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How To Use Focus Statements

  • It doesn't matter if I think it's going to take a long time to come. Time is only necessary when you are not up to speed with what you want - and that is indicated by how good I feel about what I want. So I just concentrate on feeling better and bring it
  • If the joy is in the journey anyway, there is never any need to feel upset about not completing anything
  • I didn't come here to lead a "perfect" life but to stir things up and see where it leads. There is no one right way to live my life
  • All in good time. I need to just be easy on myself, find a good-feeling place and let everything unfold naturally
  • I don't need to sort it all out. I can leave all that stuff to the Law of Attraction to sort out. All I need to do is keep cleaning up my vibration
  • I don't have to physically clean everything up in my life. I just have to get clear about my thoughts and let physical reality catch up to them
  • It doesn't matter if my physical world doesn't reflect my improved vibrational attitude, only my improved feeling matters. My physical world will catch up in time
  • It's not my role to figure out a way out of this situation. The potential for the way out already exists. All I have to do is keep aligned with my Vortex and let that knowledge come to me
  • I've been in similar situations before and survived. If I've done it once, I can do it again
  • What I fear is only the feeling of fear itself that will arise from my physical situation. If I keep molding my thoughts systematically, that feeling of fear cannot arise
  • I only need to get out of the way of myself
  • It's not my job to make it happen. It's only my job to come into alignment and let everything unfold naturally
  • It's not an action journey, it's an emotional journey
  • If I keep cleaning up my bad feelings consistently as they surface, my reality must conform to my improved vibrational place and a solution will have to present itself
  • I can keep myself in this place I don't like as long as I want to - it's all up to me. Or I can choose to change my thoughts right now. It's all within my own power
  • I always have choices. I have the choice to do this or the choice to do that
  • I know others have figured this out so there is, at least, a bit of hope for me
  • I know it's not that I have done anything wrong, it's just that I have been a little vibrationally out of whack recently
  • I accept that 99% of every creation is complete before I see any physical evidence and so it's alright if it doesn't flow into my hands this red hot minute
  • I'm starting to get the hang of just letting my Higher Self indicate to me what needs to be done by intuitive responses rather than trying to force my physical action mind to see it
  • When I am lined up, every action I feel like taking will be the right action
  • If there is something specific I need to do, I will be clearly inspired to do it when the time is right. So I can relax about the whole thing for now
  • My end of the bargain is to align myself with the Vortex. It is the Universe's role to deliver the fruits of my alignment
  • I'll get there gradually. By continuing to hold good-feeling thoughts, my life must conform
  • If I line myself up with the Vortex, the perfect path and timings for that path will be inspired to me. I need not be concerned about the details of it - that will all be taken care of automatically for me
  • I have seen little changes in my life already
  • I'm starting to figure parts of this out
  • I have so many other good things already in my life to be appreciative for, even if I don't have the exact thing I want yet
  • I'm understanding that my work is this emotional journey of feeling better, not taking hard physical action towards what I want. So I can relax a bit right now for a few minutes and give myself a break about this
  • I know that the universe is benevolent place - at least I know it intellectually
  • It'll be nice when I figure the emotional part of this out
  • If I keep clearing up my thoughts systematically and feel good despite my physical situation, the Universe must respond accordingly

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thank u stingray..i loved ths one the most,,"its not an action journey..its an emotional journey ".

(14 Aug '13, 07:58) supergirl

@Stingray- Hi Stingray. What do you think about using quotes as Focus-Statements? I know some have had a positive effect on myself:)

For example > Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.

Swami Sivananda

Just a thought:)

(16 Aug '13, 08:23) Satori

@Satori - A quote is just a statement made by someone else so I don't see why quotes shouldn't be effective as Focus Statements. What I would do however is try and personalize the quote a bit to the reader so that it sounds like the reader is talking directly to themselves. It just seems to work better that way.

For example, feel the (subtle) difference between Give up the craving and you get it effortlessly vs If I give up the craving, I know I'll get it effortlessly. But even this...

