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To check if this is the appropriate manifesting approach to use in your particular life situation, first read the Manifesting Experiment Guide


Vibrational Goal-Getting, also known as Manifesting Experiment 3, is the follow-up to:

As in Manifesting Experiment 2, I've decided to strip out as much explanation as possible and just give you the method as briefly as I feel I can without losing anything essential.

Just ask any questions you have about the method as separate (normal) Inward Quest questions, tagged as Manifesting-Experiment-3 and I'll answer them as normal Inward Quest answers. Doing this will also provide the opportunity for other people to answer as well based on their own personal experiences as they gain more manifesting experience.

If you want to see a list of questions that people have already asked about this method, just click on the tag in the gray box in the top right-hand corner of this page marked manifesting-experiment-3. (The gray box is titled tagged). You can also click here to see questions tagged Manifesting Experiment 3

I will use any feedback from those questions and answers to improve (or rewrite) these instructions as the experiment continues.

If you want to see the amendments I have made to this written method in response to feedback, just go to the bottom of this posting where it says edited (next to where it says community wiki). Next to that word will be the last time this posting was edited. If you click on that time, you will see all the revisions that have been made.


Manifesting Experiment 1 and Manifesting Experiment 2 are both focused around changing the way you feel while not doing much, if anything, physically. Both of those methods are highly effective in getting what you want...I used them previously myself for years before posting them on this website, and I still use them.

Just because this is the third experiment doesn't mean it is better or more effective than the others. It just means that I thought another one was necessary to fill a gap.

Manifesting Experiment 3 - Vibrational Goal-Getting approaches manifesting from the point of view of taking physical action first.

Because so many of us are conditioned to take lots of physical action these days, I suspect that many people will find this method will be the easiest one so far to apply and stick with.

Manifesting Experiment 3 is a method for taking physical action with the intention of using that action to change how you feel about what you want and then, from that improved feeling-place, taking further inspired action.

All the manifesting experiments so far have the common element of guiding you towards a state of being that is in vibrational alignment with what you want to do, be or have.

alt text

Right now in human history, we live in a world that is highly action-oriented. It's a world where success gurus constantly tell us that 'You must take MASSIVE ACTION towards your goals NOW otherwise you will fail!'

It's a world where life/time management methods have become big business as people search desperately for ways to cope with information overload.

That feeling of information overload is detrimental to many people. It causes people's attentions to be continually scattered onto many different topics in short spaces of time.

And this continual shifting of focus results in people feeling uncertain and overwhelmed in their can feel like there is no stability in life any more. It's like we are running faster and faster just to stand still.

And those discordant emotions attract further manifestations of those emotions and so our lives seem to be getting busier and busier and more and more overwhelming while the workload seems to be getting greater and greater.

Vibrational Goal-Getting is a suggested approach for bringing some stability of long-term focus back into our lives.

As you will see if you apply the method (and it is very easy to apply), regardless of how busy your everyday life is, you will still have a feeling of gradually molding your life towards your long term goals...and you will be keeping yourself in the perfect mental state to allow the universal forces to help you in often unexpected ways.

Over time, this approach will start to make you feel like you are getting somewhere.

However, the changes that Vibrational Goal-Getting will bring into your life will seem so slow and gentle that you might be thinking that they will have little impact. Right?


Just like dripping water can gradually wear away the hardest stone, the daily drip-drip effect of consistent and good-feeling focus on a project is extremely powerful.

Major permanent life changes rarely happen overnight because habits of thought rarely change quickly. The annual ritual of making New Years Resolutions is a prime example of trying to force this kind of dramatic change. And, as many discover year after year, it's not a particularly effective approach :)

Vibrational Goal-Getting will keep you heading in the right direction gradually and easily and permanently.


This method is mainly a systematic adaptation of Abraham's Debt Reduction Process, mentioned in the book Ask & It Is Given. But it also contains elements of Mark Forster's AutoFocus Time Management Systems, Mark Joyner's Simple-ology and my own experiments with Fibonacci-based habit creation


I think the quickest and easiest way to explain Vibrational Goal-Getting to you is to run through an example.

For this example, let's assume we want a new job.

STEP 1 - Choose your goal

alt text

Just write down (on paper, or on a computer - it doesn't matter what you use) a brief statement of what you want.

Unlike traditional goal-setting, your goal doesn't need to be specific, detailed, have a deadline, or any of that other stuff that the goal gurus tell you needs to be done.

A simple title and one line statement as shown above is sufficient.

Through your living of life, the universe already knows exactly what you want (even if you don't). See the opening instructions of Manifesting Experiment 1 for more information about this.

