Though I speak in particular regarding martial arts, this seems to hold true for every topic I've been blessed enough to encounter 'teachers' in. I've noticed a very strong trend in some of the most talented and/or 'powerful' people strongly hold to the guise they are not. Some take this idea to considerably more extreme lengths than others.

To kill the character minimum requirement because this isn't actually that 'lengthy' of a question: a specific example of what I'm referring to would be an instructor showing the fundamentals of where one would begin in training in one particular style, skill, art, whatever topic. You can see by the way they move or behave they're quite capable, yet they demonstrate the fundamentals as if they were beginners themselves.

Is there some unwritten rule that the masters of any particular skill must act like 'common folk' or do I just encounter a strong trend of modest / quiet types who have a strong aversion to letting anyone know about their talents?

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I'm no master but I think that to teach anyone anything you have to teach as if a novice so that the novices will understand easier. Also no true master pushes but is patient and humble.

(03 Aug '13, 10:20) Paulina 1

Think of being a school teacher. Is it more satisfying to hear a student say: "Wow Mr Snow you know a lot!" or "Wow Mr Snow I made it, I didn't know I could!"?

(03 Aug '13, 16:16) Wade Casaldi

We are all masters in training,once again...

(03 Aug '13, 21:36) Roy

snow you should listen to the movie the last dragon . Do you need a fortune cookie with no fortune to master and walk on your own water? will you see your own reflection on the water?

(04 Aug '13, 23:24) white tiger

@Wade, ofcourse...

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. ~ LaoTzu


(05 Aug '13, 06:13) CalonLan

And here's one to think of... Are the masters disguised or do you not see past what meets the eye? Try remembering the other side of a coin while you're carelessly getting engulfed by one of them...And suddenly, your questions are now answers.

What's in my hand? It's the tickets to that thing your lady wants see, look again, the tickets are now diamonds. :D

Just kidding, but maybe not and I'm the only one laughing here.

(05 Aug '13, 09:30) CalonLan

"The master understands that the Universe is forever out of control"
~ Lao Tzu

(05 Aug '13, 16:38) ele
(05 Aug '13, 18:58) ele

We as humans, tend to be like that white tiger.Live and re-remember, our truth......thanks ele.....Love aqnd Light.

(11 Aug '13, 19:53) Roy

@Roy Belated Birthday Wishes.

(12 Aug '13, 03:19) ele
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True masters are humble and patient for they have walked the talk and know to teach others you have to start at the beginning. By teaching like a novice the novices themselves will feel more comfortable and eager to learn.

If the master had to teach like an expert and show off his skills the pupils will be uneasy and feel intimmidated.

A clever master knows how to teach by respecting the fact that should he show his prowess too soon he might scare his students away. He will humble himself to make his students feel good.

This of course goes wheather in the visible or the invisible world.


answered 03 Aug '13, 10:36

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Paulina 1

Excellent answer. Yes the way I teach and my father before me taught is to teach how good my students can be, not how good I am. What good would impressing my students do if my students get attacked outside? No good, they could say, "I wish my Sensei were here, things would be different." Now if instead of spending my time impressing my students, I taught them how good they can be themselves, now the same situation I am there with them in what they learned.

(03 Aug '13, 12:05) Wade Casaldi

love it @Paulina, thanks

(04 Aug '13, 01:48) jaz

@wade casaldi - That makes you a master in my book!A true-true teacher!

(07 Aug '13, 21:03) Dollar Bill
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Masters appreciate reality. They have peace within, they can feel the unity and perfection of life within, so there is no need to try to "change" things by revealing who they are.

However, if one asks they WILL respond due to compassion.

When one understands The All and how everything connects, there is no longer a need to change there is just pure appreciation, and yet, law of attraction will continue to respond to that vibe of Appreciation and keep giving even more to appreciate.


answered 03 Aug '13, 12:48

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compassion, the key to happiness :)

(04 Aug '13, 02:16) jaz

There are masters that explore the collective unconscious, that higher part of us all, the mass of consciousness that's far more powerful than any individual unconsciousness (higher self) ... that's why Picasso said "good artists copy, great artists steal", meaning to explore the larger part of human nature you go in hidden behind a symbolic shield and explore what you wish without direct contact. A symbolic shield can take many forms

alt text


answered 03 Aug '13, 02:49

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Good one Jaz.

