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What are Focus Statements?

Focus Statements are general statements of belief designed to help you feel better about subjects that are bothering you. They are basically affirmations that feel believable to you right now.

The key thing about these particular statements is their generality. Because they are general in nature, it is more likely that you will find Focus Statements that will apply to your life situation even if your life situation is very different to that of another person.

The generality of the statements means you may be able to use them in your life just as they are without needing to think of them for yourself.

This means you can use Focus Statements created by other people for your own issues and you can create Focus Statements that will be valuable to other people.

Here are all the lists of Focus Statements available so far on Inward Quest


What will I get out of using Focus Statements?

Focus Statements will help bring you a feeling of relief about a subject that is troubling you.

Often when we are in most need of a statement to "lift us up" in a bad-feeling moment, we are out of vibrational range of thinking of one ourselves so we feel trapped in how things are right now, and we feel like there is no way out.

These pre-packaged Focus Statements will help free you from that rut and get you started on regaining your emotional "center" again through providing a feeling of relief about the subject that is bothering you.

Why is feeling 'Relief' important?

The feeling of Relief is an indicator that something in your life has changed as you think about a subject. (Click here for more detailed information about the power of relief)

As a bonus, if you keep finding ways to feel relief about something that is bothering you to the extent that nothing about it bothers you any more than that issue must naturally fade out of your life because you are no longer a vibrational match to it.

So by always reaching for relief about your issues, you will not only feel better but your physical world around you will actually physically alter to mirror your improved feelings about it.

When these Focus Statements are used in this deliberate way, they can have a dramatic effect on your life.

Is there a specific way to use Focus Statements?

Not really - you can use them in whatever way you are inspired to use them. As you long as you feel a sensation of relief from reading any of them, they are having an effect upon the subject in your life that is troubling you.

Some ideas for using them:

  • When you want to feel better about a subject right now and don't know where to start (example in the next section below)
  • As General Negative and General Positive statements in the Abraham Grid method
  • When you need inspiration for the next statement in a Focus Block

A basic suggested example for using Focus Statements

Here's an example of one way you might decide to use Focus Statements...

Let's say you've just received today's mail and you discover a large bill that you don't have the money to pay and that makes you feel suddenly vulnerable and fearful.

  • Firstly, spend a few moments really getting into the feeling of fear you are experiencing. Yes, actually try and amplify the feeling of fear. This may seem counter-intuitive because normally you are trying to avoid the bad feeling. But by making the fear stronger for a short time while you use this process, you will more easily be able to find the Focus Statements that will help you the best right now.

  • IMPORTANT - Don't try to hide from the painful feeling otherwise you will not be able to change it. You will only have to experience the discomfort of it for a few moments anyway until you find a Focus Statement that works for you. If you are not engaged at all with the feeling that is bothering you as you are reading the statements, you won't know when you find a statement that brings you relief.

  • In this example, you would find the Focus Statements that relate to Money and Finances . If you can't find anything suitable there, try looking through the General Focus Statements

  • Now quickly scan through the list of Focus Statements and look for any statement that seems to immediately gives you a feeling of relief about your money troubles. As you look over the statements, some of them will feel annoying and irritating, even ridiculous - that's completely normal. Just skip over those particular statements and forget about them for now. Your only goal is to find a single statement that resonates with how you feel you right now and gives you that feeling of relief.

  • Once you find a statement that gives you relief, sit back and bask in the sensation of the relief for a few moments. Shut your eyes if it helps. For the next few moments, enjoy the feeling of freedom and self-empowerment that is washing over you right now. Breathe deeply, smile if you can, and just enjoy how that relief feels.

  • IMPORTANT - What you do next is probably the most important part of this example...

  • Once you have found a statement that gives you relief, stay in that feeling of relief as long as you can before you look back at the list for another Focus Statement. That basking in the feeling of relief is changing your life at a very fundamental level. Do not underestimate the power of what is happening during this period of feeling relief so keep it going as long as you can. Smile, stretch, walk around, have an immediate short nap, just do whatever you have to do to stay in that feeling of relief about your issue for as long as possible.