The title and statement are only for your benefit so it reminds you of what you should be focusing on for this goal.

A good idea would be to make the statement an affirmation of what your ultimate goal is and you can reread this affirmation before starting any task for this goal.

STEP 2 - Create your Backwards Plan

Starting from your goal, imagine you have just achieved it. Now write down what you must have just done in order to have achieved it.

In our example, for us to have just got a new job, we must have just accepted a job offer, so the step we must have just completed was Accept the job offer.

Note that we only list steps that we can do, not actions that are up to others. We are only interested in doing actions that what we can control.

alt text

Now look at the step you have just written down and take a moment to imagine you have just completed it.

Ask yourself what you must have just done in order to have reached that step. Then write down this new previous step.

So, in our example, we imagine that we are just now in the step of Accept job offer and the step that we completed in order to get there was Prepare for job interviews.

But surely the step before that was Go to job interview?

Yes, it was. However, you cannot control when you get a job interview to go to. Remember that we are only concentrating on actions that we can control. And the only real action we can do before someone else offers us a job interview to go to is Prepare for job interview. (Yes, I know there are other possible steps we could do but we're keeping it simple here)

Now, in the same way, keep writing the previous step to the one you have just reached until you come all the way back to the present moment.

alt text

What you have just done is create a step-by-step plan for achieving your goal.

The example shown above is very simplified just to keep this explanation easy to understand. Your own plan may have many, many steps.

Now that you've got your plan, by looking at the last line (at the bottom of the list) you can see what the first physical step is that you need to take to reach your goal.

There may be many physical actions that need to be taken within that step but that step is your first objective to complete to reach your's like a mini-goal within your larger goal.

This backwards plan is actually a complete list of everything you believe you need to do to attain this goal. It doesn't mean that you will actually have to do all the steps in the plan (we are going to engage universal forces to help us, remember?) but it is a detailed map of your beliefs regarding this goal.

STEP 3 - Create your goal tracking sheet

Now take all these steps and put them in a columnar format as shown below. Start from the last step before achieving your goal in the left hand column down to the first action step in the most right hand column.

You can use paper or a computer spreadsheet or any other tool you like.

Eventually you will end up with something like this...

alt text

Notice that we have some dates down the left-hand side of the pad. Start these dates from today.

You can fill out the dates to many days into the future if you want, but we really only need today's date to be put there every day.

STEP 4 - Every day take some physical action towards your goal

Every day from now on, yes every day, you are going to take a bit of physical action towards your goal. Once you have done this physical action, you can put a mark in the column of the goal step you worked towards.

alt text

After you've taken your action for today, you can relax and forget about this goal if you want. The key is that you must have taken enough action to feel that you have made a bit of progress, even a tiny, tiny bit of progress.

A good starting point might be to agree with yourself that the minimum action you are going to take towards your goal is five minutes of physical effort. In other words, you are going to spend just five minutes today doing whatever actions are necessary to move you towards accomplishing this goal step (this mini-goal).

Sometimes your goal steps will require habit-creation. For example, say you want to eventually create a habit to run a certain distance everyday as part of your goal. In this case, agree with yourself that doing something, say running for five minutes or perhaps running for a fraction of the full distance, towards that habit is the minimum action. Over time, you will feel like doing more and more towards that habit until you are doing the full habitual behavior daily. Obviously, if the habit you want to create is easy to do, just do the whole thing and choose that as your minimum required action even if it takes more or less than five minutes.

NOTE: For a habit-creation goal step, you only consider it complete when the habit is completely feels to you like it is easy/effortless to do

So that's your daily physical action - just do the minimum required to be able to reward yourself with a mark on the chart.

Some days you may feel like doing the absolute minimum while other days you might be in a highly enthusiastic unstoppable mood to get your task done and you feel like you just want to keep going and going with it.

In that case, allow yourself to go past the minimum and and just keep going until you finally feel you've had enough.

Over time, you may even find that you actually enjoy taking this extra inspired action towards your goal.

If you do extra work in one session (i.e. beyond the minimum five minutes), still only put one mark in the column daily.

However, if later in the same day, you feel like you want to start the task again and do another minimum (or more), you can give yourself an extra mark in the column to track that and reward yourself. Starting to take an action is often the hardest part of it, and you should reward yourself every time you start again.

alt text

On Tuesday and Thursday in this example, the "Find employers I like" task was done multiple times in one day so there are multiple completion marks on those days.

And note something else here: You are also allowed to work towards other later action steps in your goal plan as well if you feel inspired to do so. In the example shown, on Tuesday and Thursday, action was also taken towards "Send off my resume to employers I like"

On days when inspiration comes, let yourself go with it and enjoy doing that inspired action.

