Aren't our physical characteristics something we had no choice in, as in it was developed while we were in the womb.

Furthermore, the actions of most people towards others are based 90% on appearance, for better or worse.

Isn't there something else going on here, more than we are able to manifest, create, attract as we had no choice in the matter in the womb.

Isn't there something more powerful occurring?


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We are responsible for manifesting our physical features. We chose it prior to incarnation and effect it on daily basis with our thoughts. A powerful example of how much your thoughts effect your physical body is Gabriel's method where the body and mind work together to lose weight We can effect other specific features also. It is all about focused concentration. Just remember, you chose this particular vehicle for your soul to serve a particular purpose, so if you're say Asian and want to look like Brad Pitt, I'd say, do it next lifetime, however you can be the best version of You! Start by looking at yourself with new eyes and admire each and every single part of you, love it and appreciate it, and then decide how you'd like to enhance it to serve you better.

This can be done through disciplined effort using one of the LOA manifesting methods available to you on this very site.

thank you, namaste


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@daniele: What if you don't believe in choosing it before incarnation? Also regarding - "so if you're say Asian and want to look like Brad Pitt, I'd say, do it next lifetime," I thought there are no limits on LOA??

(11 Oct '10, 15:37) Back2Basics

@Basic not believing in having chosen your features prior to incarnation leads to disempowerment if you're not satisfied with the way you look. You chose the way you look for a reason.You already are good-looking and attractive, you just need to project that unto the outside. There are no limits to the LOA but you have to remember that in the paradigm we live in hardly any of us have had the training and discipline needed to fully activate all our potentials in concentrated focus to completely change our physical vehicle.Imagine the ultimate you, and go for it! You already are my Brad Pitt :)

(12 Oct '10, 08:35) daniele

If our physical features were decided on before we came into physical manifestation or before we were born into this physical realm, then we already had the realization that they really don't matter because our non physical selves know that the physical features are impermanent and will eventually pass away.

Those who treat others because of how they look are merely acting from an ego perspective and are not seeing the other person for who they truly are, beyond their temporary physical appearance.

I believe that we did have a choice before coming here as to what genetic pool (family) we were going to be a part of and our physical appearance may have even played into that choice - as to what role we were going to play here and what we would experience. However, from our non physical perspective we knew that it didn't really matter.


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Michaela- I disagree a lil bit with the idea that we have been given a choice.the rest of reply is excellent.

(28 Aug '13, 07:52) Zee

There's no need to accept not looking like Brad Pitt, since plastic surgery is always an option. On a more serious note, I have heard of people manifesting a change in eye color, from dark brown to green.


answered 24 Aug '13, 22:19

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Beach Baby

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