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What is the Abraham or leading edge (emotional) viewpoints on "doings things that are out of your comfort zone"? I hear many self-help gurus and even life coaches really support this notion, I'm wondering if the reason they suggest to do this is to get people to experience life more and get them happier...

I have read on here and totally support the idea that being 'brave' is a childish ego chasing act, that I think is a bad idea sure to bring up negative manifestations. If I feel bad about doing something, I'm not going to do it purely for the sake of "getting out of my comfort zone." I'm becoming increasingly sensitive to emotions, and can almost immediatly weight myself to any feelings of unease at the slightest point.

But when should I be switching my emotional rador 'off' when it comes to embracing new situations and events with emotional anxiety or butteflies in my stomach?

Bashar says that anxiety = excitement + filtering things in a negative belief tube.

After reading one of Stingrays best answers which I'll link below, in which the message is life is about experiences rather than material collectings (to which my source agrees with as well)


...I really am keen to get out and experience life MORE!

Please give me guidelines and what is the deal with doing things out of your comfort zone. Is it healthy for you? Or does it invite too much stress and should be avoided?

My essential question: what is the difference between being stupidly brave vs getting out of your comfort zone? What is a comfort zone, and can you please mention the ideas of our Emotional Guidance System and how it plays along in that?

Cheers. Loving life atm :)

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I have read on here and totally support the idea that being 'brave' is a childish ego chasing act, that I think is a bad idea sure to bring up negative manifestations.

No, thinking that it is "childish" or a "ego chasing act" is total bullshit. Yes, total bullshit.

People who say that something you want to do is childish or ridiculous are usually uncomfortable withing themselves about some limiting beliefs they have.

Any path you choose is the right path.

And I encourage everyone to go get out of their comfort zone... if this is what feels best to them. I had excellent experiences in the past by getting out of my comfort zone, pushing through all resistances and making powerful decisions to change my life for the better.

I felt alive, in the midst of things and experienced situations that I couldn't imagine were possible.

The worst thing you can do is endlessly thinking about what you should do...or asking others forever what you should do....or what is the right path for you. This keeps you in a state of apathy and "half-deadness" forever.

So I agree with self-help gurus that getting out of your comfort zone can be amazingly powerful. It's not always the most enjoyable path to take. But it works if you have enough desire to push through all your resistances and limiting beliefs you have. It's about decision making.

And making decisions is a powerful tool.

See also:

But I don't agree with another point that self-help gurus usually represent. Most of them believe that we humans are unworthy, weak or stupid when we want instant gratification.

They say that we have to work hard before we can have what we want and feel happy. And they believe that all bad habits and things come from people believing they must have what they want instantly.

I don't agree.

There is a reason why we are hard-wired to want instant gratification. We didn't come into this physical reality to wait endlessly until we have a reason to feel happy. We want things now. We want to feel good now. We want to have the feeling of the things we want now.

And that's because everything exists now. Our inner being knows that. We know and feel that.

And here is where all this stuff you read on IQ about "feeling good now" or "aligning yourself" clicks into place. Everything we do is about wanting to feel better anyway, even pushing through the comfort zone or doing vibrational work.

So there are two paths.

Pushing through your comfort zone is about feeling better by making physical action your highest priority.

Vibrational work is about expanding your comfort zone by making feeling good your highest priority now.

Or in other words

Feeling good/finding the feeling place now = Aligning yourself now without having to wait to feel good or do anything physically.

Pushing through your comfort zone physically = pushing through limiting beliefs and aligning yourself along the way by taking physical action.

Now don't get me wrong. There is no negative judgement in both paths. Both paths work. And I still play around with both of them myself. My point is: just do what you believe is cool and don't let naysayers ruin your own powerful decisions about your life.

Edit: Look how this one guy (leader) makes a decision to dance and how he changes the world around him. And also look how the "follower" makes a decision to follow and gathers even more energy through his own decision-making. The energy keeps moving and their experience gets better and better and better....



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@releaser99- Honestly I forgot to get back sooner to you. This is your greatest answer ever and helped me see things in en entire new, empowering light. I don't know why there is a lack of votes (though I dont you you care), deserves 10+ if you ask me.

Getting out of my comfort zone has been the greatest medicine of my life.

(09 Aug '13, 07:36) Nikulas

I'm glad it helped @Nikulas. Different answers resonate with different people so it's all well :). I hope you enjoy your path!

(09 Aug '13, 12:33) releaser99

First of all, let's look at the Emotional Guidance System.

What the emotional guidance system does is to classify your feelings into two categories: the good and the bad. Good feelings include hope, belief, abundance, prosperity, passion, love, enthusiasm and joy. The bad feelings, on the other hand, are comprised of despair, pessimism, fear, guilt, jealousy, hatred, anger and shame. Knowing your feelings will help you act in a way that is in alignment with your desired goal. - (See more here.)

Now, moving out of your comfort zone must first start with intention or thought. You must lay the groundwork in you being to move in a positive direction. Let's say that you hate your job. First, you must examine your negative feelings about your job. You may list all of them on a piece of paper, like this:

  1. I am bored with my job.
  2. I dislike my co-workers.
  3. I am making too little money at this job.
  4. And so on.

Now, you must first rid yourself of the negative emotions that are keeping you stuck at this job.

  1. I must feel that I am ready to move out of boredom in my job, and I set the intent in my mind to expect that things will get much more interesting.
  2. I must replace dislike of my co-workers with compassion. I must find something to like in each of them. I must extend love to them in my actions. This turns negative emotions to positive.
  3. Again, I must set the expectation that I deserve and expect more money to come my way. I do not dwell on how that will happen; rather, I believe it with all my soul.

Positive Change is actually another way of expressing that you are moving out of your :comfort zone.

Change is the movement upward and outward towards better living. No matter how positive, change is going to be a bit uncomfortable. It always is, even if it is positive. Think of moving to a new and better home. There is all the packing, getting the movers, saying so long to your old home, changing over all your utilities, etc. Then you move out. Once you are in your new and better home, there is unpacking, arranging everything in new places and new ways. All of this can be stressful, but it is still a positive step, an upward step. Marriage, having a baby, changing to a better job- all of these things are changes that are positive, but cause a measure of stress. This is what it means to move out of your Comfort Zone.

But the intention must be set first, and then let go into the Universe to manifest. You expect something to happen, but you do not dwell on it- worry is negative and will block the manifestation.

Be sure to stay in positive emotions as outlined in the EGS.

Always work from the mind and soul outward. That is the key to "getting out of you Comfort Zone" safely.

alt text

Hope this helps you!




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Solid answer. I had a feeling this was going to be the first question I asked where no-one answered. Makes sense, thanks Jai.

(19 Jul '13, 06:11) Nikulas

You are quite welcome! It was a joy to reply. <3 Jai

(19 Jul '13, 07:14) Jaianniah
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