Having seen the emphasis that is put on emotions particularly by those wanting to get into the vortex i was wondering if these powerful aids to manifestation are in conscious mind or subconscious.

My reason for asking is that I'm of the opinion that any real power derives from God working thru the subconscious or spirit.

It seems that many Psi Tek authors ( if i can call them that ) seem to work on the premise that subconscious works in a very un-emotional manner. However if after we pass on to our next level we do so with only our subconscious mind or spiritual mind, does this deeper mind have a range of emotions? Or are they in this manifestation of life only attributable to the carnal/conscious mind?


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

In the "programming the subconscious" era of the 80's, the subsconscious was ascribed the following properties:

  1. It is holistic
  2. It is non-verbal
  3. It is childlike
  4. It does not know about the past or the future, dealing with the present moment only, and
  5. It is deeply influenced by emotion.

The idea was that, if you could program your subconscious with a simple idea, using "now" terms, with strong feeling, emotion or repetition, that idea would take hold in the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind would begin acting on it, outside of your conscious awareness.

If you think about it, that process is not that much different than the processes described for manifesting using the Law of Attraction.

The key element here is not emotional withdrawal, but detachment. You give the idea to your subconscious and then detach from it, allowing the subconscious to work on the idea unimpeded by your conscious mind.


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I like your answer, even if it is a few cold (detachment?)

(04 Oct '10, 21:24) Gleam

I think our emotions often work on autopilot until we begin a journey of introspection and create the awareness to realize what drives those emotions. In so doing we realize that our own individual choices in each and every moment are, in actual fact, the driving force behind those emotions. By realizing this we are able to perceive that we Now have the power to change or transform those negative emotions so they are beneficial to our experience.

Even those perceived negative emotions become integrated as part of our life experience as we realize the part they play in our growth and expansion. By realizing that they are part of who we are as a human and that they can in fact aid in our expansion, we no longer try to suppress them, hence they cease to play a dysfunctional role in our experience and the energy contained within is transformed and now becomes positive.

I think emotions are part of the physical experience and in nonphysical Love reigns supreme - there is no need for any other emotion. I think if we can come to this conclusion, on an experiental level, in this physical reality, we will have mastered life or discovered Heaven.


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Subconscious to a conditioned experience.

I cry when I see a (fill in event here) because when I was young (that event) happened to me.


answered 22 Jul '11, 18:16

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Very true, but I also think we can cry because we're human beings with feelings and when something moves us. tears can be a very beautiful thing :)

(22 Jul '11, 23:02) Michaela


(23 Jul '11, 00:05) you

Emotion is to energy as heat is to fire...the flow of thought energy creates emotion, just as fire produces heat...a strong energy flow produces a strong feeling of emotion; passion...a flow of weak energy produces little or no emotion. So to generate an intense emotional state simply visualize the energy flow...passion and motivated action often seen together are both outcomes of the flow of thought energy...without thought energy, there is no passion, no activity, no manifesting...emotion is a by-product of conscious thought.


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blubird two

Hi Graham. Have you read the Master key System? This book does an excellent job of explaining how the manifestation process occurs. Occording to this author, we have to start with conscious thought and the rest is taken care of by the subconscious mind.


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Ive only briefly skmmed thru this book. I will pencil it in as my next read.It does seem to be highly regarded by IQ members

(05 Oct '10, 08:55) Monty Riviera

1)Get into alpha brain wave state. 2) Visulaise/think about what you want. Here, it is important to summon up all positive emotion. 3) When you come out of alpha state, don't do ANY thinking about your goals consciously. Forget it (detachment). Be in the moment, or think unrelated thoughts.

Use the Silva Method as well.


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our emtions are mannefestations of imbalances in the soul, this shows a bit more extensivly, in science and common sense. watch this if you get the chance the whole movie is great,

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

actually there is nothing like a conscious mind. its all subconscious. but that part of the sub-conscious mind that you are currently aware, and are consciously using, becomes the conscious mind. and emotions itself dont manifest anything. but they are the tools. one uses emotions because they then give out the necessary vibrations outside, and/or bring the necessary changes within. the very moment you experience something, it goes into your subconscious mind, the very moment. you see something, and it goes in the subconscious. you feel something, and it goes in the subconscious. so it starts in the conscious. then enters the subconscious and forms an impression. again from there it comes back to the conscious with doubled force. goes back to the subconscious with more power. again comes back and again goes back. and this becomes a continuous process. now, in the conscious realm it may happen consciously (read willingly) as in case of manifestation, or unwillingly (when u r hurt, when u fail, when someone shouts at you.. etc). and then it becomes a pattern.


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abhishek mishra

well monty from what i know once out of this world the awareness is still you but the limit is remove. you still think and have emotion but every things moves at the speed of light. nothing is hiden between all the i am. all truth are in the absolute truth. their is no contradiction because everything is know or can be know at a very fast speed or somettime it is just different point of view around the same things so really nothing to fight about. as for carnal desire it is something you experience here on earth with out body or greed it as no importance. well experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

if reincarnation is a reality,
emotions are part of the carried-over character as well as
the phycho-physiological reaction of your current ego.
you enter with a predisposition of intuition,
however, you now have choice to ammend or red stamp if you are at the age of reason


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