Bashar tells us about excitement. "What excites you the most", "Are you following your excitement?", "Isn't that exciting", "Excitement is the driving engine and the organizing principle".

But he's clear that "Excitement" is only the best possible translation, he means more something like "your signature vibration".

Now, there's the belief, unspoken mostly, but all around, that excitement is not lasting, that fades away. Of course, Bashar says one must act on whatever excites us the most at any given time that we have available and can actually do.

Now, here's the thing.. closest thing I can get is after a good cup of coffee, and I don't mean drip coffee, I mean a good cup of coffee. Then I get excited, and I can do stuff, I can imagine more, I can visualize, I can focus..

But I do know coffee is overall, not good for me. That I'm overworking the adrenals.

I sincerely cannot get very excited about other things when I don't drink the coffee. But let's put aside coffee for a while: Having dealt with depression, I actually learned to fear excitement, every time I got excited I tried to calm myself down because I know I could go in the opposite direction some time later.

So, as you can see, I'm a little confused about excitement and my "signature vibration" and why nothing seems to excite me except the things I cannot really do.

Anyone has a better handle on this topic?

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I would just like to add to this that I recently heard from Bashar that one doesn't have to sustain excitement, that it sustains itself.

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The Abraham-Hicks quote in my email box this morning seems to answer this question nicely.

Out of your mind outrageous orgasmic enthusiasm: If you were to stay on a pitch of excitement it would wear you out, and so many of you vacillate back and forth from positive to negative because you don’t want to be worn out. But we say you can vacillate in your range of positive energy from ecstasy to peacefulness, from exhilaration to joy, from out of your mind outrageous orgasmic enthusiasm for life, to subtle appreciation of life. But you never have to fall onto the negative side of the equation in order to find that balance you see. You can find perfect balance all within the positive range of things.

~Abraham-Hicks, G 6.27.92


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It isn't, your right. But then there will always be "contrast" in this world so you wont have to. I'll try to put it the way I see it.

I went on holiday to Turkey a few years ago, it was 48 degrees Celsius. Massively hotter than what im used to ( I live in England...enough said! ) Now I REALLY do love the heat, I love sunbathing, and I hadn't had sun for a while so I was loving it.

But...every half hour or so I just couldn't stand I dropped into the pool for 5 minutes and cooled down. I then had a craving for my sun again and out I came for another glorious half hour or so.

I did this all day, and metaphorically I still am.

The world will always provide the contrast, so your excitement will always be "sharpened". If it was excitement all the time excitement would stop being.....well excitement.

So no, its not sustainable. Its like a well used kitchen knife, it needs to stop doing its work every so often and be put to the grinding wheel.


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Excitement - Eager - Passion. This is about looking forward to something. Keep thoughts of excitement in your mind.

Is something bad happening? You can say something like: "Wow, what an exciting challenge! I can't wait to see how this unfolds and gets better"

Always look forward to what is coming if you want to stay in excitement.

"I can't wait to wake up in the morning and eat those delicious pancakes tomorrow!"

"I can't wait to see how the world wakes up, become more conscious, and take back control of their lives!"

"I can't wait until I can eat that delicious food at breakfast time (or lunch time or dinner time)"

"I can't wait!", "I can't wait!", "I can't wait!"

That is the vibe of Eager and Excitement. It is about happiness and anticipate for the good things you know will come.

Spirit is always on the move, wanting to have an exciting experience.


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if it be one of the five
physical senses you will
burn out early, while finer
perceptions help unfold


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