Vibrational Matches and Mis-Matches
As much as we make ourself a vibrational match for our dreams, it seems we can equaly become vibrational mis-matches in The Job Market.


 How can we be a vibrational match for The Job Market?

Maybe being a vibrational mis-match with jobs, is the consequences of extreme manifestation? Some of us get better in other areas, but are temporarily ruined for The Job Market and or making incomes.

Personal Note
I only know I felt compelled to share this. I would welcome any on-topic advice or insight regarding this. A quick-fix or Get-out-of-Debtors-Prison-Card is also welcome:)

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The Job Market is capitalized, to emphasis that it's a particular paradigm, but not the only one.

(30 Aug '12, 13:04) AlicianFields
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The only time a good match in a job and how you are feeling about that job comes is when you are creating value. I was just watching a new video Choice Point. In it is shows how many people were stuck feeling like failures even the successful ones felt empty until they decided to change to what they really felt made a difference to others. When they decided to make a difference to humanity to better humanity they felt like they couldn't wait to work for the day! Sir Richard Branson was even in this new video, talking about how he originally was a failure with no place to go but up. Paul Mason (Shampoo guy) is in that video with a very similar story. There was even a kid in that video that produces organic food to be sold because he decided to do some research on what was in the foods that most kids eat and drink, he was appalled at his findings and decided to make a difference! There was a women that was making a lot of money at her job but felt like she didn't like herself and felt like "Is this all there is to life, make as much money as you can before you die?" She quit her high paying job to open a Spiritual Retreat that has been helping very many people ever since and she wakes up feeling like she can't wait to get to work today every day!

So it all comes down to are we creating value or just producing value for someone else to fulfill his dream or even just so he can make as much money as he can before he dies?

It is not easy (I admit that myself), finding what you feel really matters and makes a difference. I know I feel it with my karate but on such a small scale it is only a hobby that doesn't make much money for anything. All the people in that video went big time, affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

I was watching a video interview of Jefferson and Kelly Moore and his wife and he said when he read the book, "A dinner with a Perfect stranger" He felt strongly he had to make that into a movie. He didn't know what he was doing, he looked for people to fund it and producers and he filmed it "The Perfect Stranger" and put it out there. He wasn't expecting what he saw next, people were buying it and the meter was spinning like an odometer quickly adding up all the people buying the movie!

So when we feel what we are doing is making a difference we feel good about that. Also if we feel we have to do something and feel so good about the thought of doing it to make a difference it seems everything will fall into place to make that happen.


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Good answer. The scope has changed again, so I'm probably going to ask it a different way.

(06 Sep '12, 23:37) AlicianFields

Excelent answer Wade and very true.

(07 Sep '12, 04:37) Paulina 1

Thank you so much for best answer Alician. I am glad you liked my answer. :-)

(07 Sep '12, 05:25) Wade Casaldi
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Hi there AlicianFields, 6 months ago I was working for a person who literally turned on me. She made it clear by her actions that she would prefer if I resigned and get on outta there. Anyways, it was the most uncomfortable situation for me, we'd be at clients' sites and she'd treat me like a stranger to some extent. However, I needed a salary so I could not just rock on outta there in as much as I wanted to.

WHAT WORKED FOR ME? Everyday, as many times during the day I listened to Esther Hicks channel Abraham (youtube). I kept a pair of earphones on me and streamed youtube through my laptop. I swear it was every minute of every day. I became addicted, I would write down the messages that I got from their sessions and read them over and over when I got home. Basically I took myself out of the environment of my job mentally and spriritually - even though I was there physically. I beleived that the best job was queued up for me. I stopped wanting a new job and started allowing it, how did I allow it?? by listening to Abraham Hicks, I basically got the effects of meditation, I quieted my mind to hear their messages, I stopped feeling the lack of not having the job i wanted. About one month after, I applied for a job that I didn't even want - I got the interview and they offered me exactly what I asked for - this was three times my current salary. It didn't stop there - 6 months after my new job I got an even greater offer, this time - 3 times the awful salary and a whole lot more perks...

This is it in a nutshell, feel free to ask me more questions... it's difficult to put it all down at once.


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Thanks, Abraham's CD's are an inspiration. Sometimes going back, I hear something a different way. Much appreciated.

(06 Sep '12, 23:15) AlicianFields

Feeling good does it every time.

(07 Sep '12, 04:41) Paulina 1
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