On other days, just do the minimum and still feel good that your goal is progressing.

The key point here is that the minimum must be easy enough to do in your life so that you are willing to do it even if today is the busiest, most chaotic, unpredictable day, you have ever lived.

Allow yourself to win every day!

As you put the completion mark on the tracking chart, just take a moment and think how good it feels that you are making progress, and how it all feels so easy to do.

This feeling good step is very important

You are not taking these actions to get the task done. You are doing them to feel better about your goal.

This idea will sound absurd to traditional goal-setters who believe brute-force physical action is required to achieve goals.

But by allowing yourself to feel good about your goal daily, you are engaging powerful universal forces that will not only inspire you to do the physical actions that are required, so they will feel effortless to you, but those forces (the Law of Attraction) will often complete many of the action steps for you on your behalf!

alt text

But be patient. In the examples shown, the steps are being completed quickly over a few days just to illustrate the point.

In your case, it may take many, many days before you complete any particular goal step (column). And it may not be until you have completed a few goal steps (columns) that the acceleration of the manifestation of your goal really starts to become noticeable.

But every day will you be aligning more and more with your goal and thereby creating a fertile environment for universal forces to step in and manifest your goal more quickly, often in unexpected ways.

As you can see in the above picture, once you have completed working on a goal step (like "Find employers I like"), you then start focusing daily on the next adjacent goal step on the left.

So, in the example, from Friday 3 September onwards, the "Send off my resume to employers I like" is the next goal step to apply the daily minimum action towards.

As time goes on, your goal tracking chart may get quite long and complicated-looking...

alt text

...but you will get a definite feeling from it that you are making progress towards your goal.

And you will find yourself feeling eager not to leave any blank lines in the chart (from missing a day) so that will help motivate you further towards doing your daily minimum required action

If you can make this process into a bit of a daily game, you are putting yourself in the perfect attitude of mind to manifest your goal quickly and easily.


The example shown above is just for one goal.

If you are like most people, there are probably more, perhaps many, goals in your life that you want to achieve.

You may be tempted to create a goal plan for each one immediately and do the actions towards all of them daily.

Don't do that!

You will overwhelm yourself with too many daily actions (even though each may be easy to do) and once your initial surge of enthusiasm for this method wears off, you will start to resent having to do this process at all, and you'll give up.

The key to this process is that it feels like a game and it's easy to win.

Some suggested rules to this game...

  • If you have multiple goals then when you start this system for the first time, I recommend you choose your three most important goals and only create plans for those to work on daily.

  • Every seven days, you are then allowed to add one more goal into the system if you are progressing steadily with the others.

  • If, at any time, you find yourself unable to complete the minimum action required towards any goal, you have to wait at least another seven days (with successful daily completions for all your existing goals) before you can add another goal into the system. If you feel that limiting yourself to so few goals initially is not enough daily physical action for you, remember there is nothing to stop you doing lots of extra work on any existing, active goal.

  • If you achieve any goal, you can immediately replace that completed goal with another new goal in your system, if you wish to.

  • You can stop or start a goal whenever you wish. So you can replace any active goal with another new goal.

  • You can abandon any goal any time you want. You may often find, as the goal starts to manifest, that what you thought you wanted is not really what you wanted after all. Just create a new plan for your new goal.

Note: I may add to/change these rules as the experiment goes on in response to feedback and as my own experience with this method continues to grow. Unlike the previous manifesting experiments, this one is fairly new to me as well and so this is genuinely an experiment :)

The key is to feel like you are winning daily - that you are keeping your promises to that is why it is important to keep the number of required minimum actions to an easily manageable number.

Remember that these goal plans are not bringing about your goal, it is your feeling better and less scattered in your focus that is allowing these goals to come to you.


I am putting together some free Windows computer software to help people implement this process. But I think I'll wait a bit to see what the general reaction is to this manifesting experiment before making those plans more public. I'll post a new message to Inward Quest when there is some more news on this.


This method of achieving goals is completely counter to those traditional goal-setting approaches where you push yourself hard to take physical actions even when you don't feel like it.

Taking action when you don't feel like it does not fully engage The Law of Attraction. Hard, uninspired action is painful work, and eventually, you end up resenting all the hard work. And, if you're like the vast majority of people, your goals just fall by the wayside as you drift back to your frantic, focus-scattered existence.

You wouldn't be reading this method now if you didn't honestly want an easier way, would you? :)

I'm suggesting something different here to normal goal-setters.

