I was reading on this swami guy named Baba that could materialize gold right in his hand!


My question is how do you do this? I could use the gold. I need money. He is some Yogi or something not a magician.

Apparently Baba is not a name but a great title.

How does he do it and how could we do this? I am sure we all could use this knowledge.

Please see the excellent answers below to know just who this man even is. I have awarded dipen best answer because he has really accurately and respectfully portrayed this man and many before him like him.

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Wade Casaldi

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All matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies. He would have to be able to identify the composition of whatever material he was holding, break it down into a malleable form, then reshape it into the desired form.

Actually going ABOUT those steps however is another story entirely. Probably requires an extreme amount of vibrational control and discipline and manipulation of one's own energy so that it may be used to manipulate the energy of an 'object' around.

(14 Apr '13, 23:04) Snow

I am getting some amazing answers! Apparently this is more than some technique and he is more than some teacher.

(15 Apr '13, 07:59) Wade Casaldi
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@Wade Casaldi If this refers to maha-avatar babaji from India Then I must tell you that this man is THE MASTER OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE ,HE CAN DO ANYTHING IMAGINABLE .There were many such baba's in India such as SAI BABA who turned a flower bud into diamond and gave it to a disciple from australia who still has that,shining piece of diamond.The disciple's name is HOWARD MURPHET .SAI baba had got amazing healing powers.He performed Christ-like miracles such as multiplying food materializing things out of thin air .Many infertile women came to baba and HE ORDERED SOULS FROM THE ETHER TO TAKE BIRTH IN THEIR WOMB ,Thus those women were blessed with children.


Sri Gorakhnath was a yogi who in his 12th year went to Badrinarayan and performed worship for 12 long years, living on air alone. He once made a toy child out of clay and gave this as a play-mate for the children of a certain village. He converted a portion of a mountain into gold and reconverted it to its former condition. He passed urine on a rock. It became gold. Once in a Kumbhamela on the banks of the Godavari, he gave food to all by spreading only leaves but offered different rich meals to the liking of everyone. In the same Mela he slowly reduced himself in bulk and assumed the form of a mosquito (Anima Siddhi). Through his own Yogic power he burnt himself to ashes and again assumed his original form. He did Akasagamanam (walking in the sky). In this way he performed many Siddhis. Raja Bhartrihari was his disciple.

There was once a yogi who angered a king and his hand was cut off and in a blink of an eye he materialized another hand.

NOW when it comes to Maha-avatar babaji he has got extra ordinary powers he can materialize food from thin air but when it comes to materializing GOLD and other JEWELS he will do it easily but he will never use his powers for his personal benefits and selfish purposes ,these powers are achieved trough training from an enlightened master an to reach your destination you have so sacrifice your worldly pleasure and conquer your senses Even if one uses it for his own selfish purposes then he is going to lose his powers.



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Wow!!! There ought to be more IQ questions on these guys!

I remember I started reading Autobiography Of A Yogi. It blew my mind! I don't know why I never got too far into it, but I do remember that hand cut off story.

(15 Apr '13, 08:58) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi moreover he can shape-shift to any form be it a lion a tiger a beggar ,an infant boy and his actual body is ageless.He is happens to be the PROTECTOR OF HINDUISM.

(15 Apr '13, 09:42) dipen

it seems that conquering the senses is very important, here is an article;


(15 Apr '13, 10:03) ru bis

@Wade: I agree that these leaders warrant more attention and learning from. I also would question.. How sure are you that they're not already here among us trying to teach us at whatever pace we're capable of accepting what they have to share?

I've been strongly convinced since joining this site not everyone here is as they seem.. ^_^y

It'd be fun to know just who or what are being represented here under the guise of just another member. I feel I've already gotten slight answers to this..

(15 Apr '13, 15:12) Snow

The interesting thing is as I read more is this.... I have done many of these things in my dreams. In my dreams it seems normal to do all this. There seems a connection here like Milarpa, he kept these same dreams until one day he flew awake! After that he could do anything! We are coming closer and closer to the answer, I am so glad, I asked this question! :-)

I feel just thinking of this as a possibility is waking something within us....

