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How To Use Focus Statements

  • If I don't love myself, no-one else will
  • I have just as much right to be who I am as anyone else on this planet
  • Other people's opinions of me are for them, not for me
  • It's never about what they think, it's only about how I react to what they think
  • The only power that others have over me is what I consciously allow them to have. What I choose to focus on is always under my own control
  • My life is my mirror. Others are reflecting back to me through their words and actions what I really think of myself. If I change, they will have to change also
  • Bashar says that only the strongest, most powerful creators have made it to Earth to incarnate during these times. Earth is a masterclass of creators so I must be one of them
  • By breaking through this and being true to who I really am, I am setting a powerful example for others to do the same
  • People are only reflecting back to me the vibration I am already outputting to them, so the ones who are making me feel uncomfortable are actually doing me a great favor in pointing out what I am doing to myself
  • I can't control what others do or think anyway so why worry about it? They are going to think that way regardless of whether I'm happy or unhappy about what they think
  • There's only one person's opinion about me that really matters - and that person is me
  • It doesn't matter what anyone else does to me physically, they can never control my thoughts. And it is what I choose to think that determines the experiences I have in life so what anyone else tries to make me think is completely irrelevant
  • If I'm worthy enough to be here on this planet with everyone else then I'm as worthy as everyone else
  • Nobody can hurt me without my permission
  • If I'm good enough to be alive, I'm good enough
  • I'll never learn not to make mistakes if I don't make a few mistakes to learn from
  • The reason I feel bad is not because I am bad. It's just because that I'm thinking a thought right now that my Inner Being refuses to agree with me about
  • By needing others to behave better towards me, I am giving my power away to them by being dependent on how they behave. It's time for that to change. From now on, my power is my own - it's only my own behavior that counts
  • They must think I am such an important person in their lives that they feel they must bring me down to their level
  • They are not bad people, they are just responding to the vibration that they are sensing that I have about myself
  • You are worthy. If you weren't worthy, you wouldn't exist because creation doesn't make mistakes. If you exist, you deserve to exist and if you deserve to exist, then you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. It's just simple logic

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edited 16 Aug '13, 08:02

amazingggggggggggggggg..., thank u so much stingray.., i needed all of them.., its like i tried to prepare by myself bt,was unable to .., thank u..thnk u..thnk u.. :))) God bless u :)))

(14 Aug '13, 05:15) supergirl

Thanks for your work on these Stingray.

(14 Aug '13, 17:50) Catherine

You're welcome :)

(15 Aug '13, 08:21) Stingray

"If I don't love myself, no-one else will"

Maybe this is just me.. Bad approach or something.. But we've all heard your very first focus statement and, to me, it is quite possibly the most depressing thing I've ever read or thought.

(16 Aug '13, 21:25) Snow

@Snow "As you look over the statements, some of them will feel annoying and irritating, even ridiculous - that's completely normal. Just skip over those particular statements and forget about them for now. Your only goal is to find a single statement that resonates with how you feel you right now and gives you that feeling of relief." This is a quote from "How To Use Focus Statements"

(16 Aug '13, 22:30) releaser99

I am finding it a little difficult to read through all these statements; I can hardly see straight for yawning! (I often yawn as I release resistance.) :)

(23 Aug '13, 23:28) Grace
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Bashar also said: (paraphrased) "You are worthy. If you weren't worthy, you wouldn't exist because creation doesn't make mistakes. If you exist, you deserve to exist and if you deserve to exist, then you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. It's just simple logic."


answered 16 Aug '13, 01:14

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@minombre - Thanks. I've added that one into the main list

(16 Aug '13, 08:02) Stingray

well thought out choices for
bringing back to balance
the excitement sometimes
generated by others

perhaps though a notch in the
key must be of compassion


answered 14 Aug '13, 19:13

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@fred - Compassion to one's own Self is perhaps the most important compassion of all

(15 Aug '13, 08:15) Stingray

This has been of immence service to me, Stingray. Reading this my vibration soared up high.

Not sure if it had anything to do with this recent astrological time of the 6th sentile, but last 2-3 weeks have been very challenging and it's as though my confidence, which was abundantly rich, just disappeared.

Reading this brought me back all of that sea of confidence. I know you must be sick of thankyous, but thankyou. This works well.

I was going to jump right on in and ask if you could make a focus statement for attracting love into your life, but I assume this is the fundamental groundwork for that anyways.


answered 14 Aug '13, 10:49

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@Nikulas - "anything to do with this recent astrological time" - Maybe it's that Grand Sextile, maybe it's just what you had for dinner :) Whatever the cause, the solution is always the same...find a way to feel better now :)

Regarding attracting love etc, I managed to sort that stuff out in my life long before my Focus Blocks Spreadsheet came along so I don't really have any statements hidden away in it relating to that. But I'll see if I can put something together in the next few days.

(15 Aug '13, 08:14) Stingray

@Stingray- I've thought of a statement you can put it. "I don't need another statement, Bashar says anyone who has aviators can attract as many girls as they please (law of creation #6)"

(15 Aug '13, 09:12) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "anyone who has aviators can attract as many girls as they please" - Ah, you've discovered the secret to my success :) ...these work equally well:

(15 Aug '13, 10:00) Stingray
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