  • Eventually that feeling of relief will start to subside (this may happen in seconds, minutes, hours or even longer). When you start to feel it fading away, now is the time go back to the Focus Statements list(s) that apply to your subject and see if there are any other statements that give you another feeling of relief.

  • You may notice something interesting happening as you search for more relief-giving Focus Statements - you may find that statements that a few moments ago felt empty and meaningless, even ludicrous, may now feel like they are providing relief to you. This is what naturally happens as you are changing your vibrational point of attraction - you resonate with different words at different vibrational setpoints.

  • Just keep repeating this process of searching for more relief-giving Focus Statements and milking all the relief you can from them.

  • During this process of finding relief, you may think of other statements of your own that give you relief. Note these down. They will be valuable to you if you ever need to return to this subject and if you add them to the existing Focus Statements lists on Inward Quest, you will likely be helping many other people with this issue in the future too.

What happens after I've extracted all the Relief that I can from the statements?

Once you've "milked" as much relief as you can out of the all the available statements, you now have some choices:

  • You can relax about the subject now because, during the time of finding relief, you've moved your vibrational setpoint about this subject into a place where the Universe can start responding differently to you regarding this subject. Within the next few days, you'll probably start noticing vibrational matches to your improved feeling. See Manifesting Experiment 1 for an explanation of the value of vibrational matches.

  • You can now write some specific statements related directly to the subject you were feeling bad about. The general statements within the Focus Statements are intended to give you a step up to feeling better about the subject. Now you can increase the "power" of the change by becoming more positively specific about the subject again. See the Abraham Grid for an explanation of Specific Positive

  • You can now write some more general good-feeling statements of your own about the subject that was previously troubling you. Doing this will help solidify your new good-feeling vibrational state and you can also share these general statements with others by adding them to the Focus Statements list.

How can I find all the Focus Statements that are available on Inward Quest?

To see what focus statements are available for you to use, just click on questions tagged with focus-statements

More lists of Focus Statements will be added to Inward Quest from time to time, probably by people who are utilizing the Focus Blocks Method or Abraham Grid method or Focus Wheels method since general Focus Statements naturally arise as a by-product of using these processes.

Why do Focus Statements work?

They work because they get you focusing in a more general way about what is bothering you. Focusing in a general way takes the sting out of the painful subject until you can feel better. Once you are feeling better about the subject, you can now get more specific about it while staying in a good-feeling place. For more information about General vs Specific, see Focus Blocks - Do the statements have to be written in a positive way?

How are Focus Statements different from normal affirmations?

A Focus Statement is a very specific kind of affirmation. They are affirmations that are carefully designed so that you already believe them. This means you only need to read them once for them to be effective.

To explain further...

The way most people use affirmations is to make a statement to themselves of something they don't yet believe. For example, they might decide to use the affirmation "I am happy" when they are actually feeling miserable right now.

The theory goes that by repeating "I am happy. I am happy. I am happy ..." many times a day (even if they are not happy) over many days, weeks or months then eventually the affirmation will be accepted by the person's belief system and the person will eventually be happy.

I used to use affirmations a lot myself and they often do work...eventually :) ...but it's hard work, but can take a very long time and can be a painfully slow process for a belief-change during which time the person in the example above will still feel miserable until "I am happy" is finally accepted by their belief system.

Focus Statements, on the other hand, are far more elegant and effective. With Focus Statements, you look for an affirmation that you believe right now. Since you believe it now, you only need to read it once and it will be accepted as true by your belief system.

The clever thing about these statements is that they are still pushing your belief system to a new place but only in a very incremental way...only as much as your belief system can handle right now. This is because you are using Focus Statements in conjunction with your emotions to tell you when you have gone too far beyond what your belief system will currently accept.

Going back to the example of using the "I am happy" statement above. If someone who is feeling miserable right now reads that statement of "I am happy", their emotional reaction to the statement will be negative i.e. they won't feel good about the statement. This is an indication that the statement does not resonate with existing beliefs and is being rejected. With a standard affirmational approach, the person will now repeat that statement again and again and again in a brute-force manner.

