I have noticed this pattern with many people in my life including myself. It just seems so much easier to get out of bed when we know that we do not have to go to work.

It seems obvious that this can only happen if one does not enjoy their job. Are we treating our jobs like chores instead of enjoying every single moment as each of these moments brings us new experiences? Do we think our jobs are so boring that it is hard to try and make the most of every moment of it?

Do we feel that we are not really living life when we are at work and play time only happens after work ends and before work begins again?

What do you think would make it as easy for most people to get out of bed on a working day as on a non-working day?

asked 12 Mar '10, 12:35

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Pink Diamond

You've asked a number of questions in one question - I'm just going to answer the main one and it probably ties into the others...

Why is it easier to get up on non-working days?

One word...Resistance.

When you are doing something you really, really, really love to do, do you have any trouble getting out of bed in the morning to do it?

Most people would say No.

When you are doing something you really feel resistance about - for most, this is their job - do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?

Most people would say Yes.

It is resistance that makes us tired, not the activity itself.

As for the solution...no matter how bad you think your job is, try to find things about it you like - start with small and minor things if you have to.

In doing so, you will find things to appreciate about it and this (through the Law of Attraction) can only over time attract more things to appreciate...until eventually, as the feeling of appreciation dominates, you will either be drawn to different work that will naturally draw those feelings of appreciation through you, or you will find your existing work transforming to match your new improved feeling about it.

...and then you'll have no trouble getting out of bed every morning :)

For more information on this idea of deliberately-focused appreciation, see Abraham’s process - “The Book of Positive Aspects”


answered 27 Jan '11, 23:41

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It could be as simple as going to bed earlier.

On the weekends, you get to sleep in. It is a fact that many people in this modern age live their weekdays with an ongoing sleep deficit. There are too many things to do, and not enough time to do them in.

I found that I do much better when I follow the "early to bed, early to rise" maxim.


answered 12 Mar '10, 14:50

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It is easier to get up, because it is a non working day, it is a holiday for you. You can do what ever you want, and you do not have to play by the rules. You are relaxed, and you are in total control to do as you wish!

It is that feeling of “life is good” and I am going to enjoy every minute of it!


answered 02 Feb '11, 03:10

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