(15 Apr '13, 15:27) Wade Casaldi

Jesus said the greatest key to any miracles is faith. In other words the belief that it is actually a possibility...

We are now entertaining the idea that this could be or even is an as yet unexplored possibility to us. Actually just that thought, as Jesus said, "The things that I do you will do too, and even greater." is about us, is quite exciting!

(15 Apr '13, 15:44) Wade Casaldi

I've been strongly convinced since joining this site not everyone here is as they seem.. ^_^y My thoughts exactly - I couldn't agree more.

(16 Apr '13, 19:47) ele

@Wade Casaldi what do you mean by

"There seems a connection here like Milarpa, he kept these same dreams until one day he flew awake! After that he could do anything!"

who is this milarpa

(21 Apr '13, 01:22) dipen

@dipen Milarepa is one of Tibet's greatest saints.

I have read many times stories of him. He had dreams similar mine I read. Plus he did similar amazing things as I did. Example he thew poison out of him and into a door. I thew depression off of myself into a floor.

He started as a black magician, I am glad I never did that. But he did turn himself around and found enlightenment.

(21 Apr '13, 14:55) Wade Casaldi

Please don't get me wrong when I say, I've done similar things to him. Many things he had done I could only dream of doing.

However here is another similar example. A demon came to eat him in a cave. He defeated the demon by throwing himself into the mouth of the beast.

I defeated a demon that possessed me by turning my back on it and challenging it's existence.

(21 Apr '13, 15:37) Wade Casaldi

These are not everyday events but rare times when I am pressed into action. I don't even know how I do stuff! It is just something needs done then, I do it and almost forget about it afterward.

The closest I could say it would be pretend with strong belief in what you are doing is real and has a real affect.

(21 Apr '13, 15:37) Wade Casaldi

@lozenge123 Thanks, I have no idea what my connection is to him other than similar experiences. Maybe influences from reading of him, it subconsciously expands what is posible in my mind.

(21 Apr '13, 15:51) Wade Casaldi

@dipen ..its justtt superbbb..and i am so proud to be a hindu from india. i really feel amazing tht i belong to such country who has such brilliant yogis. have u read "practical hypnotism"? it explains many questions here.., in this book the author has explained that when we become enlightened and go in deep meditation..,we are directly helped by these yogis..who are sitting in himalayas in deep meditation. through ether,

(22 Apr '13, 07:00) supergirl

...they guide us..for our spiritual journey. i am really glad tht ur part of IQ. many many thanks to u for the brilliant answer. thank u so much. i wld love to connect with u personally..,if u wish to. GOD BLEsS U.. :))

(22 Apr '13, 07:02) supergirl

@supergirl Yeah we have a lot of miracle workers in India .Do you know of any other good books on these miraculous happenings? If yes please post it here or sent it to me at


(22 Apr '13, 12:05) dipen

@Wade Casaldi well its still unclear to me ,you are telling that milarpa DREAMT of working out these miracles and one day ALL OF A SUDDEN HE DEVELOPED THEM.

(22 Apr '13, 12:07) dipen

@Wade Casaldi what kind of STUFF(miracles) have you worked out ?

(22 Apr '13, 12:09) dipen

@dipen I read someplace in it was the 90s about him. Maybe it was on television, I really wish I could remember the source. Here is what I recall.

He was studying and every night he went to sleep, he would have dreams of amazing powers. He would thank the Gods when he woke. One day he woke and knew he still had these powers. He flew to a temple to tell a Lama about it.

When I learned of him, I said he had dreams like I have. My dreams do give me confidence that alowed me to do supernatural.

(22 Apr '13, 13:54) Wade Casaldi

But what I have done in dreams, far exceeds what I have achieved awake. Where as Milarepa achieved the same level of effectiveness whether asleep just dreaming or wide awake.

(22 Apr '13, 13:59) Wade Casaldi

I have soul bi-located, healed at a distance, not just sending Reiki but working on a friend's heart. I'll have to think of all the strange things but I wrote of this in the miracles question.

