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To be clear about what I'm asking here: I'm aware that many people listen to music while meditating in order to relax, but what I'm referring to here is listening to music while visualizing your desire with the goal of manifesting it -- not meditation for relaxation.

The purpose of visualization is to get you into the feeling place of what you would like to manifest. To match your vibration to the reality you would like to experience. It seems that you can get very specific with what you visualize, and in turn, become a very specific match to a specific reality. This said, I am wondering if listening to music, ANY type of music, while visualizing would have an effect on the type of vibration you are putting out. If it does, then visualizing with music regularly rather than visualizing without music could affect what manifests in some way, I would think.

If anyone regularly visualizes their desires while listening to music and has had success with manifesting those desires in their reality, please give your feedback! Thanks!

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Yes, I visualize while listening to music, but when this happens, it feels like an organic experience. I don't play a song and then say, "Ok, I'm going to visualize now." It doesn't matter what you listen to. How you feel when you listen to it is what's most important. Music can affect your mood/vibration, so in that since it could affect how and when something manifests. As long as your dominant frequency is positively aligned with your desire, it will eventually manifest, but there are many ways, not just listening to music, to achieve that alignment.


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Drops of Jupiter

Yes, if music can transfer you into a deeper state of relaxation - a state where you're most in touch with your subconscious - it'll have a positive impact your results.

Also, think of it, music got a strong tendency to trigger strong emotions... therefore, I think, if you've got some tracks (or songs) that resonate with you internally, then sure, give it a try and 'see' how your sessions go for you. You will simple know if it supports your visualization session or not.

For example? I do love (like most people) the sounds of nature. Let's you mind-travel with ease: Pure beauty and bliss of mother nature:

Or if you prefer the ocean with calm music to carry you away:

Chill out Zen-Style:


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