dear..IQ friends..

these days i have become very fond of a show which is aired on History channel named "ancient aliens". a very interesting show to watch. it deals with about aliens and all.

so, in one of his episodes, it talked about..,NIKOLA TESLA", the show said tht he used to take all the information he needed for his inventions and equations from dreams. in his dreams, he contacted aliens, he learnt that technique and so, it helped him. even ,ALBERT EISTEIN did the same. according to this show.., the mankind is gifted with such great humans ,to help us. it said that such great minds are specially chosen by aliens to help mankind and to fasten our development.

the show also talked about "LEONARDO DA VINCI", it said that in his life time, two years are completely missing. no one knows about his two years, that in those two years, where he was, what he did, they are completely missing. but, his inventions started after these two years. they said that.., "it may be possible that aliens might have taken him for these two years. and might have raised his IQ or craniel capacity. for more info.., the show said that he studied anatomy..,and wrote a lot on it without being a non-medico student. and he wrote all his writings and inventions on a page from right to left ,so that no one could read it.

have you ever thought how these great minds would have contacted aliens?

wouldn't it be great ,if somehow we are able to take help of aliens or our higher powers for development of our human race..?

what are your views on it?

answers/replies/ discusion..?

all are welcomed and highly appreciated..

love,light and bllessings your way.

supergirl :))

asked 28 Jun '13, 05:12

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We don't need to, the space alien contacted us. He is very interested in us here in IQ.

Talk with Rob here, his handle is Trebor-nit-y. That is more than just his handle it is the name of the space alien that talks through Rob.

Our friend Rob can do much better explaining Treb than I could. There are lots of Youtube videos of Treb talking.

So you see we didn't need to find any space alien, he came to us.

Thanks Rob and Treb! :-)


answered 02 Jul '13, 09:50

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Wade Casaldi

Really great answer @Wade! Love it!

(02 Jul '13, 15:59) ele

yup actually.. , i forgot this..,thank u.. :))

(03 Jul '13, 08:09) supergirl

An alien by definition is an unknown quantity and in our imagination often takes the form of a humanoid extra-terrestrial. As with any energy that's outside the range of our five senses the way we can connect is through simply mentally wishing to be sensitive to the influences of what we are searching to perceive or know, even though that something may be well hidden far away or in the depths of another world.

In wishing to know what is going on far away and in keeping still and quiet, anyone can learn lots of hidden things, this is called intuition. In intuition there's always a phenomenon of resonance, a resonance between what you desire and the desired thing, that is set into motion by the idea or an unconscious desire to know or an associated idea. However your unconscious, or rather the consciousness that extends beyond your individual consciousness, the conscious matrix, is always informed and made aware.

As soon as you wish to become sensitive to the influences of a specific thing (in this case an alien) the conscious matrix opens up wide to the influences, the vibrations of the object of your desire. It assists to have a symbol, a visual representation of what you're searching for, through which you can communicate.

alt text


answered 02 Jul '13, 04:24

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Consciousness expresses itself through creation . . . wts, very creative answer @jaz.

(03 Jul '13, 00:27) ele

@jaz- huhmm...loved it..specialy the green man..!!! thank u gp :))

(03 Jul '13, 08:03) supergirl

@supergirl thanks for your trust ... gp (green person)

(04 Jul '13, 03:37) jaz
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Bashar states that being at the vibrational point we are now (that is, most people), alien contant or at least contact with the Sassani people will be too overwhelming for humans and put them into a psychotic shock if contact were to take place in real life, 3-D format.

However, perhaps this video will explain how you can do so within the realms of your inner consciousness and make it a private experience:

Unfortunantly Bashars race is all I am familiar with. I'm not doubting other information is available elsewhere to contact other races.

And to add depth for your physical mind, ask yourself why the desire for alien contact?


answered 02 Jul '13, 06:12

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thank u fr the link.., yes..i want to contact them..,cos i want to learn a lot about them and their super powers ..that can help humans in many way..

(03 Jul '13, 08:08) supergirl

You cant...they don't exist...if they did they would have shown themselves.

BUT theres nothing to stop you pretending they do. Lots of people do that...and make some cash out of it.

Nothing wrong with that.

