfriendly, no manner style people who piss off the staff. The interesting thing is that we work in the same environment, and sometimes its funny how the perceived 'bad' customers they deal with are the exact same 'good' customer I deal with. When it comes to interacting with other people you only attract behaviour out of them that resonates with your beliefs and/ or current emotional set point (the behaviuour is actually irelevant. Its how that behaviour makes you feel). I am aware of this because sometimes the other staff will tell me about their experience with, what the would define, as rude customers. The customers aren't concretely born rude, but they will absolutly operate in a seemingly such way that the staff member views them to be.

Likewise, sometimes they are shocked as to how I never have an issue with any customer; again, quite the opposite. As a quick story several of the customers have actually offered me jobs leading to higher income growth because they resonate rapport and strong bonding with me; the exact same ones that piss off other staff.

So I would just ask, "how does stepping in dog poop make me feel?" Often that feeling and circumstance is joint a beacon directing you to other things in your life that make you feel that way. The solution is to clear them up, find solutions and be on your way. Belief changing usually happens in the process.

So yes, you are most certainly manifesting dog poop where it need not be. And yes, even if its so unbelievable how another person can live in the same house and life an entire different life.

Please ask for more clarification if need be Dollar Bill <3 xx


If it is in your belief system that going through an orange light will give you a ticket (or you have a high risk associated with getting the ticket) then your belief system will construct that reality for you, and yes, you will get caught.

What I can point out here is the feeling- correct me if I'm wrong, but you would feel a strong repulsive emotion somewhere in your body that is telling you not to go through the light.

Your wife, on the other hand, lives by different belief systems (however she managed to pick them up is irrelevant to the question) and thus can do the identical action and get different results. It may sound astonishingly hard to swallow, but this is true. This is how, thanks to LOA, strange coincidences can occur in explicit synchornicity or lacking of immediate physical logic for things to occur the way they do.

You see this all the time when it comes to food, as in one person can eat a certain food and get certain results from it, whilst another will eat the same food and get completely different results. Really it stems down to initial belief properties associated with the selected food.

So, should you warn your wife about an incident as such, and how do you go about it?

I would still warn her. You're only explaining to her your belief system, and if it's within her belief system (to any degree) she will listen to what you are saying and probably slow down at the orange light when you warn her.

However, if it's certainly not in her belief system whatsoever, she won't buy into it and thus won't probably even hear you. I'm sure she listens to you in the style of manner "yeah yeah, whatever..." There is not much you can do, nor do I even feel there is anything you should do. What for? You two may both be in a monogomous relationship, but at the end of the day everyone has their own belief systems and it's probably within your best interests to just let them be.

Does than answer your question? I'm not trying to answer your specific taffic light/dog poop problem but I did need to use an example to scaffold my ideas around. Again, Im more than happy to ellorate :)


answered 02 Jun '13, 06:46

Nikulas's gravatar image


edited 02 Jun '13, 08:21


When it comes to people you must take on that you only attract behaviour you are tuned into (the behaviuour is actually irelevant. Its how that behaviour makes you feel). I am aware of this because sometimes the other staff will tell me about their experience with rude customers. When they tell me this, I emotionally feel nothing and sometimes automically remind myself "it's their reality, not mine." to the mesure you judge also will you be judge. you have seen it in action.

(02 Jun '13, 08:16) white tiger

@white tiger- I read your comment but I didn't understand what your idea is or what you are attempting to ask me. If you would like me to respond to that may you please articulate your idea in an easier-to-read way?

(02 Jun '13, 08:23) Nikulas

@white tiger as usual you have answers that make me think.

"automatically remind myself "it's their reality, not mine." to the measure you judge also will you be judged. you have seen it in action."

(02 Jun '13, 09:24) Dollar Bill
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You are creating the dog poop for the Anne that is in your reality. There is also an Anne in another reality who is not experiencing the dog poop. There is also a reality where Dollar Bill doesn't experience dog poop either. If you change your emotional response, you will change the reality that you perceive or experience.

Edit per your edit. Very good question. I wonder that myself in raising a son. The Bible says not to put anything evil in front of your eyes. Some churches interpret that to mean to not watch TV. The Bible sayings have more than one meaning. I think one meaning of that is not to look at what might go wrong. On that note, it is different to tell someone learning to cook, not to touch the hot stove, because people could get burned if they touch hot stuff, than to tell them a whole story about you or someone you know got burned with all the details. So a warning without extracting an emotional response would not cause them to attract the situation being warned of.


answered 01 Jun '13, 08:42

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Fairy Princess

edited 02 Jun '13, 11:10

Dollar Bill you and Dollar Ann need to work together and manifest a rolled up news paper! Loosely rolled, it is sound and feeling not pain.

One bad dog wallop and problem solved. I know dogs, we (my, mom, dad and I) had a few growing up.

The horse whisperer knows horses, I know dogs. :-)


answered 02 Jun '13, 03:40

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 02 Jun '13, 13:19


@Wade i certainly hope you don't treat Jai in the same way lol

(02 Jun '13, 11:24) ru bis

@wade - I accidentally voted your post up the other nite - tried to get my vote back; but kept asking me why I was downvoting - I didn't want to downvote. If you use a rolled up newspaper on a dog - all you'll get is a dog who is scared of newspapers. If DB's dog does not have a medical issue which is causing this; then it's my educated guess, the dog is trying to send DB or DB & NB a message.

(04 Jun '13, 01:17) ele

It is training, letting the dog know this is not going to be accepted. Going out in the yard is.

It worked for our dogs. They were good dogs, they would go to the door and bark so they could be let out in the yard. The only time I can think of (for our one) where she went inside and we didn't chide her was when she was very old and couldn't help it.