I'm suggesting you make it easy for yourself to rack up wins everyday. And, because of that, you'll feel like this is fun rather than a chore and you'll feel like you want to play this strange little game of rewarding yourself for taking little bits of action.

Again, I cannot stress enough that the actions that you are taking (and believe you need to take) are not necessarily going to manifest your goal, it's your improved feeling that will manifest it.

And once you see how powerfully universal forces respond to specific, allowing focus, you won't need any more convincing that how you feel is far, far more important than what you do.

alt text

A WORD OF WARNING ...while you should make it easy to let yourself win and feel good about your goal, don't try and fool this process by doing nothing at all...your existing beliefs about this goal won't allow you to get away with that.

If you already believed you had to do nothing at all to get this goal, you wouldn't have been able to create a goal plan with any steps in it, would you?

So you do have some beliefs already in place about the action required to manifest this goal, don't you?

This method is about aligning your actions with those beliefs.

So make the effort to actually do the minimum required action daily. If you're doing it right, it should be quick and easy to do anyway even when you don't feel like doing it.

Consistency is important here.

If you let yourself win everyday while doing enough physical action to make yourself feel like you are making at least a little progress, you are taking huge vibrational steps forward towards manifesting what you want.

Be gentle and kind to yourself. Isn't this process about as easy as it gets? There's no need to make it any harder than it is.

Just let your goals unfold naturally...and, above all else, have fun along the way!

asked 28 Sep '10, 12:35

Stingray's gravatar image


edited 05 Oct '14, 01:52

Thanks a lot Stingray! I'm looking forward to it as your methods have been helpful for me. How about considering releasing the Excel version anyway first, for those who do know how to use it? I'm just feeling kinda excited. :) Cheers!

(28 Sep '10, 14:30) Pat W

That's really great!!!

(28 Sep '10, 14:44) BridgetJones09

@Pat W - Releasing a prototype (even though it is usable) is still going to require me to spend time explaining how it works and then helping people who get stuck with it. My feeling at the moment is not to scatter my energies but concentrate on just one piece of software, but I'll think it over. I should point out though that you don't need any software at all to use this method if you only have a handful of goals. In my life, I have a much more than just a few goals, so software like this becomes important but the chances are that many people won't actually need it anyway :)

(28 Sep '10, 15:30) Stingray

awesome! i am excited!

(28 Sep '10, 16:10) Back2Basics

I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks Stingray for sharing so much with this community and making such an effort to teach and guide everyone.

(28 Sep '10, 18:36) I Think Therefore I Am

Stingray thank you for all the hard work you have done to teach us, and to share your knowledge with us, so that we can succeed in our goals, and our work. We appreciate your kindness, and consideration. I am looking forwards to reading the new page.

(28 Sep '10, 22:24) Inactive User ♦♦

Can't wait! thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are!

(29 Sep '10, 12:53) daniele

Looking forward to it!! Stingray, someday, if not as much as you are doing, I hope I can do some bit to the world around me. God bless you.

(29 Sep '10, 13:06) AVBhat 1

OK Stingray, I hear you. Waiting for Oct 4 to come round. :)

(01 Oct '10, 02:12) Pat W

Thank you for the time and effort you have put into sharing this Stingray - I'm sure quite a few of us who have spent most of our lives believing that results come from action ( even though we now know different) will find this one beneficial:)

(03 Oct '10, 21:08) Michaela

Thanks once again Stingray for spending so much time and effort on sharing your knowledge. I like this process a lot because it will make me feel as if I'm doing something and not just trying to stand out of the Universe's way so that it can manifest my desires.

(03 Oct '10, 23:43) I Think Therefore I Am

thanks! looking forward to the windows software!!

(04 Oct '10, 06:31) Back2Basics

Thanks Stingray. I get where you are going with this. After reading "Ask and It Is Given", I was dissapointed because I did not expect the book to have so much practical exercises. But now I get it. I realize that for us to get what we want from the universe we must apply the principles. We can read it, we can talk it but nothing will change unless we apply it.

(16 Oct '10, 21:38) Drham

You are all very welcome

(17 Oct '10, 10:04) Stingray
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A few points about this method:

  1. It is clear from examples in our own society that simply taking random actions is not enough. Even Anthony Robbins (the king of "massive action") says this. If you want to succeed with your actions, you have to notice the actions that are working, focus on them, and remove the actions that don't work.

  2. The people who have huge success are the ones with innovative ideas, not the ones just taking massive action (although that can sometimes lead them to innovative ideas) or the ones following the crowd.