With Focus Statements, the person instead looks for a statement which gives them relief right now from their current feeling.

For example, a valid Focus Statement might be "I admit there have been times when I've felt happy in the past"

That feeling of relief means that the person believes this statement right now and it is stretching their belief system to a new place. If a person only "resonated" with a statement (felt it was true) but it didn't give them relief (for example, "I feel really miserable right now") then it would just be an affirmation of current reality and would not effect any kind of change.

The Focus Statement, on the other hand, changes current reality right now because the person believes it right now and they feel relief right now. And because their current reality has now changed to accommodate the Focus Statement, it will often be the case that another statement in the list of Focus Statements that a few moments earlier felt unbelievable may now feel believable (because they are standing in a new vibrational place) and may provide the stepping stone to the next feeling of relief.

So a person using a list of Focus Statements may often jump up and down through the list finding the next feeling of relief. And because it is always easier to make statements about a current reality than a future-wanted one, other statements which describe current reality may come to mind which that person can then share with other people to act as relief-giving Focus Statements for them to step up to the same vibrational place.

To sum up, the correct use of Focus Statements leads to fast and pain-free belief change. The only effort involved in the change is the effort in finding a statement that brings the next feeling of relief ...and the lists of Focus Statements on Inward Quest provide a menu of pre-prepared statements for you to minimize even that effort of finding a Focus Statement.

Can I add my own Focus Statements that will help other people?

Yes, absolutely you can and it would be great if you do so. That is the idea of sharing these statements publically in this way on Inward Quest.

It will also help you if at some time in the future you want to reread the statements for yourself...they will all be in one easily-accessible online place.

As you feel better about a subject, you will naturally "tune in" to better-feeling statements about a subject and these are the ideal statements to share with others (if they are general) since they will likely uplift other people too.

To add your own Focus Statements, just edit the relevant Focus Statements list (if you have enough Karma Points to do so) and add them as bullet points underneath the existing statements.

If you want to create a new Focus Statements thread on IQ because it is a subject that doesn't yet exist, just follow the format of the existing ones for consistency and tag the thread with focus-statements so others can find them easily.

What if I don't have enough Karma Points to add my own Focus Statements to the list?

Just post your Focus Statements as an answer to the thread that you want them to appear in and then someone with enough points (and who understands this process) will probably edit them into the main posting in due course.

What if there isn't a set of Focus Statements available here for the subject I want?

You could post a request for a particular subject as an IQ answer on this thread and somebody may create a set of Focus Statements for you. There are a number of people on Inward Quest who understand how to create these statements so one of them may step in and help.

Where did the idea for Focus Statements come from?

It came about from a discussion under this answer

asked 12 Aug '13, 17:20

Stingray's gravatar image


edited 16 Aug '13, 08:31


@Stingray This is very, very...very good! I can feel how this is going to help a lot of people. Thank you for putting it all together. It almost makes me want to forget what I learned so far to learn and apply all of this from scratch :) Maybe I should get myself a Neuralyzer :).

(12 Aug '13, 18:48) releaser99

@Stingray- Your greatest work on here in the last year. Dude if you ever come to perth, western australia I'll shout you a beer (or a Bashar seminar, your choice)

(13 Aug '13, 05:39) Nikulas

Thanks guys - you're welcome. Hope it helps a few people. What I like about this method is how it re-uses vibrational work that other people have already done (and are doing) for themselves anyway (e.g. while using Focus Blocks/Wheels) and lets more people "piggy-back" off it to help themselves with almost zero effort.

I've noticed that just getting started with thinking a single thought to feel better for a few moments is often a major obstacle for many who are seeking to change their lives

(13 Aug '13, 06:03) Stingray

Thank you for putting this all together, @Stingray. I second all the comments above from @Nikulas and @releaser99.

(13 Aug '13, 14:35) lozenge123

@Stingray "Eventually that feeling of relief will start to subside (this may happen in seconds, minutes, hours or even longer)" That's interesting and makes me curious. I always thought that the feeling of relief subsides in a few seconds. After reading this, I've tried to bask in it for a minute or so. And it works. But "hours or even longer"? Really?

