Since we're talking about disbelief.. I've tested the LoA in numerous ways big and small. The amount of results in favor of something more than chance being at work continues to grow after years of being on the fence.

It's reached the point where my non-believing side has no more ground to stand on. Yet I still find myself falling back into lulls of disbelief, generally requiring large gaps in my memory in order for the disbelief to be maintained.

No matter how much I run over events in my head which can simply not be explained in any other method, or how much I want to believe what I find to be most likely and reasonable (because of too many extreme 'coincidences' for coincidence to be real), I can't seem to be able to control my own ups and downs in belief / disbelief. Despite having made up my mind, it seems there is some portion of it which refuses to give in nor provide any kind of reason why.

So what do you do when all conscious sides of you and thoughts you're aware of are in support of an idea, yet you still have trouble truly believing that idea?

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So you know the LOA is fact; yet you do NOT believe. So your real issue is trust.

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Knowledge is not a product of conceptualizing the exterior world of matter into the interior world of consciousness.

Although this is, what the establishment has had us fooled into believing.

Knowledge is actually the quantification of the interior world of inspiration into an external world of facts, which is then accepted back within consciousness.

Everything we know, that did not already exist in nature, is a product of us trusting inspiration and then testing that inspiration into fact.

This is the only way to learn.

Unfortunately, humanity has been re-programmed to learn through the blind acceptance of institutionalized repetition of knowledge that is inflexible to allow for growth.

Sadly, this incipient and highly primitive form of institutional learning is the standard of measure of this highly creative and incredibly inspirational thing called consciousness.

If everything we know is a product of reading about it and then arguing with others over if it is true or not, then we are blind sheep that deserve to end up in the slaughter house someday.

However, if we read something and then test it, without passing judgement, we will discover the truth for ourselves.

The paradox here is that if we pass judgement, before testing it, our judgement will always align the facts.

Those who do not understand the Law of attraction, tend to pass judgement when the facts align with their initial judgement.


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I don't know what do you do.

What happens to me is that I often find myself out of the vortex, and everything starts to get out of control, I start to think like I did in the past, and it takes me a moment to remember about all that I've learned in the past months. Then I start thinking "what if all is a lie, what if I'm fooling myself" and then I remember one thing that happened directly to me, and then another, and then another, and then another until I have no doubts anymore.. for the moment. But I still have to work my way into the vortex.

I think what you (we) have to do is to work on changing our beliefs, starting by changing the belief that says changing the beliefs must be difficult (taken from Bashar), and that introspecting is dangerous (taken from Seth).

Consciously choosing to put our trust in the fact that we are always supported, and that now we want to manifest good things, less struggle.


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its my easy keep myself on the track..

what i do is..i journal each and everything that i have ever manifested. and when i feel said..,i just turn all the pages..,i get to see that in all these days i have manifested lots and lots of things ,events and people in my life. i am so powerful. i am master of loa. and just in few minutes my confidence and faith on LOA goes up. i again start believing. well..!!! i did this for about a month and now its a habit. now, when i enter something new in my journal.,i go back one page and i just look over all that i manifested before that day. try it works..

see its all within us.., i just want to tell you.., it happens with all of us dearo sometimes. your not the only one. all you have to do it to learn..,how to bring urself and ur vibration up ,each time when you feel low.

hope this helps..

love,light and blessings ur way..

supergirl :))


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