(03 Aug '13, 10:25) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1, thanks i feel understood :)

(04 Aug '13, 02:27) jaz

Maybe it is not really a disguise. It is a state of being that, to us, seems like a disguise. If a person has the power to create miracles, why does he need to do so?

True masters have self confidence and little need to show off. The also don't really care what other people think about them, but they are often interested in other people.

"I already know about me, so I am more interested in hearing about you."

EDITED: @jaz has an interesting point about Picasso, and I think, germaine to the question of disguise. Much of Picasso's work was influenced by his study of African artifacts. I use the term "artifacts" and not "Art" because the people that made them had no concept of "art" as we do. Their artifacts were working tools to contact Source.

These Africans had little or no written language, so there "language " is/was one of symbols. In a sense this is a more "pure" connection with Source. To name a thing is to lose it.

But their symbols can cross boundaries of languages and reach a deep chord within us because they speak a powerful common language. All great artists are in touch with Source (or Collective Unconsciousness), but do they steal from Source? Can they? Is this the story of Prometheus? To steal the fire of the gods?

I don't think so. @White Tiger understands.

Handel in composing the "Messiah" said it was like having his fingers plugged into God.

Perhaps the "disguise" of Masters is that they realize the connection with Source is all-important, much more important than public approbation, than fame. And that is where they put their focus.

Perhaps some of them like the fame, and that is OK also. There may be a bit of "ham" in Masters, an enjoyment of creation, an enjoyment of drama. We are all here to experience contrast.

And the crowds never hinder a Master. If they could, a Master would not be a Master. So, Masters, like all of us, for we are all Masters in varying degrees of disguise showing the world what we want to show.


answered 03 Aug '13, 16:12

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Dollar Bill

edited 07 Aug '13, 21:06

there are many types of masters, the master that you describe functions principally by intimidation

(04 Aug '13, 01:46) jaz

@jaz - could you explain your viewpoint?

(05 Aug '13, 06:50) Dollar Bill

(05 Aug '13, 16:10) ele

you want a miracle be the miracle. Why make miracle on the outside to be seen and become popular? most people are all ready looking on the outside. and they do not see the inside. If you want a proof of that look at the poison water that some people make when it comes out of their mouth if they would be the one receiving this poison water they would not accept it. If they would have seen the inside they would not have make that poison water and would have clean the inside of the cup.

(06 Aug '13, 00:09) white tiger

And yes @Dollar bill I understand Who can steal from God what is freely given to all is children? Is it not some miss placed praise? God is the source of everything from the beginning to the end eternal. nothing is hidden from him. outside of the cup or inside of the cup. As for legend and myth religion. many use symbols and have similar story. The Garden of the Hesperides for example. a dragon to slay to get the golden apple. golden apples grant immortal life to the Gods. They are cultivated-

(06 Aug '13, 00:40) white tiger

by the Goddess Iðunn.Zeus held a banquet in celebration of the marriage of Peleus and Thetis. Left off the guest list was Eris (goddess of discord), and upon turning up uninvited she threw or rolled a golden apple into the ceremony, with the inscription which said: καλλίστῃ or, "for the fairest one". in the bible there are also garden,apple,gold,snake. We have all ready talk about the golden light do you think discord would work there? of course not.

(06 Aug '13, 00:44) white tiger

will also say that some symbol are yet not understand. and it is better like this for now. it is like Einstein with e=mc2 and the mushroom in the sky.

(06 Aug '13, 01:00) white tiger

@white tiger, as you often say, "Let those with eyes, see. Let those with ears, hear." To those with eyes and ears there are no disguises. God does not disguise.

(07 Aug '13, 08:24) Dollar Bill

@ele - I like your image.