(22 Apr '13, 14:06) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi you said that MILAREPA used to dream of having SUPERPOWERS (he just used to dream,like we all do) then one day he woke up to find that he had miraculously gained these superpowers without any effort.

(12 May '13, 00:25) dipen

@dipen- few of tht i knw are..- an autobiography of a yogi by praramhanse yogananda and practical hypnotism by dr.shimani dutt.

(12 May '13, 14:19) supergirl
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His disciples call him Baba so I have taken the liberty of editing his name in your question.

From a manifesting point of view, he is not doing anything that anybody else cannot do. He has just become good at it and can show live things appearing out of nowhere.

Personally, I don't think this is different from manifesting anything else. Unlike most of us, he has not set limits on what he can manifest by mainly looking at what others around him have and have not been able to manifest and therefore, holds no resistance.


answered 15 Apr '13, 04:33

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Pink Diamond

Thanks for the edit, this is a case where auto spell correct butchered rather than helps me! lol I attempted to correct butstill had too many b's. Thanks Pink Diamond. I don't know much about him or Hinduism. Swami, Yogi, Guru, are they the same, what is proper?

(15 Apr '13, 07:53) Wade Casaldi

Honest answer is, I don't know the difference between the different terms although when I dabbled into his teachings more than 10 years ago, I remember thinking they all seem to just be different terms for the same thing, that is for a revered individual. I will just have to suggest a Google search there.

(16 Apr '13, 07:33) Pink Diamond

Regarding the terms: Guru means teacher (can be a teacher of anything), a Yogi is a practitioner of yoga, and Swami is "master, lord, prince, used by Hindus as a term of respectful address."

(16 Apr '13, 20:46) lozenge123
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Hi Wade,

When I first became aware of esoteric/mystical notions regarding manifestation, I was strongly attracted to the literature and culture of India, as it seemed to be the place where "miracles" and tales of manifestation still abounded. Whereas most of Western civilization did not seem to believe in this stuff anymore (our mystical-magical notions having greatly faded since the "Age of Reason"), India was still "the land of miracles" where accounts of modern wizards, saints and miracle-workers abounded.

I immersed myself in the accounts of these reputed expert manifesters, and came across some pretty interesting things such as:

The apparently immortal Babaji, who materialized a golden palace out of thin air in the presence of Lahiri Mahayasa (see Chapter 34 of Autobiography of a Yogi).

Trailingaswami, who manifested all sorts of objects out of thin air, and lived to more than 250 years of age.

Swami Khatkhatananda, who supplied an entire feast for a huge crowd by periodically materializing food out of thin air.

alt text

The list goes on and on.

I once studied for a few months under a Yogi in the American northeast who was himself a disciple of the "old school" mystical yogis. He ran (and still runs) classes on the materialization of phenomena via "psychic" means. I stopped only because it was just then that I found Inward Quest, and the techniques available to me here were logistically easier for me to implement on a regular basis.

That said, I feel strongly that something was happening while doing these yogic exercises. At several points I even began to see a blue flame slowly wavering in my center of vision (with eyes closed) after doing certain exercises.

The exercises involved a series of pranayamas in conjunction with certain visualizations relating to the nadis, chakras and psychic channels. There were a few other esoteric things as well involving sound and vibration. The following book contains an explanation and overview of the exercises, although you would have to take one of the classes I took to get the "complete" treatment:


Here is a quote from the book to give you a sense of it...the author was a disciple of Swami Sivananda:

"When thoughts are expressed through the higher vehicles, immediately they start to materialize into objects and things and create a phenomena. When the expression of thoughts is through words, through physical actions or other lower vehicles of expression, it does not create good results of materialization. For example, if a person wants a million dollars and he expresses himself through words, and does make every effort physically to earn a million dollars, he would hardly succeed because because the conscious mind and the material and gross vehicles of expression have very limited power so far as materialization is concerned. When you can express your thoughts through the higher vehicles of mind without speaking a word or expressing by physical effort, you can easily create phenomena to help you acquire a million dollars." - pp. 160-161

In terms of technique, I would say that the above book "spills the beans" more than any other that I've read.

