I have been letting things go - and life is also going! Used to be stressful before, these days I am not in that sense! But, I don't think letting go life as it unravels itself is also the solution - at least while leaving in this world. Now, my question is: I want to take control of life. I want to do what is supposed to do - and at the same time, I don't want to get attached to the outcome. Of course, my letting go approach has already stopped thinking about the outcome of the life - but it also took the "Action" part of the life. As a result, I think I have been quite a procrastinating type of guy - like I think of doing something and end up doing something else. And in most of the case, I am so much used to that I only remember what I was thinking of doing after completing something unnecessary already. In a sense, it is lack of self-discipline - and maybe lack of self-determination too. Any tips? Gratitude to solutions, and welcome to the discussion as well. Hope it helps many other IQuesters too :D

asked 21 Aug '13, 17:01

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But, I don't think letting go life as it unravels itself is also the solution - if letting go isn't solution, having control isn't neither. And what is the problem in the first place anyway?

Still desperately searching for what is right way to live, right path to take? Still trapped between the right and the wrong bouncing back and forth. I see.

(22 Aug '13, 12:30) CalonLan

Thanks for the comment @CalonLan - actually, what I mean is I want to guide the life in particular track unlike it used to be before! To make it clear, I was kind of a lazy person - so, letting things happen (rather than making them happen) was my choice. Now, there are couple of issues I want to make them happen; but I am still lazy. So, how can I come out of this situation is my question!

(30 Aug '13, 18:12) ZDCobran

Then just let "making things happen" happen. =)

(30 Aug '13, 20:36) CalonLan

i would ask you to try listening/read to Laws of Success by Paramahansa Yogananda... he talks about how you can bring Divine Will where once you set your mind on a worthwhile goal you never let up till you die and into your next life... thats backed by Divine will when you follow cosmic laws..

(31 Aug '13, 03:03) abrahamloa

zd, not unlike most, the reason we are here is not in ones full consciousness. know thy self, though long ago proposed, is seldom sought with earnestness

(01 Sep '13, 19:23) fred

@abrahamloa : A nice little audio clip from the book http://www.yogananda.com.au/p_law_of_success.html

(02 Sep '13, 04:38) ursixx

@Ursixx .. thx for posting... yea this guy to me is an unparalleled master. last few months i have really transformed so much its not even funny.. before i was letting go more and had less action.. but later as i kept listening to him now i am full action and full let go :-) he actually has other cds where he himself talks and he is very inspiring.

(03 Sep '13, 21:00) abrahamloa
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As you may know your life experience is just a manifestation/reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings.

What you put out is what you get back, so trying to control your life is really just fiddling with effects.

In my experience its a lot less painful to take control of how you Feel (the only thing you really have control over) and let your Life take care of itself, which it will :)


answered 22 Aug '13, 12:46

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Thanks @Satori - I feel good than I used to feel before! But, I am willing to keep life in track as well - the track what we call career! So, quite worried too at the moment :D

(30 Aug '13, 18:13) ZDCobran

You want to do what you are supposed to do, right?

There are no "supposed to"s that is just a belief system. You believe you are "supposed" to do something because that is what everyone else is doing or because you picked up that belief system from somewhere.

You are free. Nothing has to be done. You can just relax, and the actions that arises are the actions that are coming from your pure vibes of FREEDOM.


answered 23 Aug '13, 16:37

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Actually, that was the way I was living! Suddenly, I thought of career! Actually, I am yet to graduate; and thinking life if I can make it, then that is where I will be involved! Don't you think I have to take action @arpgme?

(30 Aug '13, 18:16) ZDCobran

As someone who has been out of control for a while I will give my take on this.

Find a tool or tools that will give you control over the way you "feel"

When you find that tool or tools "use them". Don't spend hours and hours theorising about why they work. Use them and use them on a continuous basis.

Its SO SO simple.When you have control over your feelings you've got your life back, you've got your power back,youve got control.


answered 22 Aug '13, 02:47

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Monty Riviera

(22 Aug '13, 06:26) Rindor

Another way to have control - http://www.fastereft.com/

(22 Aug '13, 06:28) Rindor

Another way to have control - http://www.artofneutrality.com/

(22 Aug '13, 06:36) Rindor

That should keep him busy for a while. These are all methods I use and teach. ;-)

(22 Aug '13, 06:48) Rindor

@Monty Riviera: Agreed, but lazy to use the tools as well ;) I think I have the necessary tool - but significantly lack self-discipline. Now, maybe I have to ask next question about self-discipline too :D

(30 Aug '13, 18:14) ZDCobran
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I'll answer this last part first.

It is possible you have adult ADD. I do myself actually. I every day seem to act randomly with no reason. Jai gets mad at me, wondering about my thinking or priorities. To which I respond what priorities? She gets now more steamed! Meanwhile I am totally lost, I haven't a clue why she is mad or what about!

She figured it out, if I am going to do a task and am distracted in any way, I completely forget about it. The other thing I do is zone in on a task like nothing or no one else exist until it is finished, none stop it could take hours. She figured that one out too. The moment I take a break. The task ceases to exist, like I don't remember I was just working on a task.

This stuff happens all the time with me but I don't notice because I am constantly living in the moment. I can barely remember yesterday let alone last week.

I believe it is like adult ADD. I read about that sometime in the past.

You could have this too if you are forgetting to do things.

As for taking control, read the book The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Mury.

Think on it like this, you are in a ship in the ocean. This ship is adrift it has no captain. You are the only one on this ship. You can go anywhere you want to. You can also go anywhere the ship ends up going. You are constantly moving, never sitting still. Even enjoying the moment, you are moving in one direction or another. This direction is based in your conscious belief about where you are and maybe even where you were. But to base it on where you are going, you have to accept that you are the captain of your own ship. You decide either consciously through choosing your best beliefs or unconsciously through allowing whatever subconscious beliefs to control the ship. Your subconscious obeys your conscious in what you choose to believe about your future, this includes your present or past, to your subconscious it is all about where you want to go. There is no reminiscing or sight seeing along the way. The ship is constant in motion, forward every moment in movement in a direction, either desired or undesired your subconscious steers you in that direction. The subconscious doesn't distinguish positive or negative. If you say, "I hate mushrooms! I hope this doesn't come with mushrooms!" Guess what you will find in your plate? Now if you say, "I love mushrooms! I hope this comes with mushrooms!" Guess what you will find in your plate?

It it is true you could allow what comes and just accept it whether you like it or not. But it is so much better to choose a belief consistent with your desires.


answered 21 Aug '13, 20:48

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Wade Casaldi

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"The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind" - http://tinyurl.com/kzs57bf

(22 Aug '13, 06:19) Rindor

Thanks Rindor that is the book. Mine is an Epub book I got off the internet somewhere. I wish I knew where I got mine from to tell you. Mine has1012 pages all the free ones I have found have way less. I think mine was from one of those, "sign your name and email and we'll send you this free ebook agreements." I highly recommend the book.

(22 Aug '13, 09:56) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi : Thanks for the recommendation. Actually, I had read the book before - believe in it!

(30 Aug '13, 18:14) ZDCobran
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