Why is it some people who have more than what they need will take from a family member who has almost nothing but what was left to them from a parent who has passed on ?

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Robert 1


In their mind they don't "have" more than what they need. Instead they continuously need more than what they have.

(12 Feb '10, 09:10) The Traveller

Yes The Traveller and maybe: 'He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.' Socrates

(20 Feb '10, 03:40) Eddie

something called undisciplined appetite that starves thinking of others than self

(30 Dec '23, 04:12) fred
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.. of Divine Law, and a lack of empathy and care for the needs of those around them.

Divine law will ensure that the ignorance is overcome sooner or later, usually via the road of hardship in one way or another, this life time or next.

This does not help those that suffer at the hand of the ignorant - and this is one 'sin' that really gets me riled. Not that I have suffered that way myself, but I do find it hard to understand how people can be so cruel. My sympathy is extended to you or yours. If the goods/money was stolen, approach the appropriate people for help to recover it ... sometimes perpetrators need a real scare to knock some sense into them.


answered 11 Feb '10, 00:11

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This person is my sister Lorraine,I am having difficulty grasping why she is doing this,even though she proclaims herself to be a good catholic and an avid church person ?

(11 Feb '10, 03:06) Robert 1

Lorraine,Thank You !!

(11 Feb '10, 03:18) Robert 1

Just an afterthought Robert, but is there any chance that the family member who is losing out can be made to see that the kindest thing that can be done for your sister is to say NO to her. It will save her suffering in the long run. "What you do unto others will be done unto you" -Bible

(11 Feb '10, 23:39) Inactive User ♦♦
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Sometimes people don't have a compassionate heart or caring heart. Sometimes they don't have the love of God in them even though they say they are a christian or they believe in God. Some people excuse me for saying this but some people or just church goers which means that they go to church or pretend to be christian. Or as one of my pastors has said they play church they are not for real. A christian acts Christ like. Do they stumble and fall sometimes yes, they do than after a period of time they get back up and continue on their spiritual journey. For you start out as a babe in Christ and are feed on a bottle the word of God than you learn to crawl, walk and eventually run but all of that takes time.

Some people will tell you that they love you but it is only a word to them void without meaning. Than again some people just don't know how to love are they don't care to love.

Now before anybody gets upset I am not saying anything against going to church or the people in the church I was just trying to answer the question that was ask the best I know how to. If I have offended anyone I apolize ahead of time.

Now we are all trying to become better christians those that believe in God and Jesus Christ. But we are far from perfect. I believe as long as we are in this physical body we will always be continueing striving to be perfect and each day we learn more and get better and better at it. Than when we put on our spiritual robe after leaving this plane the weight of being human will lifted off of us and we can truly be the sons and daughter of God and brothers and sister of Jesus Christ.

I belive the human race is loosing its ability to love, care, fairness in justice, understanding, about one another for if you don't use something than you lose it or forget how to use it and we humans are not using our ability to love one another as God would have us to. We suppose to treat one another as we would like to be treated.

WE try to pull one another down from both ends the people who have a lot do it to the ones who don't have and the ones who don't have try to pull down the people who have dispising them because they have achieved it. I don't understand us as human being how we could be so careless and do so much harm to others. The humans do a lot of harm to one another on this planet we call earth.

This is our paradise we should help to keep it a pradise and take care of mother earth, the animals, ourselves, and others. If we all help one another and look out for one another this would be a great place to live in. But us humans are destroying this world and the people in it because we simply just don't care and we let greed, power, evil, lack of being able to love controll us. A lot of times when bad things are done there is no remorse in the heart, mind, or soul. It is almost all three parts of that person is dead already they are just walking around but they are dead in every other way.

Whomever who has done this to you I hope they have a change of heart will give you back the things they have taken away from you. But keep trusting in the Lord and talking to Jesus he will guide you through he will be with you through it all with his love, power and protection just hold your faith strong.

Hope all will be better for you and your soon.


answered 11 Feb '10, 08:17

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Thank You Flowingwater !!

(11 Feb '10, 15:15) Robert 1

I have come to the point where I believe greed is a mental disorder. I see a never ending need from these people to prove themselves worthy, that they are good enough and deserve recognition and the more they get the more they feel for a moment worthy but that quickly fades and then they must achieve the next thing or be a loser. I know anold friend that has a collection of Lamberdini cars, someplace in his past he must have adopted the belief if you get one of these, you have done it, you have made it to the top. But the problem is if this is your goal, and this is what it takes to feel better about yourself and you achieve it does that sense of achievement last for life? No because it wasn't the attainment of the goal that was what made you so happy it was achieving it. So you have this wow moment like you just won a race and feel like you are on top the earth in joy. That is not contentment that is apeasment of the inner naging feeling of not being worthy. So it is fleeting and has to be appeased again and again, so you can see this getting more and more and feeling you have to be better than everyone else is really a hurt inside of inadiquicy and since this is a deep pain that never seems to heal no matter how much money or possessions someone gains that feeling that that person needs to be the winner no-matter what it takes or whom it harms is something that needs healing.

I had that friend ask me many years ago this question, "If you could give up everything you have for everything you want would you?" When he was asked this he jumped at the chance and said "YES". Me I paused to think about this a while and replied no. He said, "No! why not?" I said "Because everything I have is everything I want, otherwise I wouldn't have it." He was visably shook up and said, "I never thought of it that way before." He obviously never did again, he made some very bad decisions that really harmed those he cared about and those that cared about him in persuit of his goals of success. Clearly giving up what he had for what he wanted.

People that hord are exactly the same, they have to keep filling that hole that every little thing is an accomplishment and a confirmation of worth and value as a person.

The healing needed is: you are good enough as you are with what you have or have not. you are still good enough, worthy, and valuable as a person. There is no winning or losing, just experiencing, you don't need to be better or have more, you feel better being generous, compassionate, thoughtful and forgiving than you do at competing for the next goal. You ar loved as you are with no need to achieve anything to feel worthy of being loved. There is nothing to achieve nothing that needs to be taken away from others so you have, you don't need to be better you already are worthy just because you exist.


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Wade Casaldi

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"People that hord ...."

I'm a hoarder but not for the reasons you mention. I'm also not taking anything from anyone else.

(17 Dec '23, 21:25) ele
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