  3. People have information overload because they focus on things that are not important.

  4. Unless you have remarkable clairvoyance, be prepared for your plans (and your beliefs) to change. There is nothing wrong with that, if your new plans (or beliefs) are more effective. Part of the process is gaining insight into the process, making changes to that process, and taking actions that are more effective.

  5. There's nothing inherently wrong with taking action. It's hard for me to imagine anything concrete manifesting if all you do is sit in a dark room in the lotus position and meditate. Even Abraham says that relationships with other people are needed to make this work.

  6. Stingray is right about making this a "fun" process. There's no reason why taking physical actions has to be painful, but if they are, examine your motivations. Perhaps you haven't made the decision yet to change.

  7. The reason I believe this method is so important is that most people are not ready for a purely non-physical approach to manifestation, nor is it even necessary to require such an approach. You can figure out how to move that pencil with your mind, or you can simply pick it up with your hand.


answered 03 Oct '10, 21:03

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edited 03 Oct '10, 21:27

I like your analogy! There are different ways of doing the same thing; and what may work for one person, may not work for the other person. So, we do have to keep an open mind etc.

(05 Oct '10, 23:42) Inactive User ♦♦

7th point is brilliant.

(20 Nov '10, 23:25) Asklepios

You have put down what I have been doing all along. I therefore affirm it wholeheartedly. It is very important for me to feel good and have a wonderful vibration all the time. This has helped me to be at the right place at the right time. I also do not overload myself with goals I do not much feel like pursuing till the end.Your method makes it easier to follow and helps when one has gotton distracted because someone overloads us with info in order to feel good thmselves but have no intention in being sincere. You are helping me to get on track now. I am utterly grateful. I am also an artist and so I can show you what I do to further inspire myself. Images that I produce are remarkable. They helped a wonderful scholar,catholic priest who was terribly lonely although he worked very hard on his goals all the time. He insisted he obtain a painting every month from me. This made him feel he was doing something for me all the time. He also made me feel I was doing something for him. We both won out and reached the goals we set with each other for ourselves and one another. He had funds he did not have better use for so he decided to buy my paintings at a reasoable rate. I got my doctorate in philosophy and started my doctorate in contemporary religions immediately after that. I am now going to get my doctorate thesis published soon in both categories since philosophy overlaps the religious quest to address uncertainties of life. I have to exhibit more so I can be an instrument of joy for myself and for others in the way I was for Father Macken.


answered 17 Oct '10, 03:37

Runhild%20Roeder's gravatar image

Runhild Roeder

Welcome to the website and thanks for sharing your story, Runhild. And I'm happy to hear that you feel the method will be useful to you.

(17 Oct '10, 10:04) Stingray

Thanks a lot even the lost hope soul it give a new ray of light (hope).


answered 01 Nov '10, 07:58

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this focus methodand vibratonal goalgetting method ihave physical action method. the actions taken everyday only makes us believe that we are travelloing towards the goal.aby.


answered 23 Nov '10, 11:46

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Hi Stingray

Your method is so great that I created an E-Book with it. Because the E-Book is so great now I want to sell it. But I dont want to do that without your permission. So please let me know how I can get in contact with you so we can discuss that.



answered 10 Oct '14, 05:47

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@Crevlon - You created an E-Book using the method, or you created an E-Book of the method itself?

(10 Oct '14, 07:11) Stingray

Both :) I created an E-Book of the method itself using the method :).

(10 Oct '14, 08:49) Crevlon

@Crevlon - The Inward Quest FAQ says that material on the site is licensed under Creative Commons . I'm no legal expert but I think that basically means that a mention of where the material came from and a link back to this Inward Quest page should be good enough. I'm fine with just that. Good luck with your book :)

(10 Oct '14, 09:14) Stingray

Wow thank you for the information. I will search for more information about that to be sure. If you have an own website I can put a link of it in the E-Book too if you want.

(10 Oct '14, 09:30) Crevlon

@Crevlon - "If you have an own website" - This one, Inward Quest, is the only one I tend to cause trouble on :)

(11 Oct '14, 13:28) Stingray

@Stingray - Hi Stingray. I was doing a 10 day Vipassana course the last days. There I got the information that I have to engage you into the earnings of my E-Book. So please let me know how I can contact you better. Its not much, but for energetic reason I have to do it. I dont know if you are still active when I dont hear a answer from you I will donate the money for a good cause.

(30 Apr '16, 12:58) Crevlon

@Crevlon - If your belief system requires you to make a donation to me then you can do so at the link at the bottom of my account summary page: (the box that starts with Some of my stuff...)

(08 May '16, 05:32) Stingray
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