I have always been creative,from the age of five I wanted to be a fashion designer ,I did a fashoin degree and worked as a designer for a few years before having my family. They have always come first and I now find that if I am inspired to create a new business or do something for the fulfilment of myself I am inspired and on cloud nine for a while making plans and imagining what will be. Then it hits me like a bolt that I still have responsiblities at home, teenage children, dog to walk meals to cook. I know I should delegate but feel that I am letting the family down.( this is all still in my mind, not in reality) how do I get past this huge block and do what I am dreaming about without infringing on family members and responsibilities?

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Another way to see your situation is to ask yourself the "counter" question of the one you asked : "How can I not become slowly and silently angry against my family if I make huge sacrifices (they didn't even asked, IMHO) ?"

The wealth of a family is not having a well-prepared meal on the table every day, or having perfectly ironed clothes to dress every morning. The well-being of a family comes from the fact that each individual person of this "group of person" is happy by herself.


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WoW, you are right! thank you, I love you

(07 Oct '10, 15:31) daniele

I fully get where you're coming from Evelyn but if you don't follow your dreams you will not only be letting your family down but you will be letting yourself down and that's a hard place to live.

AS Pierre pointed out - if you are not happy, your family is not happy.I, too, stayed home taking care of the kids and the house and I have just begun to move outside that role and do things for Me. The best example we can be for our kids is to be happy because they will emulate us and the only way to be happy is to follow your soul's dream.

Who cares if dinner is late or there is dishes in the sink and remember you're not really doing your teenagers any favours by doing everything for them - deep down they'll respect you more if you delegate even though,at first, they may put up an argument to enforce the old way of being. They're going to go out into the great big world some day without Mom to do everything for them.

The way to move past the mental block is to affirm that you are actually doing your kids a disservice by not following your dreams and take just one baby step toward what you want - you can do it and you owe it to yourself and your kids to make that effort. Good luck :)


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Quite right Michaela!

(07 Oct '10, 15:34) daniele
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