(14 Aug '13, 00:18) releaser99

@stingray- mind blowing..awesommeeeeeeee, thank u ;))

(14 Aug '13, 08:20) supergirl

@Stingray, This is fantastic. Really appreciate your time and effort. You are changing lives for the better. Thank you again.

(14 Aug '13, 11:03) figure8shape

@releaser99 I think it is not wrong to say that the feeling of relief can last for hours for certain subjects. For instance if you are trying to find relief about debt and you manage to find it, as long as the issue of debt does not re-surface and annoy you for the next few hours or next few days then it can also be considered as feeling relief about that particular issue for quite a while.

(15 Aug '13, 07:13) kakaboo

@releaser99 - I can think of one subject (limiting belief) in my life very clearly that I molded into a better place more than a decade ago using an NLP technique (because I didn't understand Focus Wheels/Blocks like I do now) and I still feel relief from it today everytime it comes to mind because it felt so "big". Perhaps long-term relief is what gets labelled as gratitude - different from appreciation: Gratitude vs. Appreciation

(15 Aug '13, 08:08) Stingray

@Everyone - You're welcome, of course. Hope this approach proves useful for you if you decide to try it

(15 Aug '13, 08:09) Stingray

@Stingray I get it. Thank you.

(16 Aug '13, 18:02) releaser99

Nice Stingray. Did you create the financial statements yourself? there acceptable and somehow most of them just feel good. There very unspecificness makes them very palatable.

(17 Aug '13, 03:28) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera - I think the first few are Abraham quotes, I think the rest are mostly gleaned from trawling through my Focus Blocks spreadsheet looking for old Focus Blocks with general financial statements in them.

(19 Aug '13, 17:19) Stingray

Thank you so much for all of this, @Stingray. I appreciate you, and all the time and effort you put into this Focus Statements series, and for sharing your wisdom with us all. You rock. :)

(22 Aug '13, 16:44) Grace

@Stingray, Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this for us. It is already helping me quite a ton :)

(23 Aug '13, 01:51) ikaruss21

Thank you, Stingray, for doing this for us with the focus blocks. I normally only do affirmations because I considered Focus Blocks to be too time consuming and boring to do. But the way you explained this above is very easy to follow. I just stopped my affirmations for a while because I saw no improvement in my life after a long time and became disappointed and also have a hard time with conjuring up feelings. I will try this process and see what happens. Thanks again Lee (purplerose)

(31 Aug '13, 18:14) PurpleRose

@Stingray - I like your thought of "piggy-backing" on the vibrational work others have already done. Standing on the shoulders of giants, it feels like we can all, as the human race, progress more quickly and easily, and that's exciting. :)

(03 May '14, 14:38) Grace
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Hi All!

Would anyone be willing to create statements for relationships?

Specifically dating/attracting the opposite sex, maybe even some self-love.

Thanks!! These statements are awesome.

Quick question, do I rewrite the statements into my focus blocks?


answered 13 Aug '13, 10:36

Chris%202's gravatar image

Chris 2

@Chris 2 - I'll get the topic of self-love started, might have some of those statements already lurking in my FB spreadsheet. Maybe someone else can tackle dating/opposite sex etc?

"do I rewrite the statements into my focus blocks?" - Yes, you can if you wish. Some may slot straight into a Focus Block you are working on, some may need a slight rewrite in order to make them feel more applicable, or you can even use them as inspiration for new FB statements that resonate more with you.

(13 Aug '13, 11:12) Stingray

@stingray Awesome! Thanks again!

(13 Aug '13, 11:49) Chris 2

Many thanks for these Focus Statements articles, Stingray. I have been a lurker on this site for a good number of months now and have had an account for only a couple of months or so. Just thought that for my first post, it would be good to show appreciation for these great articles which I hope to use to really start to put the principals of law of attraction into practice.

If anything, it should be an interesting journey.


answered 17 Aug '13, 04:58

colino%20green's gravatar image

colino green


@colino green - You're welcome. Hope you enjoy the journey :)

(19 Aug '13, 17:16) Stingray
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