She was in bad shape that was probably a day or two before she died. :-(

(04 Jun '13, 10:51) Wade Casaldi

@ru bis LOL actually humans do learn the same way. If I think of the times I had a spanking, don't walk out into the street. Don't draw on the walls, etc it taught me to be civilized and careful. One wack on the bottom (not even hard) and I felt like I'm not doing that again! LOL

(04 Jun '13, 11:08) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - so you're sayin' - if Jai starts pooping on the bedroom floor nightly, you'll give her "one bad human wallop" ..

(04 Jun '13, 17:51) ele

@ele lol wow that is quite a weird image! No I don't think a pat on the hind quarters with a news paper would solve that. That case would need serious physiological help.

(04 Jun '13, 19:35) Wade Casaldi

@wade Brave fella - I didn't try to get a visual - thanks for the laugh. I would rule out treatable medical issue first - as I suggested to DB.

(04 Jun '13, 19:42) ele

@ele and @wade casaldi - I don't punish my dogs for pooping in the house. To do so would only confuse the dog and make him think I just don't like poop! Once the poop has left their body, it becomes meaningless to the dog.

I take them all outside and when one poops, I reward that act with verbal praise and a treat. Positive reinforcement works better in all situations.

Look for the good. Magnify the good. I put no energy into picking up the poop, and they have quit pooping in the house. Good!

(05 Jun '13, 05:57) Dollar Bill

I agree Bill & I've read many of your posts & I know how you treat your 'family' . For example, this one.

(05 Jun '13, 16:54) ele
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@dollar bill for the cigarette your wife might be used to her sister smoking so it does not bother her or she endure it to keep the peace. are you able to keep the peace? And is your sister able to keep the peace? why not open a window And solve the problem that way the peace will be made and your wife and you will not have to suffer and your sister will be respected in her choice. As for the Dog complaining will not change anything, Did you open the door for the dog so he can go outside and did you not give him food for night time so he will not poop in the house? if you did all this and the dog still poop in the house take the dog by the skin of the neck like the mother of the dog would do shake left to right saying no putting is nose in it and send him outside. If the dog usely do not do this then something changed is it you or the dog? If it is the dog he might be sick or have eat something that does not suit him. The dog is your responsibility and is imparted to you so that you take care of him. when you talk to the dog keep it short yes, no, sit etc... if you give the dog a speech in the dog mind it is like this (?). As for the yellow traffic light it is saying to you that it is going to turn red and you should stop if you are able to. If you do not have the time to stop you should pass it. Do you judge that your wife add the time to stop? If you would be driving would you have the time to stop? at 50 km per hour you need 12 meter to stop the car + reaction time that vary from one person to the other between 1 to 5 second that will give you even more distance.1 second at 50 km per hour is 13.8 meter per at 1 second it gives you 25.8 meter needed to stop at traffic light and at 5 second 91 meter. and the more someone is preoccupied or stressed the more long is the reaction time. I will leave it to your discernement to do the right things.

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Jun '13, 07:34

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 02 Jun '13, 07:49

@white tiger - Good to see you here.

Very few people in our environment smoke. It is not a matter of Anne getting "used" to the smoke, it seems a matter of her being in a universe where Linda does not smoke, even though Linda HAS smoked in Anne's universe for about 40 years.

Anne was able to shift to a better universe one where Linda does not smoke, because Anne wanted to talk with her sister. There was no need to open a window.

(02 Jun '13, 08:05) Dollar Bill

Yes for Anne but maybe not for you Bill since it seams to affect you. You asked the question I gave you the answer. also for traffic light depending on weather and condition of the road ice gravel sand and different pavement it can take a little more distance also. you can also walk the dog after is meal he will be very thankful. And will demonstrate how to poop in,ha ha ha .

(02 Jun '13, 08:09) white tiger

Right WT. It does affect me more than her. It seems that you are answering the metaphors more than the underlying question I am trying to ask.

Anne has a reality from her standpoint that works for her. Where, at what point do I have the right or responsibility to try to alter her reality?

We need to take more pack walks with our dogs. We and they like that. But our dogs told me they were worried about us because we never poop along with them :) Ha ha.

(02 Jun '13, 09:16) Dollar Bill

Well you understand the judging part(to the measure you judge you will also be judge.) and if you read what I have said I did not put that word and discernment there for nothing in my answer. You say it is metaphor. But I say it is much more then that. It is good if it makes you think. One day you will know what people think and judge of you as soon as they think it. Because you will know them and their heart, and you will not have to ask your self anny question.

(02 Jun '13, 10:33) white tiger

as for now you are responsible of your choice and she is responsible of her choice. love one another, and understand one another and help one another. Be at peace with one another. If you follow those word you will not try to change her reality you will give her more and give her fulfillment. You your self Dollar Bill will not accept that someone make the choice for you or change your reality to their liking. But if someone leave you the choice and gives you more. What will you do?

(02 Jun '13, 10:54) white tiger

Your answers do make me think, @white tiger, I do not see her choice as wrong, it is simply her choice and my observation of it.

I find it powerful and interesting that she can enter a universe where her sister does not smoke, and I want to be better able to control my universe by using her example.

(05 Jun '13, 05:47) Dollar Bill
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wow, i dont know, really? I mean really, really? wow, i just dont know. Hmmm, well no, i just dont know


answered 02 Jun '13, 15:24

zotac's gravatar image


Love this! Thanks for the laugh..

(04 Jun '13, 01:21) ele

@zotac - I know that I know and that I don't know, but I forget.

(05 Jun '13, 05:38) Dollar Bill
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