If you want to do further reading about the "miracle working" Saints and Yogis, I would recommend the above book as well as Autobiography of a Yogi, and The Walking Shiva of Varanasi (the latter contains the spiritual treatise of Trailingaswami), and The Miracles of Swami Sivananda, which is available for free online:

http://www.dlshq.org/download/miracles.pdf http://www.dlshq.org/download/pranayama.pdf

Also the following book, which I've referred to before in previous IQ posts: http://www.amazon.com/Great-Masters-Himalayas-Their-Teachings/dp/0766103617/

And a free (partial?) version is available here on Google books.

alt text

Good luck, and feel to ask any more questions.

EDIT 4/18/2013

Due to interest from a few people, I've posted a few links with substantial info on these psychic "miracle-working" yogis...for those who want to do further reading:







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edited 18 Apr '13, 12:46

Wow, wonderful, so much info!

Thanks @lozenge123 :-)

(16 Apr '13, 17:55) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for the link @Roy and thanks lozenge123 for your awesome answer, all your links & especially your time. I don't say this enough - I want you to know I appreciate all the contributions you make to this site & all the time you give. Thank you!

(16 Apr '13, 19:53) ele

@Roy - Thanks for the link. @Wade, @ele - You are very welcome! I just added a block quote from the book...very much in line, I think, with the manifesting ideals on IQ.

(16 Apr '13, 20:56) lozenge123

This is probably some of the best information I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing, you have pretty much just blown my mind.

(16 Apr '13, 21:24) ikaruss21

Great Quote - very appropriate!

(16 Apr '13, 21:29) ele

@lorenze123 these books you have mentioned do you have a PDF copy ,if yes ,can you just take the trouble of mailing them to my e-mail id ,I am really interested in these stuffs.I cannot find a single place on the internet where I can download them for free.

my id is dipanjan.sen.gupta1993@gmail.com

may god bless you.

(17 Apr '13, 06:56) dipen

@dipen, I added some links above to free versions of Autobiography of a Yogi and Great Masters of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a free version of Yogic Powers floating around, but the author ran the Kailashananda Mission in Rishikesh, India, so you may be able to get those teachings from the source there. Walking Shiva of Varanasi was published in India, so you should be able to find it locally. I seem to remember coming across an Indian version online...

(17 Apr '13, 19:32) lozenge123

...and if I can track it down, I will post the link here. Some info about the book online: http://www.telugubhakti.com/telugupages/monthly/Bookreviews/contenteng6.htm

(17 Apr '13, 19:33) lozenge123

@dipen - The following web link has info posted by people offering free books about Trailingaswami...not sure if it is the same one I have: http://www.forumjar.com/forums/topic/Trailanga_Swami and here is the info on how to get the actual book in India: http://www.telugubhakti.com/telugupages/monthly/Bookreviews/contenteng6.htm

(18 Apr '13, 12:14) lozenge123

@ikaruss21 - Glad I could be of service. I'll attempt to "blow your mind" further...in Yogic Powers, a yogi named Bhusunda is described, who, "due to his psychic powers...was able to live for many hundreds of thousands of years in the same body." I found a reference to Bhusunda online in the following scripture: http://www.suryadevananda.org/index.php?page=bhusunda-s-story-the-way-of-yoga

(18 Apr '13, 12:20) lozenge123

@dipen - I found the free PDF Indian version of Trailingaswami's treatise...can't tell if it's in Urdu or Telugu...is this your language? http://dspace.wbpublibnet.gov.in:8080/jspui/handle/10689/2969

If not, the teachings were recorded by Umacharan, Mukhopadhyay, so you may be able to research that and find it yourself. Good luck and God bless.

(18 Apr '13, 12:38) lozenge123

@lozenge123 are you from India? I'm just curious.

(21 Apr '13, 00:25) dipen

@dipen - No, I'm from America. It would be nice to visit India, though. :)

(21 Apr '13, 14:06) lozenge123

@lozenge123 it seems you know a lot about these yogis from India .Where did you learn learn these things?

