This question just popped up in my mind. Since the universe doesn't respond to the image you hold in your mind when visualizing (a nice red sports car for example) but rather to the emotions you feel how exactly do you then get the exact model, color etc. you want (visualize)?

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this is a good question, @timmyy. I wonder that myself a lot. some say to imagine in detail with time limit, others say no time limit.This is too confusing, and I normally just try to have the best feel good thoughts, and not worry about anything else,like stingray said. I don't think the universe meant for us to jump through hoops to get what we need or want, just watch our thoughts and feelings.

(12 Jan '13, 20:29) PurpleRose

@timmy- the universe doesn't know what we want ... we decide what we want ... the universe responds to our vibration ... there are plenty of explications to this phenomenon, see tag "vibrational- matches"

(13 Jan '13, 03:00) blubird two

I've just learnt about "Afformations" not affirmations and preface everything with Why . EG , Why do I now have a fast red sports car ? notice the feeling , no resistance :-) then let go and leave to Universe . I've been doing this for a few days and already seeing results , happy happy me :-)

(13 Jan '13, 22:09) Starlight

@starlight, I have done that a few times too, but it did feel forced to me and like I was lying to myself. I like to rather use regular short affirmations throughout the day and also the questions starting with "would it not be nice if..." or just statements like "It would be nice/great if..." I am still working with this, though.

(14 Jan '13, 14:45) PurpleRose

Purple Rose , here's a link that explains how Afformations can be used more succesfully than affirming .I hope you enjoy Noah's explanation :-)

(14 Jan '13, 16:12) Starlight
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I've asked a similar question lately. I had some insights but they might not please you. Because it boils down to an answer that i hated for years when religious folks gave me that one to every question in life. I think they were just to lazy to think further. Or i thought that they were just ignorant and "wanted to believe blindly in something" which may be true, but is by the way a good life skill regarding deliberately manifesting things.

So the answer is...drumroll please... "because God (Universe) knows everything" :).

But i will give you my thought process to this conclusion.

What is the Universe? It is everything...including you and me.

Who are you? Of course a part of the universe but more specifically you are 2 parts. You are your physical self and your higher self.

The you that you already know, the physical self lives here on earth on the ground with a physical body and with a physical brain. You know that one. You see that one every time in the mirror with your eyes. But you also have another part that lives above your physical self and watches all your physical life at a "mountain top" and gives you instructions what to do, how to act. That part knows how things will happen.

So let's say you want a car which would make you feel free, happy and independent when you drive it. Your higher self notices this and it knows how to give you that kind of car. But it also knows what would be even better for you because it sees everything better at the mountain top.

For instance it knows that a car like in your imagination would be cool. But it also knows that you forgot to think or visualize about lets say an aircon in that car, or some other fancy stuff. So it works in your best interest to give you more than you could ever imagine.

You only have to allow your higher self to do its work. But how? Simply by feeling (not necessarily vizualizing) free, happy and independent about having a car (a car, not a specific one) now.

Now you could ask: "Ok, but how does my higher self know what i want?"

Because your higher self is you and you are your higher self. And of course you and your higher self are the universe/god too. So ultimately you are the universe/god.

How couldn't the universe know? It is is you! How couldn't god know what he wants for himself?

So you see... god knows everything:).


answered 13 Jan '13, 21:49

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@releaser99 . I love your answer , my hearts now resonating in a happy dance , thank you :-)

(13 Jan '13, 22:04) Starlight

I agree with Starlight. Great answer. It reminds of a movie Bruce Almighty. :D

(14 Jan '13, 04:08) timmyy

@Starlight @timmyy You are very welcome:)

(14 Jan '13, 06:26) releaser99

@releaser99, nice, clear answer. Many thanks!

(14 Jan '13, 11:51) Bedazzled

You are welcome:) @Bedazzled

(14 Jan '13, 19:12) releaser99
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I assume here that you are part of said universe, if so then how could it not know what your wants are?


answered 13 Jan '13, 13:22

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