We use the word, "feeling" often here on Inward Quest, and I am not talking about the sense of touch. Feeling Joy, Feeling happiness, Feeling a presence. "I got a feeling."

Many of my business associates tell me they made a deal, investment, acquisition, because they had a good feeling about it. And they were usually right. "Go with your feelings." Often it was illogical to go with that feeling, but they did, and success easily followed. Or they may have gone against logic, because they had a bad "feeling" about the deal.

Perhaps "Logic" is a conscious mind product and "feeling" connects us with Source. In Star-trek, Spock was super-logical. Everything had to make sense to his conscious mind. But Captain Kirk often overrode Spock's logic because he had a "gut feeling" and he was right. And Kirk usually acted immediately and with supreme confidence.

Is intuition a feeling? Abraham say to point your emotional GPS in the direction of joy. Joy is a good feeling.

It is obvious to me that we can best "feel" when we shut down the external senses, even for a few seconds. Then we can take confident action.

What do you think? Is this our sixth sense? Our link to Source?

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Dollar Bill

we are perceptive beings with discernment past our five physical senses, thogh six and seven may include auditory refinement

(10 Jun '13, 18:44) fred

@Dollar Bill, my answer to this is yes, I have always considered my 'feeling' as my sixth sense, my intuition. I have always read it to be God speaking to me, God sending me the answer and it has never been wrong. I think back on times when I DID NOT follow my gut feeling and things went bad. Now I know that I MUST follow my gut feeling because it is always right, I have full faith in it. And yes, most of the times these feelings/answers go against human logic.

Over time it has become more and more natural for me to listen to/follow my gut feeling, if you learn to trust it life definitely gets a bit smoother.


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It is humorous to find our culture has addressed the sixth sesory tool as the latter to our five physical ones.

It would be more appropriate to address it as our first and primary tool we have as vibrational forms of consciousness. As we collectivly move onto 5-D reality, our imagination, intuitive feedbacks and our obvious feelings are going to be of continious, without-a-thought necessary application.

But yes, our sixth scense is our emotional GPS.


answered 10 Jun '13, 10:13

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"It would be more appropriate to address it as our first and primary tool we have as vibrational forms of consciousness" Couldn't agree more, Nikulas!

(10 Jun '13, 10:38) releaser99

First sense, yeah, I like that better also!

(10 Jun '13, 19:01) Dollar Bill

Sixth sense is kind of a misnomer. This is because all our senses have a higher level. Some call extra sight the sixth, others extra hearing. Others the ability to know the future. As for me if I had to say as a sense I would tend to agree on feeling because it is not extra, it is by itself. But knowing the future is by itself too.

If we could find one person with all these extra senses it would probably be like nine or ten senses.


answered 10 Jun '13, 09:22

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Wade Casaldi

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Man, as at present constituted, possesses 5 external senses – seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting and smelling. In reality, he has 7 senses, which may be used externally, but the 2 higher attributes of the sensuous gamut are still in embryo as far as the generality of mankind is concerned. The 6th race or atomic age children, who are externalizing at the present time, will evolve the 6th sense (intuition or perception through spiritual sensation and learn to use it in their daily lives); the 7th race will evolve the 7th sense; and then mankind will be physically perfect. P. 141 - The Light of Egypt - Volume 1. In Volume 2 the author tells us the 7th sense is Thought Manifestation.


answered 11 Jun '13, 12:50

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The sixth sense is a particular way of knowing or perceiving things other than by the five senses, it's human sensitivity to influences of all that is, it's intuition. Just being quiet and wishing to know what is happening, anyone can learn lots of hidden things, this is what intuition is all about.

In intuition there's a phenomenon of resonance that's set off by an idea or an unconscious desire to know, or by an associated idea - a perception of influences as physical as light, electromagnetic in nature. The individual unconscious is always immediately made aware of the phenomenon.

The most plausible explication is that everything vibrates, everything emits influences including humans. If everything vibrates, everything is traversed at all moments by the vibrations, the influences of all the rest. In short everything is interconnected by the conscious matrix.

All similar things connect by resonance - when a dog thinks of his master however far away, if he thinks about him long enough, he ** up his ears and wags his tail. In thinking of his master the dog modifies his own vibrations and thus becomes particularly sensitive to the vibrations that he receives at all moments from his master. As soon as there's coupling, that the two similar vibrations link together in harmony, then organic modifications take place, the dog feels the pleasureable presence of his master and wags his tail.

When searching for the key to a problem, sleep on it and often in the morning you have the answer. During sleep, the answer known by the unconscious filters little by little into the consciousness. Whilst we're conscious, the unconscious only shows it's reaction to influences that come from all things, and mainly (that is with more force) of things to which the human being thinks, only by tiny organic modifications.

When I think of a particular thing, (situation, event, person ...) I send out vibrations of that thing that automatically and immediatly links with the vibrations of that thing. That hyper sensitive part of myself that extends beyond the range of my physical senses picks up this link and manifests itself through my body in the form of tiny organic modifications (respiration, blood circulation, muscles, nerves) a dowser translates these energies into a pendular movement, a channeler tranlates them into words and phrases, a painter translates them into pictures, a successful businessman translates them into favourable hunches ...


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@Dollar Bill- Look to this question for another take on the sixth sense.




answered 11 Jun '13, 05:05

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