I know it works, it did for me so many times. Whenever I am in the vortex, good things start to happen later. Problems fix themselves and things just fall in the right places. However, this time, my worries are of a different scale.

I resigned from my previous job. It was the one thing that I didn't regret doing and it gave me some peace of mind. However, weeks later and the year just started. I'm broke and in debt. I don't want to look for another job just to fill this temporary problem with a job that pays me yet I had to drag my feet to do. What I wanted to do these past several weeks is study new skills I've always wanted to learn and read the books I have always wanted to read. These, I believe so strongly, are my highest excitement.

The past few weeks I've learned a bunch of new things. Some are useful and practical, while others I just learned for fun. Yet, the world pulls me back from these excitements to "reality". How can you manage to get out of the situation where you want to follow your bliss but you just can't afford to "waste" your time?

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How can you manage to get out of the situation where you want to follow your bliss but you just can't afford to "waste" your time?

Even though your question seems to be general in nature, I think you are really asking about what to do right now in your particular urgent situation.

And, for that, there is a solution, because you cannot have a problem without a solution also co-existing...they are two sides of the same coin.

But the vibration of the problem and the vibration of the solution are two completely different vibrations. When you are focused on the problem, you cannot perceive the solution that exists.

So you need to find some way to deactivate the realness of your current problem to allow the solution to be perceived by you...a bit like riding an elevator from the floor where the problem is, to the floor where the solution is.

But often the realness of an urgent problem can be overwhelming.

One approach I like - and have recommended to others - is Brian Tracy's Solitude Method.

With this method, you acknowledge that you are in the vibration of the problem and just kind of hang around in solitude until the pain of the current reality thoughts wear themselves out and subside, then your natural vibrational level raises, and then the vibrational balance shifts (i.e. the elevator rises to the right floor) and your own unique solution becomes perceptible to you in the form of ideas and impulses.


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@Stingray isn't this method simply meditation for a longer period of time? you have to stay still let your mind flow and try not to think of anything deliberately. sorry if i interpreted this wrong but i read it two times and couldn't spot any difference between meditation and solitude method.

(20 Sep '19, 09:42) majnu

@majnu - "isn't this method simply meditation for a longer period of time? you have to stay still let your mind flow and try not to think of anything deliberately" - No, it's a very different method from meditation. You allow whatever thoughts that want to come up to surface, you just don't force them to deliberately come up. In meditation, you deliberately stop/slow all thoughts.

(21 Sep '19, 01:15) Stingray

thanks for clarifying this method seems kinda hard but i will try it out and see how it goes

(21 Sep '19, 05:36) majnu
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Excitement and anxiety are flip sides of the same coin—anxiety is only excitement interpreted through a negative belief system of doubt or worry. If you follow your excitement at every given fork in the road—and sometimes it is subtle—just a little bit better an option than all the rest—and sometimes its clear...I'm hungry—get something to eat...I'm sleepy—time to go to bed...or, oh, that job posting looks very interesting let's submit a resume... etc.

Bashar and Elan speak a lot about the practicality of acting on your highest excitement which doesn't necessarily always mean your main goal in life but sometimes the simple day to day choices. They then go on to explain that in taking the action to follow these choices, you complete the circuit and synchronicity starts to connect you with all things magically and everything that supposedly needs "fixing" starts magically fixing itself. This is my interpretation, anyway. Hope it is of benefit.


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