I am a gambler and want to go to the casino and win money!

I am a budding entreprenuer and want to become independently wealthy and part of that is to help people to live out THEIR DREAMS! I swear when I think about money I always FEEL I want to help people too!!

Please help me in how I should go about this? I want to leave a legacy to my children!

It's not about just simply being rich! I want to help others too!! I promise you that's in my heart!!

What do you do when you need money? Have you manifested money in your life or for others? I want to tap into my power and teach others as well. I come from a community where anything I say at this point would be hard to believe because we were not taught about money. I am a constant seeker of knowledge around finances because I have goals and I need to learn how to achieve my goals. I would love a personal coach but can't afford the programs that are currently being offered. Anyone know the teachings of Bob Proctor and would like to share? Please help me out!!

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Gambling concerns a certain amount of risk, the law of attraction is very different, it's all about precision programming of the subconscious ... to learn how to program you're life so as to achieve whatever you wish, take a look at my answer to the question "how do you manifest important things?", you'll find a basic method of training that i have personally tried and tested and can vouch will give entire satisfaction.

If you can dowse this roulette graph

alt text

can be used to select the numbers for a particular day and casino. If you don't know how to dowse take a look at my answer to the question "does a dowser work?".

Dowsing can also be used to make money on the stock market, see my answer to "Have you used the manifestation processes to help you be a successful stock market trader". If you enjoy dowsing you can also try your hand, so to speak, at other hazard bases games like horse racing which takes a bit more skill and training to become proficient.


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Jaz thanks for this I am going to do my research!!

(17 Jul '13, 15:36) Hawk_dc

my pleasure @Hawk_dc

(18 Jul '13, 01:58) jaz

If you want to be wealthy, study and apply "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill. Study and apply ONLY those teachings. They contain the Law of Attraction. Don't waste your time and focus becoming a book collector or seminar collector of the "latest fad" of wealth generation.

The teachings in this book are the basis of many, many self-made millionaires, including myself.

You will not get wealthy by trying to help other people be wealthy. This is a common misconception. It does not work that way.

You will only attract needy people, not wealth.

These are two entirely different goals.

Your personal wealth is you, personally connecting with the abundance of the Universe. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else.


answered 16 Jul '13, 08:10

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Dollar Bill

This is a wealth of information you have given me Dollar Bill. I really do appreaciate this response. I guess it's no surprise reading the book as been on my mind lately!

(17 Jul '13, 15:35) Hawk_dc

It has worked for a LOT of very successful people. The great majority of other "Success" books have mostly rehashed it. I like going to the pure Source! It is all you need. You will begin to see successful changes in your life as you read and APPLY what Napoleon Hill has to say. You are building powerful foundations. Planting a tree that will bear success as its fruit.

(18 Jul '13, 10:53) Dollar Bill
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