(16 Aug '13, 08:44) Stingray

@Satori - not always a good idea because in adding the personalization, one risks possibly activating defensive beliefs.

For example, feel the difference between Some people always seems to get what they want vs I always seem to get what I want, The second statement may be in danger of being rejected.

So in the end, I think you just have to go with what personally gives relief to you about the quote. If it definitely works for you, it may work for another. Hope that's clear:)

(16 Aug '13, 08:52) Stingray

@Stingray Agreed on that. And I also think @Satori has a point in that quotes can have more power than usual statements if you put a lot of trust in the person you quote. So for example, I have some FB Statements where I begin with "Bashar says that..." or "Abraham say that.." because I listened to them for hours and hours and I trust in their wisdom and authority. But if I personally were to begin with "Jesus said that...", it wouldn't resonate that much even if it were the exact same quote

(16 Aug '13, 09:21) releaser99

@releaser99 - Yes, quite true...and that's also probably where disempowering belief systems (philosophical/religious/political) get started, in that people can often blindly accept statements just because someone/some organization/some entity that they trust 100 percent has stated it to be true.

One of my favorite quotes: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him :)

(16 Aug '13, 09:39) Stingray

@Stingray Nice quote :). It's true that trusting may or may not lead to Step 1 moments eventually. It may also be true for dis-trusting. There is just one person, and one person only, one can trust anyway. It's The Joker of course :)

"And now, folks, it's time for 'Who do you trust!' Hubba, hubba, hubba! Money, money, money! Who do you trust? Me? I'm giving away free money. And where is the Batman? HE'S AT HOME WASHING HIS TIGHTS!" - The Joker

(16 Aug '13, 10:10) releaser99

@releaser99 - I must admit I do like keeping my tights clean also :)

(16 Aug '13, 10:21) Stingray

@Stingray- Very clear and good points I hadnt considered thanks. I think I just tend to like simple quotes like this that take the complexity out of these ideas:) @Releaser99- Good point, we tend to have more trust/belief in what a person/entity says or does if we hold them in higher regard. Like an N.L.P "anchor". Advertising companies sometimes use this approach to sell their brands.......

(16 Aug '13, 11:42) Satori

@Releaser99-I still do my best to disregard the source if I can so as not to get to locked into looking in one place for all the answers:)

(16 Aug '13, 11:43) Satori

@Satori Yes, we get locked into beliefs. If they serve us, they are empowering. If not, they are limiting. I think the problem is not to trust/distrust/disregard or see someone else as an authority. It's holding on to one attitude even if it no longer feels good. So personally I find it best to trust whoever you want and believe everything they say if you wish. And if it no longer serves you one day, just adjust your attitude/belief. IOW, always trust 100%, but stay crazy :)

(16 Aug '13, 12:55) releaser99

Turns out I had found this answer sometime before and lost it. Today I was thinking that my Focus Blocks / Grids abilities are not as good as I want them to be and I found this.

Awesome. Marking it as a manifestation :-D.

(06 Feb '15, 21:42) Kriegerd
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Great statements. I will just add a few more generally negative statements for those who hang out more often at the lower end of the emotional guidance scale.

  • OK, I will summarize what I feel right now and I'll put it into a general picture: I don't feel good and I don't like that. This is the essence of my problem.
  • Yes, that definitely feels like I have a problem. But maybe I'm wrong and I have a challenge?
  • I feel like I have done something wrong. I don't like this feeling. I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't like this feeling.
  • Maybe I can just allow myself to relax for the next 10 seconds and focus on my right hand only to see if this helps a little bit. I have nothing to lose but 10 seconds of my life.
  • Maybe I can forgive myself for the next 5 seconds only to see if I can feel relief and get a clearer picture of my problem. And if I still don't like the idea, I can take my forgiveness back after 5 seconds.
  • I hate that. I feel like punching someone in the face right now. I don't have to do it actually. But I can allow myself to enjoy the feeling of punching someone just for a little while to feel relief... all just in my mind.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if I could let go of my negative feelings some day?
  • So I know that I feel negative and I know all of those specifics. But, to be more general, I'm just one person out of 7.104 billion (according to Wikipedia "World Population") in this world that has to deal with a problem at some point in their life. That's fine for now. It just shows that I am human too.
  • I had to deal with much bigger issues in the past than that one. But I'm still here.
  • It would be nice to have a device that showed me on a big screen how I would behave and feel without this limiting belief.
  • I think many people sometimes feel guilty, angry or worried in life. And I believe many people overcome those feelings at some point.
  • I like the feeling of relief.
  • If someone else had this same issue and this same negative feeling inside, I would be happy to see him/her let go of all of this.
    • I like being more general about my problem. It feels like I have bird's eye perspective.

