Hey people I don’t know what’s going on with me so I thought you people can better guide me  The problem is that no matter how hard I try to be happy and positive the more sad and depress I feel. I am really irritated these days and I don’t know why its happening. I am okay with the point that its okay to down for a while but I am constantly in this pit and its driving me insane. Three major problems I am facing : 1) No matter how much I try to forgive my two friends I really cant stop thinking about their mistakes and what they did to me. I pretend to be cool with them but as I have to spend almost 10 hours of my every day life I really cant control my thinking. Stuff like they both don’t like me as much as they like each other, they are jealous of me, they don want me to feel good and they purposely ignore me comes to my mind and cause me to either fight with them or just keep my mouth shut feeling totally miserable.

2) I sometimes feels that I like to feel depress and I don’t understand my self for this. Its like that I want people to think that I am not happy with them. I clearly understands that my happiness should dependent on me only but I fail to apply that.

3) I am noticing that I am moving towards aggressive and sad things. I am listening to sad and aggressive songs. I am imagining break ups fights etc in my visualization. I know its bad for me but I getting addicted to it. In reading I am reading intense romance, is negative entertainment really affecting my life :/ please help especially my friends problem I really love them but things are not working

Thank you Love <3

asked 04 Jun '13, 03:47

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Dump your friends (doesn't have to be permanently) and reflect on the direction of your life and the role you are playing in the world.

(04 Jun '13, 04:00) flowsurfer

1) Your friends don't sound so sincere to me. Are they truly your friends? 2) That is okay. 3) You can feel numb when depressed. It is okay to want to feel something.

(04 Jun '13, 05:31) SR7

sounds like you may not want to change the momentum of the always feeling what is not right with me, focus elsewhere from plom

(04 Jun '13, 14:40) fred
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I used to be in your shoes.

I used to imagine break-ups, I loved sad music, I loved violent films, I loved "drama" and finding excuses to cry. It sounds weird, because don't get we wrong, we all wanna feel good, yet at the moment you are in an emotional phrase gravitating towards things that carry it on.

Don't worry, it'll pass soon with sufficient acceptance of it and just doing whatever you can to feel as best as you can in your life (even if its only for 3% of the day to start with).

I used to feel so tragic its not funny. I loved watching the end scene to The Phantom of The Opera late at night and sort of enjoyed the drug-like experience of being sad. I would relate with Phantom to how a girl had broken my heart and rejected me. "Oh Boo-Hoo Nikulas" I would say to my past self now.

All I can say is that I experienced some very dark times. I feel many on this website have gone through great tragedy despite I don't know exactly what it was. For me it was a family breakup and the idea of not being able to find true love.

The dark times have served me to become the hot knight in shining armour I am today. Whilst I refrain from offering you any specific tips on how to cope, hold onto the message that you will get though this bad time, yes, permanently, forever, at some time.

You can even witness some personal dramas pop up on IQ from time to time; people's Hell unleashes and its ugly. I, for one, was one of them. But I bless that dark time for giving me the tools I have to this day. Life is amazing now, I usually spend 80% of my week in a state of bliss. Try to believe me, gonna have that one day :)

I really encourage other users to offer their words of advise to you right now.

One final thing; if you're feeling bad most of the time, read and visit this website first thing in the morning after waking. You will process information best when you are feeling better opposed to feeling worse xx


answered 04 Jun '13, 05:47

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Its ok Fizza 26, your cool, theres nothing wrong with you.

Heres some advice, it wont cost you anything, it wont hurt you...so try it.

Go on youtube, search for Robert Smith Faster EFT. Then look up video 306. Listen to it about a dozen times. It may seem at first to have absolutely nothing to do with your question...but stick with it.

Then act on it.

This will really help you.


answered 04 Jun '13, 07:11

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Monty Riviera

Faster EFT is one of the most effective energy modalities available today. Use it. ;-)

(06 Jun '13, 01:05) Rindor
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Happy things make you sad. I have been in that place. Sometimes you need to take time off. You need to switch things and find new happiness. This happened to me years ago. I felt anything spiritual and loving was a load of bologna! I couldn't stand it any more I stopped writing my God Consciousness Experiments, I left SDDlightworkers not because of anything to do with them or my friends it was because I fell into depression. My ex-girlfriend left me at the time and so I fell then slowly sunk deeper into depression. I needed out so I went searching to find something else. For I think it was two years I frequented an Atari fan web site where I learned to hack old Atari 2600 games into new games. I made quite a few but my crowning achievement was turning Food Fight into Mad Max. One of the top dogs there noticed my work and asked if he could take it and work on it. I agreed and it actually became a limited cartridge I own #2.

I slowly came out and back to spiritual as can be seen here on IQ but for the longest time it was like I had killed off that Wade like one of the space invaders in the video game of the same name. However I'm back to my spiritual self again.

You may need a break, I believe our Nikulas here took this same advice I am now giving you and left for a while. It did him good, he is back now and doing well. :-)


answered 04 Jun '13, 11:42

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Wade Casaldi

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Great advise Wade. Occassionally we all need to take time off from IQ and these ideas as well:


@fizza26- This post shows a "past Nik" and makes me weep tears of appreciation these days when I feel the amount of love from my fellow users radiating from these specific answers.

(04 Jun '13, 11:49) Nikulas

Sometimes a non-drug pill is a good thing. I know of several people who completely eliminated severe depression with some specially formulated vitamins. You could consider this process:


Hoping the best for you because you deserve to feel good.


answered 04 Jun '13, 06:28

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Western medicine often acts as "permissions slips" for us to behave a certain way we wish to. Good post :)

The fact is, if someone decides to start an anti-depressant regime, it will be of most benefit when they undertake the mindset of "I'm taking these because I've decided I'm going to become happier." I've found that taking them with no real intentions behind fixing or altering a mood proves them useless. Just my obervation having been on the pills for a short time.

(04 Jun '13, 10:51) Nikulas
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