What happens when people like Adolph Hitler gain so much power? http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19390102,00.html

EDITED 4/25/12 As I understand it, Hitler originally was a unifying powerful force in the reconstruction of Germany after the devastation of WW1. He got the economy going and brought back their national sense of pride. He was, at first, hailed as a hero. He thought he was doing God's work in helping create a better world.

He had a remarkable personal charisma that, while terribly misguided, I find very interesting. As his destructive ideas expanded, he was met by initial opposition from German nobility. History documents that he met on a one-on-one basis with various nobles and important businessmen. They emerged from his council convinced that Hitler was correct in his behavior and supported him.

Whom we consider monsters are considered by themselves to be doing God's Work. We may even take a grisly delight in relating with monsters like the popular TV program "Dexter" where the lead character becomes a vigilante and murders people he finds violates the laws of society. We saw the beginning of one of these episodes and turned it off.

There is some evidence that Hitler was heavily involved in the occult. Even the Nazi symbol comes from a very old religion. It has been said that Hitler perverted that symbol of a rotating equal arm cross by having it rotating counter-clockwise with the "sparks" flying off in a CCW direction and that this indicates anti-life.

Whatever, he was immensely powerful and accomplished much. His demise seems caused by his forsaking his metaphysical advisers, perhaps also forsaking his Connection with Universal Source, and letting his ego take over.

"God, You are moving too slowly, get out of my way and let me handle things." This will certainly get you off the "Narrow Path" and into destruction!

Ultimate power, unless used to balance, will ultimately corrupt. Then destruction is imminent. The huge majority of failed civilizations failed due to a weakness from within.

I asked a good friend's German wife what she thought about Hitler. She was raised and educated in Germany. She said that Hitler was not mentioned in her schools, she only heard about him when she came to the USA.

But, still, it seems he used the LOA in such a way to be destructive to millions of people.

Is energy just energy? Or is it Guided by life-affirming principles? Or is this just another paradox that people like Hitler can exist in such powerful ways?

Was he following God's Plan for the betterment of the World and his ego got in the way? Can we learn from this?

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Dollar Bill

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@Dollar Bill: pt 1: Your friend's German wife must be quite young that they did not teach in her German school about Hitler and the Nazi Regime. I am German, and still a German citizen also. I have been in the US for a little over 30 years now, BUT, when I was going to school, we WERE taught about Hitler and the Nazis, and also our classes did visit the concentration camps and our History classes did teach all about this, i guess in an effort so it would not be repeated.

(16 May '12, 16:59) PurpleRose

pt 2: My father served in the German Navy on a submarine chaser in North Africa. When our German TV stations started broadcasting all the trials about the major nazis who killed the Jews and others, my father did not believe any of it, even though the evidence was clear. He was so far from it physically when it was happening, at the time, in Germany, that most of the soldiers who were away, had no idea what was going on. My father really believed Hitler was Germany's saviour.

(16 May '12, 17:04) PurpleRose

@PurpleRose, thank you for your reply. I suspect that when she told me that about Hitler, that maybe she was just playing with me. I have moved away from this couple for other reasons, but this could be a typical untruth from her.

(16 May '12, 18:11) Dollar Bill
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In my opinion there is no such thing as bad people or good people. the only difference is conscious or unconscious and the laws of the Universe does not discriminate between either.

The Law of opposites is an intrinsic part of this Universe and God does not favor one over the other. However, balance is the key , and when we identify with one over the other, that will undoubtedly become our reality.. but remember the Universe will always seek balance.

Although Hitler may have appeared as a bad person, he was really an unconscious individual and, without a doubt, the Universe will seek to balance that state of unconsciousness ...that's why I'm always an idealist :))

The Universe is totally impersonal so the Law of Attraction can be used by both the conscious and unconscious but I think in the end the soul always knows and each will play their own judge and juror :)


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Hmm, "unconscious". So he was able to manifest great power and use it for what he thought was the best for his race, but in the end, the Universe balanced his efforts and destroyed him.

(16 May '12, 18:22) Dollar Bill

I've studied the Nazi propaganda machine extensively in a college Persuasion course...they were incredible marketing guys. You have to understand that what Hitler was doing...he really thought was for the betterment and improvement of mankind...as warped as he was. He thought the breeding of the SuperRace would eliminate sickness and disease...make a more healthly, wealthy and intelligent human race. In his heart he felt he was doing God's work...thats why he and his Nazi buddies were so zealous just like some of the fundamentalist Christian groups. But when you are using the Law of Attraction in negative ways...and not out of love...which Source Energy really is...it will and can backfire on you big time...as history has shown.


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Wisdom is always in the hands of those who intend evil or malice. Why do you think we are slaves of our own making? Entities that came here taught the ones they see who had very selfish souls. This is why they have all the power and money, because they designed a system that can benefit those who only care for themselves and no others.

They understand manifesting and it doesn't matter what KIND of energy you put in to manifestations. It only matters how MUCH and how strong that what you put in is. Example: I am greedy and I am very happy and excited to hurt others by stealing from them, therefore it is easy and happens more easily.

So do you now see that the universe does not discriminate? It lets all manifest what they want and what you want is up to you.

Love and light (wisdom)



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Dollar Bill

ty for the edit @dollar bill

(26 Jun '12, 21:40) TReb Bor yit-NE

Its hard to answer touchy topics like this. People sometimes take the answers given the wrong way sometimes.

I believe this Universe is entirely energy based, that there is no fate/destiny/karma. There is nothing here we are meant to do or accomplish. I see it more as an experiment, a game, but the best word is: experience. I don't think there is good or bad or evil. I believe were just always getting back whatever vibrations were giving. I believe every circumstance is simply a manifestation of whatever thoughts/feelings we have.. I also believe we naturally pick up on others vibrations. I think that's why lots of children grow up similar to their parents.

So, I believe also that we cocreate, sometimes as pairs, sometimes as massive populations. So say, 90% of a city gave off a generally negative vibration, while 10% was extremely happy. Then say an earthquake strikes the city. Id say its pretty likely that 10% had either moved before it happened, or was on vacation or out of town, but also was lucky enough to find a new home rather easily afterwards. The 90% would be caught up in the disaster, hurt, out of homes, etc. Collectively, the earthquake was attracted, but how it affects each individual still depends on their personal vibrations. That's a very general example, because I believe the whole process is much more detailed.

So it, to me, was just a mass co-creation, between all aspects of it. I'm not saying its their fault, because I know people sometimes see it that way, but I'm not blaming them. I don't think anyone truly understood or believed in energy in that situation. I still believe, however, it was because of everyones vibrations.

Some don't like to think that, because they say "but how could I possibly do this to myself?" You did not mean to. Change your perspective of it. See how powerful you are. If you can create something that bad, imagine how many grand things you create if you flipped your vibration around. If you can create your nightmares, than you can create your dreams. Feel your power and dream big. :)


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lapislazuli, do not yet discount that every thought and action taken generates a reciprocal action. it is nature who is designed that way and we are only her guests until we move on

(21 May '12, 19:54) fred

Thank you, i still believe the world is energy based, and whats happening is because of how were thinking and feeling. I believe thats how the worlds designed, just my opinion.

(22 May '12, 09:44) LapisLazuli

it seems as though our history
is often marked by wars and rulers

how karma plays out and
which of us she uses
as vehicles of change

may also be looked at
by some as having to fit
into a theory of attraction


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