(07 Aug '13, 08:26) Dollar Bill

Well @Dollar bill do you have eyes to see and hear to ear? Some people seek revenge and want some other people to be punish in this world. Because of the overflow from their heart they want to inflict pain on other. Is that the way they will love their neighbor as them self? Is that how they will please the one who sent them? Is it not enough that the darkness will not come to the light so that is evil deeds will not be reveal. it is all ready seen. the one who judge as already been judge.

(08 Aug '13, 22:06) white tiger

some can be like the prodigal son and turn from the left hand to the right hand. if they learn from their error and make the right choice and take the pearl from the serpent. Blessed are the merciful they will be given mercy.

(08 Aug '13, 22:14) white tiger

@dollar bill you might say they might be justified to seek retribution. I say to you justice and revenge are not the same. And even if someone is justified and darken him self and other. is he not doing the same thing to other from the overflow of is heart that as been done to him? the darkness does not go to the light. Do not be surprise at my saying many cannot bear it and will close the door to you and go hide in the darkness. Saying we are justified to wish evil on those who made us suffer.

(11 Aug '13, 15:13) white tiger

but when other wish evil on them from the overflow of their heart feeling justified, they cannot accept it. if they cannot accept the truth how will they be set free? They have the choice and there is no one to blame. Why the need to blame,judge or condemn? When they do not like to be blame, judge or condemn them self.

(11 Aug '13, 15:20) white tiger
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To quote @Roy "We are ALL masters in training"

alt text

Explore Inward & Expand Outwards.. Your Greatest Teacher Lies Within...


"The wisest follow their own direction." ~ Euripides

hmm ... actually quoting @Michaela quoting Euripides

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 05 Aug '13, 20:44

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edited 09 Aug '13, 01:40


Explore Inward & Expand Outwards . . . which is what Inward Quest means to me ...

(05 Aug '13, 20:45) ele

Within you find everything you need. The inner part shows who you are like a mirror if you dare to look. The reflection gives answers to question you wonder about. You already know all you need. Everything else is optional =)

(08 Aug '13, 22:47) CalonLan

@CalonLan Very True! Missed you - great to have the music back!

(09 Aug '13, 00:38) ele
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This is the price of fame you are talking about. We could go back to the days early America in the West. One guy wanting to be the fastest and most accurate gun man. Next thing he knows is he is famous with admirers! But..... There is a terrible price to pay. Every day he is challenged to see if someone can beat him in a shootout! He has no peace, he has to keep watch constantly.

The same could be said for the days of the Samurai. The same could be said for any legands.

There was a Twilight's Zone episode staring Jack Klugman and Johnathan Winters. It was about a pool hustler that wanted to be the best. But to be the best he had to beat the best. Johnathan Winters character was the best but he was dead. Somehow Jack Klugman's character gets to play against him. Winters says to him careful you may win more than you bargain for if you beat me.

I'll let you watch it to find out what happens for your self.

It fits with everything I was just talking about.

I don't want to constantly have to prove myself when all I really want to do is enjoy a day out like everyone else gets to.


answered 03 Aug '13, 02:46

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Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Aug '13, 03:09

Food for thought.

(03 Aug '13, 10:24) Paulina 1

If I come to you as a thief what is it to you? Do I have to make my self popular in this world? Or can I share some truth with you to a level that you can understand? You are not in darkness any more. Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 04 Aug '13, 15:26

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white tiger


Well put @white tiger. Masterfully said.

Good example of a "master in disguise" because the Truth is open, the "disguise" is in the perception, or lack thereof, of the beholder.

(05 Aug '13, 06:56) Dollar Bill

@dollar bill I agree with you yet it is not that simple. What they think is the master and who is the master is often not the same. For the master on the outside or the master on the inside. Jesus was not the master that they wanted to have. in the case of Buddha also. It is the veil of the mind that does this. In their mind they do not want to see some stuff so they put something over it to not see it. eventually there is so much stuff in front of them that they see to the left or to the right.

(06 Aug '13, 20:54) white tiger

and they loose what is happening in the middle. I will add another explanation to this if they are to much to the left or to the right to loose one side how can they find the middle again? they need to make the left and the right become one to know where is the middle and how they fit together eventually they will know what is happening on the show.

