I'm doing A Course In Miracles - slowly - but struggle getting past the Christian basis of the text. It constantly refers to God, Holy Spirit and is even said to be channelled by Jesus.

I have had experiences that show me 'source' or non-physical are absolutely nothing like the God I was taught about growing up or the God worshipped in religion.

I get the Law of Attraction content and I can equate a lot of what is in the course with my beliefs that are based in quantum physics, the Orc OR model of consciousness (Stuart Hammeroff and Roger Penrose), the primacy of consciousness (Peter russell), Biocentrism (Robert Lanza) and, of course, Abraham Hicks. But I don't believe at all in the Christian God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus (except as a man who was probably similar to Esther Hicks but hailed as the son of God because of the culture at the time).

People tell me the course is not religious but spiritual and I know religious Christians dislike it, but it is obviously a message that has been heavily filtered through a Christian belief system. The course is difficult enough without having to pick the Christian bits out of it and re-think them.

Is there anything with as thorough a teaching of the Law of Attraction as ACIM that is not so heavily influenced by religion?

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@Dandelion - I know just how you feel. I have to consciously substitute "source" for the occasional use of the word "god" in the Secret guided meditation I do at night, because of the negative association I have with the word. As @releaser99 said in his answer, the message is much the same. But ACIM uses those terms so often that just set up so much resistance in me, I had to abandon it.

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I don't know of any specific, non-religious book that suggests the same approach. But the basic principle is actually very simple if you are familiar with Abraham Hicks.

  1. Everything you want is already done and it is ready for you in your Vortex. So you don't have to do anything to "create" because it's already created.
  2. Your job is to not stay in the way of those things coming.
  3. Now you can get out of the way of all those manifestations coming by deliberately applying methods/tools and other "permission slips" such as Abraham Hicks processes or EFT etc. Or... you can decide to delegate everything to the Universe and watch how everything lines up for you automatically. The latter approach is the same as the one in "A Course in Miracles".

The reason why Abraham Hicks processes work is because you feel better and more allowing by applying those.

The reason why delegating everything to the Universe/God works is because you feel better and more allowing by doing so.

Here is a specific tool and it's probably what you are looking for:

The Simplest Manifesting Method In The World, Ever


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I gave up on the course. It IS a Christian book, and if you attend any groups, it becomes immediately clear that it is a cult book.

Set it aside. There are some truths in it, such as "there is no order of difficulty in miracles", but that's not enough reason to spend a year convincing yourself that you are not already wise, complete, and able to manifest what you want. I found it counter-productive.

If you want outside reading, try reading some of The Seth Material (that is the generic name for the collection of books written by Seth in the 1960s. Seth is the inspiration for Hicks who claims to channel Abraham, but if she does, Abraham isn't very wise)


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