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Hey guys,

So about a few months ago I decided to make this awesome tool that I felt would help a lot of us and also be able to help other people greatly who aren't very familiar with channeling. It's an awesome Database search engine consisting of Channeled information. It was mainly Rob's helping heart and kindness that got me so inspired to go forward with making this and bringing it from an idea into a real thing. This is such a great community of amazing people and I feel so blessed of getting to be a part of it, that I wanted to help make something great that could help all of you here as much as you guys have helped me.

I have spent literally hundreds of hours on the site and while I am still going to be making lots of improvements to it's overall design and its user-friendliness, I wanted to know, since so many people on here seem so well versed in channeled information and channelers, that if anyone here would be interested in throwing a friendly hand in uploading publicly made channeled information with me onto the site and help make this amazing database grow into one of the best tools for us to use in the future when helping other people on here with advice.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about this and think this is a site that I am making to try and get people to go here instead of inwardquest, please don't think that. This site is nothing more than just a database tool for us and I hope it can help us greatly when we try to reference from something that we knew has been asked to a channeler before, but can't find the video and where in the video the explanation to the question was.

Much love to you all, and oh yeah is the site. Let me know if you wanna help out :)

asked 31 Aug '13, 02:27

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@ikaruss21 don't forget to link the site in your profile too!

(02 Sep '13, 04:42) ursixx

Done, thanks ursixx! :)

(02 Sep '13, 14:53) ikaruss21

Love your site @ikaruss21 - great job!

(14 Sep '13, 01:43) ele

Thank you ele :) Still a big work in progress.

I am finding little bugs in it here and there everyday. Was gonna edit the code in the future to make those little video descriptions at the bottom of the thumbnails run a littler longer.

(14 Sep '13, 15:18) ikaruss21
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