(10 May '13, 09:35) dipen

@dipen - I learned a lot from simple book reading. :) I also trained briefly with Swami Bua before his death at 123 years of age. Bua was a disciple of Swami Sivananda. I also still train off and on (when I have the time) with an old yogi in New York who seems to be one of the last in the States still teaching the classical, esoteric stuff. He was a student of Swami Gupta, who was himself a student of Swami Sivananda.

(10 May '13, 12:54) lozenge123
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I actually asked Rob's Treb something like this question, but more so on just how we was able to achieve this level of manifesting. Hopefully the explanation he gave to me could help a little. Here is a link from an explanation given by him.


After about the 10 minute mark I think is when he starts explaining how we was able to do it.


answered 15 Apr '13, 14:48

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@ikaruss21 - This was great, thank you for posting.

(16 Apr '13, 15:04) lozenge123

Brilliant. Yes, it was GREAT session

(22 Apr '13, 07:46) TReb Bor yit-NE

First off.. is this Babaji, the 2000 yr old, from India you're speaking of ? He is able to appear & reappear as a young man, or old man, at will... it would be nothing for him to materialize gold right in his hand. If you want to know more about Babaji, do a search for Leonard Orr, & he studied under him for years, & knows more about him than any other person at this time...


answered 15 Apr '13, 06:25

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Wow I didn't know this could get any stranger! Thanks so much, it seems this needs more investigation than just a news clipping! Amazing!

(15 Apr '13, 07:43) Wade Casaldi

Yes, this question was asked of TReb and he explained that basically he was able to with pure connection, but as he got older, and his ego with money and notoriety took hold, he started to fake it because he became so disconnected. This was a great surprise to me as well.

love n light




answered 22 Apr '13, 07:48

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Back in the 1970s a good friend and author of several books, Roy Eugene Davis went to India to observe Sri Sai Baba.

Roy brought back some articles Sai Baba had "manifested." I photographed these articles for a book Roy was writing.

One of these articles was a ring. Sai Baba asked Roy what he would like as a gift. Roy said, "I want a ring with your picture on it." Sai Baba closed his empty hand tightly. when he opened it, the ring was there.

I looked at the ring closely. It was, excuse me, cheaply made. The picture of Sai Baba was a halftone (made up of dots), the ring itself was adjustable, like a ring you might get in a vending machine.

BUT Roy asked and Sai Baba manifested it -- or somehow transported it from somewhere else. Roy and I don't know, but it was, as Roy said, "Damned interesting!"

I don't remember if Sai Baba was considered a great guru at the time. This was 40 years ago. Indian "Holy Men" were just beginning to make a dramatic imporssion on the psychic community in Atlanta.

I remember one man, Swami Adona Ley, disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, who came to stay with me and my wife at the time. He was really cool! Great sense of humor. I remember someone asked him the most important posture for practicing yoga. He said it was standing up on your own two feet.

He also said that the spiritual energy was changing focus to the west (USA) and coming our way like a boxcar on wheels and that there were a lot of Indian holy men appearing to push it in our direction, but that it was coming on its own.

He said, "many of my countrymen (India) come to your rich country and, how you say, are able to fill their arms with more (goodies) than they can carry."

I remember seeing a picture that seemed strangely in-congruent. A "guru" in robe and turban stepping out of a Rolls Royce with an air of pride and validation. Pride? Validation? Not a state of desirelessness.

I was an avid reader on a variety of subjects. Adona could converse fluently on any subject I suggested. Many of these subjects were very new and avaunt guard. I never saw him read anything.

I asked him how he was able to know so much about any subject? He replied that it was "all there, in the air."

Paramahansa (Divine Swan) and Yogananda (union of bliss) Interesting name. Was also a fascinating character. I never knew him, but his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" is a wonderful read!

Once he was walking with a group of disciples. The sun was boiling hot. A disciple decided to help. He chanted and danced and worked very hard. A cloud came up and obscured the Sun. Yogananda thanked him, and said, "Why didn't you just get a parasol?"


answered 26 Aug '13, 08:44

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Dollar Bill

edited 26 Aug '13, 09:17

"autobiography of a yogi" is a great read..simplyy amazing :))

(26 Aug '13, 12:32) supergirl
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