How do people in Third World countries attract such poverty and deprivation?

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Great question Kate! I had the privilege of living in a third world country for a few years and here is what I found. Their main focus is usually on things other than our understanding of wealth.

For instance, you may look at one of them and label him poor but he doesn't feel this way for he has several brothers/cousins that have his back. You may look at a woman and think she is destitute but to her, having birthed healthy children,not to mention a son or two, makes her far wealthier than a rich woman who is infertile.

TV doesn't show the whole picture as when you live among the natives. So, most people in third world countries are busy attracting and dealing with other people rather than manifesting stuff. For instance instead of manifesting a dishwashing machine or washer for your laundry you attract say a daughter-in-law to do both the dishes and the laundry by hand :)

Thanks, namaste


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Great answer. Western-world materiality is no judge of how happy a life someone is living

(28 Sep '10, 15:20) Stingray

nice reply. This is very true.

(28 Sep '10, 16:06) Back2Basics

Agreed Stingray. Materials are fine to have, but if unchecked and based on happiness, can often times lead to unhappiness. Heck, who are we to judge how other people live...

(04 Oct '10, 15:28) figure8shape
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Interesting question, but how does some people in America one of the riches country in the world attracts poverty, and deprivation? Because the fact remains poverty is everywhere, maybe more so in the third world country, but it is everywhere! I guess poverty is not the issue, but perhaps the standard of living which one finds them self in. I do not think anyone wants to be poor, but was perhaps born into it, and unless there are opportunities for a more prosperous life, they will perhaps know no other life but poverty.

I know stories of people whom from generation to generation have been poor, and their present family is still poor. Perhaps poorness is a way of life for some people. Also, I know of people who were very poor, and today they are very wealthy people. I think the world is made up of three classes of people, no matter where you go, the wealthy, the middle class, and the poor. I have known of cases whereby a rich person looses all of his/ her wealth, and end up being poor, and in some cases homeless. So, I see poverty and deprivation as a universal problem, although it may be more prevalent in one place to another.

Most important, the very underprivileged people in the third world countries may not have access to the types of formal education, and Computer Science that we have at our finger tips. They may have very limited access to job opportunity and changing the way they live. Therefore, for some people, it is being caught in a rock, and a hard place, and no where to go. Honestly, I believe that poverty, and deprivation is sometimes the result of poor Government, and catastrophic disaster that is beyond our control.


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Being from a "Third World Country" I can tell you for a fact that most of us actually feel sorry for the developed nations. Most people here wonder how can they be happy without having their families around? how lonely they must be? how busy their lives are and they have no time to sit and connect with their loved ones. In this part of the world family is wealth, we still have a culture where neighbours rally to support each other especially during tragedies. So materially we may not have that much but we are very very rich in a lot of things. Its just that since our focus is more non-material we attract happiness in the non-material ways.


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I Think Therefore I Am

That pretty much sums it up. From what others have replied and responded. "You attract what you think about." There is a catch to all this. There is a happiness to be able to provide things that give comfort, security, and joy. However, if you you're not aware that there is a more comfortable or more joyous gift to give or have, then you settle into traditional, habitual, cultural ways of thinking. Until someone invents or brings to the awareness that there is something better without infringing on materialism, old ways of thinking will ensue.


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Hello, I've just arrived here today after looking for information about Abraham and Getting Into the Vortex, and have been glued to the screen all afternoon, so pleased to have found somewhere to ask questions and find answers to the ones that have been going round and round in my head. (I don't really feel qualified to ANSWER any just yet!)

Anyway, I have been wondering about this question too, and although I appreciate what has been said about different cultural values, I still wonder about those who are quite obviously suffering from poverty, like the starving people we see on adverts for charities that help people in Africa for example? I struggle with the question of manifesting when no one would bring suffering like that on themselves? Why have they attracted such a life? And somehow it seems to make a mockery of the concept of changing your life; as if by just changing their thinking they could somehow find food in a place wracked by drought. Or perhaps I have got this a bit wrong?!

Anyway, I hope it's ok to ask this here as it seems like an extension of the original question. It's been a total joy to see my questions are asked by others too. :)


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Welcome to Inward Quest. Because of the way the website is structured and operates, it would be better if you ask your question as a new question. Just click on the Ask Question button at the top of the page

(27 Dec '10, 21:12) Barry Allen ♦♦

Oh woops, ok thanks! I was a bit confused by the rules. Sorry about that :)

(28 Dec '10, 10:23) aquamarine
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