So I love my feelings, whatever their tone could be negative or positive, bad or good, I used and still give them a lot of attention and consideration.

Analyze them, notice them and count every little sense and all that could happen in 2 to 3 minutes in my mind where no one could ever notice. It is inward mess.

They are my guide through LOA journey and I depend on them in the manifestation I work on, lately I am dealing with jealousy which I can deal and which could never be a hurt to others those who I am jealous from, (I am tagging that jealousy from others) and if it did hurt that will be only me as it creates bad and painful feelings,, and I use this jealousy to improve and step forward

But I am noticing something different it is like I am addicting this feeling, so the jealousy is not because he or she is better than me, because I want and must feel jealousy to learn and conclude something, it started joyful but now it is really bothering me, it hurts me mentally.

I am on a threshold of a manifestation that mean so much to me, my big one so far, this feeling which first melt a lot of struggles, led me to paths and roads to choose, now it is distracting, dissatisfying me, knowing that this manifestation and that state I am in now occurs that messing up in my personality.

So is addicting certain feeling really exist psychologically? Like those who addict love, negativity and so on or it is just related to my state now, for being addicted to jealousy really scared me

And is addiction the right feeling still being an addiction?

On other hand I am noticing that a certain feeling when it exists powerfully, in a state you are motionless toward this existence, and it is reacting and caused reaction creates energy can be good thing as a result. For example I used to use my bad feelings during my teenage to write and compose.

So can we use our feelings when they are on the negative tone to create and even manifest or they must be eliminate and displaced with the right one since they are negative in core and could be develop?

Note that when I say use them for I noticed when a certain feeling exist it create powerful energy in thinking for example: I am jealous from his millions I can manifest my own, I am jealous from certain state of someone which is different from my manifestation but I will take this state of feeling as I am vibrating so high to include my basic subject to my emotions, take advantage of my inward spirit state, this higher state I mean

asked 22 Nov '12, 05:44

r0la's gravatar image


it is for you to decide if feelings
are left to rule as intellect rationalizes
or if they be but an added experience
for your consciousness reflection

it is an important lesson to undertake
and to a degree is individual to you


answered 23 Nov '12, 06:36

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It is about reflection and reactions you mean?

(24 Nov '12, 02:53) r0la

feelings are the perceptions by our senses of the world around us and have a proper place for each of us to learn

(24 Nov '12, 07:11) fred
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