No offense, but everyone who claims they've seen one, are one or are chanelling one cant provide any evidence.

Any aliens out more bullshit...SHOW YOURSELVES.

Come on...any takers?


answered 02 Jul '13, 16:27

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Monty Riviera

"If they existed they would have shown themselves by now." Do you really believe that to be true? Considering all of the possible outcomes of walking up to someone and saying "Hi, I'm an alien", how much will you bet it would be something likely to end pleasantly? Then there's the fact there's already normal humans who are bored by "less intelligent" people, and they're not even that smart. What makes me interesting enough to warrant them taking time out of their day to feed my curiosity? =)

(02 Jul '13, 16:40) Snow

Ok Snow, yes I believe what ive written. Otherwise I wouldn't have written it.Please Snow, no bullshit...find me an alien, PM me, and I will take you both out for a week youll never forget. You can fling any amount of crap about their being so uninterested in us that they wont show themselves....but don't you think at least one of them would do? Im only looking for ONE little alien to show itself...just ONE. Is that TOO much? I'll settle for a little one.

(02 Jul '13, 16:59) Monty Riviera

I'm like you, I'd love nothing more than to encounter irrefutable evidence, even if not fortunate enough to be present. But the simple fact we haven't yet encountered them is far from enough reason for me to believe they aren't there, and I'm worlds away from believing I warrant being approached by the majority of the "simple" human population. If they're "advanced" aliens, how could I expect them to somehow have more interest in me than a normal 'smart guy' does. It's not that I'm not skeptical

(02 Jul '13, 17:16) Snow

It's simply that considering the size of the galaxy, then the size of the universe, then considering the complexity of the most basic functions of life we understand, it seems very likely to me there is a whole lot of odds in favor of there being much more intelligence for our race to gather, and in favor other races out there are further along the education path, especially considering our accelerated rate of growth. There's too much in OUR world I don't understand to think there isn't more too

(02 Jul '13, 17:18) Snow

I think one would either have to be in denial or delusional not to believe in aliens. It's hard to imagine anyone believing we are the ONLY 'beings' (life-forms) in the Universe? It's like believing the earth is flat. Up vote for a humorous and gutsy answer Monty.

(02 Jul '13, 22:43) ele

yes @Monty ... the idea of contacting "aliens" is exactly the same idea as contacting a super powerful being, a superior intelligence, god or however else you wish to name it ... it's all in the imagination ... however the whole point of communicating and absorbing the influences of "a superior being" is to use it as a portal, as a lever to access our "higher self" resulting in a gradual expansion of consciousness and liberation of our inherent inner powers ... mathematics take you from a to b,

(03 Jul '13, 01:33) jaz

@Monty imagination takes you everywhere ... let's go for a ride in an alien's space ship and see what happens ... you never know, maybe we'll meet up with some real live aliens

(03 Jul '13, 01:35) jaz

Aliens have been visiting us in droves for quite some time now. They have been witnessed and observed by numerous individuals of impeccable credibility who have gone on the record...Generals from Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East...countless professional pilots...high level FAA officials...both the British and Canadian Defense Ministries.

(03 Jul '13, 02:41) lozenge123

I challenge you to read this book and then tell me "it's all BS." You ask for evidence, here is evidence.

(03 Jul '13, 02:42) lozenge123

i do believe that they do exists..,thts y i wanna see n contact them..

(03 Jul '13, 08:05) supergirl

@monty-thank u fr the answer.. ;))

(03 Jul '13, 08:06) supergirl
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Simply meditate with the intention of being contacted by them every night, with as much desire as you can pour into the thought of it as possible. If you do this consistently every night you will get something from them.

Be careful what you wish for though, because there are truly vast and vast amounts of different type of aliens and you will get which ever one picks up on your emitting intention rather than the one that you would like to choose. If you are afraid of ghosts in your house then chances are you will probably lose your sh*t when they actually physically attempt to come to you, or bring you to them.


answered 03 Jul '13, 13:50

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okay..,thank you @ikaruss21

(04 Jul '13, 02:17) supergirl

yes @ikaruss21 we attract whatever we give our energy to ... if you're afraid you'll attract fearful ghosts ... the key is to have trust, and you'll attract trusting alien energies

(04 Jul '13, 03:35) jaz
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