I'm a writer. A little while ago, I re-read a draft of something I worked very, very hard on a year or so ago, when I was going through a pretty un-Vortexy life phase. I had kind of forgotten about the draft, but I think assumed that because I had sweated blood over it, beat a deadline, just worked really, really, really hard, that it would be pretty good.

Well! You can probably see this coming, but it was in fact not pretty good. That is, it was fine, but it had no spark. It felt sterile and bland and just not very wonderful. That's okay, because I've been able to see what it would like to be, but the whole experience made me rethink all kinds of things.

I know it's pretty elemental to any kind of deliberate creation that if you are creating from a place of lack and pressure and trying to please others, you're not going to like what you get. I have certainly learned from this experience that you cannot force the state of flow, that all of my (creative) solutions are indeed in the vortex, and that if I want to consistently love the results of my work, it's important that I learn a new way of doing the work, one that is centered on connection and inspiration instead of forcing my way through it... and one that leaves the opinions of others out of the equation.

So that all sounds great. But. But! (You knew there was a but.) Over time, I've developed a way of writing that is practically-oriented. First write the outline, then write X words until it's done. The idea of surfing the waves of inspiration feels quite alarming to me, to be honest! I mean, on the one hand, I obviously embrace that idea, that there's no lack, that if I can get my own vibration high enough, all the stories that want to be told will just flow to me without any struggle. But on the other hand, this is my job! It feels quite scary to just wait for inspiration. What if none comes? What if I become a very, very slow writer? What if I can't make enough money as my new, slow-writing self? So much of being a writer is a crapshoot that I've always taken a lot of solace in the idea that the one thing I can absolutely control is how much I write. And this new idea feels like a big departure from that, and I'd like to find some soothing ways to think about it.

I'm sure this sounds like some serious arguing for my limitations, but the kind of work I do is not really like you go off to your cabin and every five years you publish a novel. It's very publish-or-perish: if you can't finish something at least every year, conventional wisdom is that you're dead. I can imagine someone being so relaxed and such a LOA champion that they're like - that's fine, but that doesn't really apply to me, I write a really inspired work every couple of years and it makes enough money that I'm never worried about that stuff, it's all good. But frankly, I'm nowhere near that vibration right now!

I also just really enjoy writing, and the process of figuring out a work. That feels very satisfying to me, and I think I'm a little worried about trying this very different approach where there's much less staring at the screen and nose to the grindstone. I know there must be a balanced way to approach this, where one gets in the Vortex first and then does creative work, a way where I don't feel like I'm passively waiting around for inspiration to strike, but where it's somewhat systematic.

Does this resonate for anyone? I'd love to hear how you approach things!

asked 03 Jul '13, 04:10

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Hi CDP - When I need to be inspired (my work is also creative and I have to work to deadlines) I do the vortex work and then use the PLACE MAT PROCESS. For you it could be writing "I will write 1000 words on X" today in the WHAT I AM GOING TO DO TODAY column and then writing "INSPIRE ME TO COME UP WITH A GREAT PLOT FOR X" (something more specific about what you are actually meant to be writing about) in the column marked "WHAT I WANT THE UNIVERSE TO DO TODAY" - this sort of frees you up.

(03 Jul '13, 08:00) Catherine

The key thing is to be really specific about what you want the universe (or God if you prefer) to help you with. "Help me understand the subject I am writing about today" or whatever ... obviously you will know exactly what it is you need inspiration with. The reason this works for me is because I don't totally trust myself or the Universe to get it all done for me but then I don't just want to slog my way through it, uninspired either.

(03 Jul '13, 08:03) Catherine
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All answers are in the vortex. You read this a lot here on this site. But it's really not a joke.

The ideas that come when you are in the vortex are tangible and concrete. It is not like you wait impatiently and pessimistically for ideas to come when you are in the vortex. Impatience and pessimism are out of the vortex emotions.

As soon as the fire of the vortex blazes strongly and you are fully aligned, there is no room for frustration, pessimism, doubt or impatience. Those emotions will burn off in the fire of the vortex easily and ideas will start to come to you. It will feel easy and obvious that those ideas exist within you. They will flow effortlessly.

So when someone here says "get into the vortex first" many people probably think it is something like saying "burn incense sticks today and you will win the lottery next friday".

But the vortex is not like an incense stick and its intangible, "don't know that the hell it is good for but I hope it will work" effect. It is more like a powerhouse that starts to work within and gives you a stream of never-ending ideas immediately. And you will just feel and know it. Once you are in, ideas flow like Niagara Falls. There is no waiting. There is no doubt. There is no impatience. There is just you, joy, passion and ideas.

a way where I don't feel like I'm passively waiting around for inspiration to strike, but where it's somewhat systematic

So when you know and have experienced yourself that all answers are in the vortex, now there is only one question which is important.

"How can I systematically get a very strong vortex fire going?"

So the only system you need to manage your workflow is a system that gets you into the vortex. Because then there are no issues to solve and everything is effortless.

The system I use is the Advances Focus Blocks Method.


answered 03 Jul '13, 10:31

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@releaser99 - "All answers are in the vortex. You read this a lot here on this site. But it's really not a joke" - I tend to think the day that someone experiences deliberately entering the Vortex is the day their life changes forever. You then have access on-tap to a vibrational state that many spend their lives chasing. Until that happens for someone, all the "Vortex talk" probably just sounds like "blah, blah, blah" and yet it's the most important thing ever :)

(04 Jul '13, 07:22) Stingray

The scenes in the movie Limitless when the people involved [trying to avoid spoilers] go from "dumb" to "not-so-dumb" sum up so well what it feels like when going from out-of-the-Vortex to inside-the-Vortex


(04 Jul '13, 07:25) Stingray

@Stingray Limitless is one of my favorite movies and it almost exactly demonstrates how it is to be out of the vortex and how it is to be in the vortex. The great thing about the vortex and your Advanced Focus Blocks Method however, is that it is free and has no negative side-effects :). I believe that many (if not all) drug consumers would prefer it to drugs if they would take their time to figure the method out and learn the required skills.

(04 Jul '13, 13:27) releaser99
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stingray says.."vortex first..then, anything else"...

so..probably try to get in the vortex first and then,do what inspires you to do. do something that keeps you on highest vibration and then,start thinking about your writings ..,i tell you, u will surely get best ideas in the vortex.

it always works this way..give it a try..

to maintain my workflow.., i take very short breaks in between.., and in these very short breaks i meditate.., it keeps me calm.cool and it keeps me going.., it inspires me to work more..

and ..enjoy ur work.., if you will enjoy it..,it will give you success for sure..

hope this helps..

love,light n blessings your way..



answered 03 Jul '13, 07:24

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@supergirl best tip ever!!! :)

(03 Jul '13, 09:11) releaser99

@releaser99- thank you !!!

(03 Jul '13, 10:26) supergirl
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