Here are some statements from Benjamin's answer:

  • In this moment, right now, I don't have to do anything.
  • Everything is OK right now. I am not in danger. The world will not collapse upon me, if I let go for a moment.
  • There are many things that might be running in my head. I am open to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, I am making too much of a deal out of all of this. Maybe there is the slightest chance that things aren't that bad.
  • Maybe I don't have the full picture. Maybe I don't know it all. Maybe there is more to this story than I can see right now.
  • I know that just as a very angry man, is not likely to think very rationally at that moment, I might be offering a vibration that isn't allowing me to see things clearly.
  • I am open to the possibility that I can see things more clearly.
  • I am open to the possibility that I can feel better right now.
  • I am open to the possibility that I don't have to figure out anything rationally, and that maybe if I just allow it, nice thoughts will appear in my mind.
  • It can be surprising and nice to receive a new thought, one that I didn't have access to before. I would like that.
  • There are some things I am good at. There are some things in my life that are working. Things that I might have been taking for granted, but really had I not had them, I would have really noticed their absence.
  • This feels really nice, and I hadn't really done anything extreme. I wonder how come, with only a few minutes of guiding myself, simply by letting go of all this responsibility to know it all and to figure all this out, I have managed to feel better.
  • Maybe that means there is something out there that I am not aware of, some power out there that is willing to send me love and joy whenever I simply allow it to?
  • I really like this, and I want more. It even makes total sense, and feels so natural to me to have more of this. And I am starting to feel more powerful, more optimistic.
  • Really now it seems that in my world there are some really beautiful things that I am not noticing, and could give more attention to. Such a beautiful world, that I couldn't see a few minutes ago from where I was vibrationally.
  • I like thinking about beautiful things.
  • I like to think about nature. I like to think about the beach. I like to think about dogs, how they play and run and enjoy life so much. I like watching the sea, and entering it, and feeling the water and the sand and the sun. I like to play, I like having fun, I like seeing children with their silly smiles and laughs.
  • I love the idea of being so immersed into this experience, of being so in the moment, feeling every bit of the wonderful details through my senses, having such an amazing, unexpected, unique journey that is waiting for me. I love this life, I am excited for what's coming, and I love this incredible feeling that is burning within me.

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@releaser99 - Valuable statements. Thank you

(13 Aug '13, 05:51) Stingray

superbb statements @releaser99...thank u fr sharing ;))))

(14 Aug '13, 08:02) supergirl

@releaser99 - I hadn't thought about how necessary these statements from a lower-vibration starting point are. I'm glad you did, because it's most difficult for me to come up with helpful statements from there. Thank you (belatedly). ;)

(03 May '14, 14:50) Grace
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I found out that "What if this didn't exist?" is a powerful way to Feel grateful about anything. I was thinking about gratefulness and how I got it intellectually but didn't actually experience any emotion or feeling with it. So I made a list of all things I need and appreciate and went through it and thought "What if this didn't exist/What if I didn't have this/What if I couldn't do this?".. You get the idea. But anyway, I noticed that by thinking like that for a while I felt true gratefulness for everything I have. For example, I'm super glad I have this computer so I can do all this stuff. If I didn't have a computer, I'd be missing out a lot of great stuff.

So that's why "What if ___ didn't exist" and its variations are a great tool.


answered 09 Feb '15, 11:38

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