(06 Aug '13, 21:00) white tiger

"When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

(06 Aug '13, 21:00) white tiger

on the beginning of the path usually it happens when in a storm. and yes like Jesus or Buddha you can have temptation. to try to stop you from progressing on the path. Many will take the easy or fast path. to have the target of their desire. and they are not filled they remain empty. a fee will take the time to enjoy the journey walk on the path and watch the show. And they will be filled.

(06 Aug '13, 21:07) white tiger

@white tiger - I agree. People were drawn to Jesus. many came for the miracles. Many came because they felt that Jesus would free them from Roman domination. Many came because of other worldly desires they thought He would satisfy. They "felt" the inside of the "cup", but many misunderstood and were disappointed because Jesus was bringing a different message. And a few understood that Message was more important than any worldly desires.

(07 Aug '13, 08:34) Dollar Bill

So, was Jesus in disguise? I think not. I still have a question. It seemed that a lot of people in zero BC missed the point. That there was a narrow gate. Why is the gate narrow? Why did people - why do many people still miss the point?

Is the Truth somehow disguised? The Light? The Path? The Gate?

(07 Aug '13, 08:42) Dollar Bill

@dollar bill to answer your question many often miss the point or understand to their level of understanding. the truth does not change. it is always the same. many did not see the light, the path and the gate. so they do not understand what it is. strive to enter the narrow door,the straight way. if the way is narrow and straight how will you find it? to the left? or to the right? or in front of you?

(07 Aug '13, 21:22) white tiger

go near a cement wall that is old put your head 1 feet in front of it look straight at it can you find a very narrow crack stay at the same position then look on the left can you see another one? then to the right can you see another one?and how deep can you see in it? you will see that if you are not straight there is many that you will miss and even if you are able to see one you will not see it as deeply to the left or to the right. if you learned something gazing at a wall it is very good.

(07 Aug '13, 21:40) white tiger

if you compare this to a wide door and a narrow door. or looking at a show or a TV screen where is the best place to look to see the show or the screen to the left to the right or straight in front of you in the middle where it is happening? if the show is about 2 people having argument one on the left and the other on the right can you see what they see from the other side? and what they do not see from the other side?

(07 Aug '13, 21:47) white tiger

I think someone missed something on one side or the other. "Those who turn from delusion back to reality, who meditate on walls, the absence of self and other, the oneness of mortal and sage, and who remain unmoved even by scriptures are in complete and unspoken agreement with reason" should I say that duality and division is solved in them?

(07 Aug '13, 21:57) white tiger

even if you have learned something it is only the beginning. next comes the water. then the light. one needs to overcome."When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female;

(07 Aug '13, 22:22) white tiger

and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

(07 Aug '13, 22:23) white tiger

will also tell you a little secret or tips it depend how you see it. you might think that the men is only gazing at the wall it is not so, booth eyes have become single and he is removing the veil of the mind cleaning the water in the cup using is reflection on the water and using pure water in truth with nothing false in it.

(07 Aug '13, 23:22) white tiger
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To quote Donnie Darko (or really Frank): Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

The one to whom Master applies is found within. Seriously, how do you deem another master, and know they are teacher/teaching unless those traits are first seen within? Without seeing it within, the traits of the master would not be known or would be confusing, as a male might be confused by actions of a female that he deems as 'nothing like me.'

On the other side of the coin, the idea that the Master is truly within does make it plausible that one person's charlatan is another person's master, and vicey versey. For we project outward what the perfect traits of a master must be, and if the form appears close to that perfection, it is seen in form first, then as content.

As we are all divine, and our Creator has (therefore) sent 'nothing but angels,' then the disguise of the Master will be as elusive as one who points to 'you' and lets you know that the Master is within.

All of this though is the philosophical perspective. The practical one where Master is identified by skill set and sense of expertise, is based on similar perception (if not the same) with the significant difference that student/apprentice forgets or downplays the experience that takes one from learner to teacher. And as the learner thirsts for knowledge that advances, the form of masters and teachers will be trusted if the student can say, 'this person is capable of great teaching as they have demonstrated ability to come down to my level and raise me up.'


answered 07 Aug '13, 12:45

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