i have a pet rat and i happen to be a little bit of a medium/psychic every time one of the spirits that follow me around is close or touches her to pet her she smells them and stares at them with wide eyes and stays till as if shes thinking who is that. sometimes she'll just stare into space in the direction of the spirit and do nothing she don't act scared just kinda surprised at what shes seeing a few of them wont go near her and some will she stares off quite frequently just today she wouldn't pay any attention to me she kept staring at the spirits and sniffing them trying to get a whiff of there sent or something. she even stood up on two legs and sniffed the air where they were at it's interesting. she's never afraid of them though shes always content and comfortable around them never jumpy or running in the other direction no animal has done that around them which leads me to believe only entity's they one from are evil they don't run from the good ones. but really are rats sensitive to ghostly activity?

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@XxemogirlxX-yes rats are sensitive about any paranormal activity.Almost all animals are sensitive

(03 Sep '13, 14:37) Zee

Wow your rat even tells good from bad spirits. "Some she won't even go near." I never really thought of rats as intelligent because they are usually classified as pests. It seems yours is intelligent, reasoning good from bad takes thought. I can understand why, like if there was an angel and demon we would go toward an angel and move away from a demon. But a rat being able to tell says rats are more intelligent than most know. This is interesting.

(03 Sep '13, 22:18) Wade Casaldi

I believe all animals are sensitive and aware. I'd say it's actually a pretty standard trait and would be for humans as well if it weren't deafened out of our consciousness.

(04 Sep '13, 07:51) Snow
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Animals seem to sense spirit more easily than we do. They don't screen what they see, and try to reason it away as we do, and their senses are sharper than ours too, allowing them to smell and hear what we don't. My dogs sense spirit, and years ago I had a cat who was very sensitive as well. There is no reason rats would not sense it was well.


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Hmmm, I am not too sure about pet rats. The closest thing I have ever had was pet hamsters. I unfortunately never stopped to see how they were observing entities in my room, because usually when that kind of stuff was occurring it was because before I even ever had them I think, I do remember occasions where I did have entities come into my room when I did have the pet hamsters, but I was typically in a very high trance or meditative state with my eyes open (Yes, I meditate with my eyes open sometimes) when this was always occurring. This was when I was around 17. I only ever saw them as bursts of light or would just feel them appear in the room, but even when I didn't see anything visual of them, I was still able to feel and hear them walk around my room, and then see them do ghost kinda stuff. You know, close doors, make a strong breeze of wind go through the room (This typically always indicated that they had left), walk around the room and make loud footsteps.

All I would remember is that after when I did get those hamsters they were pretty much a noise fest 24/7. But the moment an entity would come in close proximity very strongly they would go dead-pan quiet. However, it seemed neutral to whether the entity was good or bad. Meaning that they went dead-pan quiet regardless whether if the entity was negative or positive. I can definitely tell you that I for sure had both negative and positive entities in the room, but more so negative at that particular time of my life. I think the best thing I have that can be more helpful is this story: About less than 2 years ago me and a roommate I had just became really good friends with moved into an apartment together with a friend.

She had these two cats. Around this time, I had disconnected really heavily with seeing this extra-sensory stuff because it really removed me from interacting with people in a normal way. It had been a good 3-4 years since I saw anything really paranormal really. However, a few weeks before moving in with these two friends, we watched this documentary movie on aliens that was just sitting on the coffee table that was left behind my Landlord. We watched it and it sparked all these memories of all the paranormal stuff I use to see and how surreal that time in life seemed to me now. As I remembered more and more of it I felt this urge to open up and share it with my friend I was watching the documentary with. I remember as I was telling her these things I use to see and experience, I started to see the electro-magnetheric waves bleed into my vision again as the conversation was going along.

I do not even know how to truly describe what this looks like. It looks like smokey translucent wisps that emanate from people and any type of living thing. Anywho, THE CAT....the cat was always staring at these things and would even chase and paw at some of them. I didn't even know how to process this because I spent so much time disconnecting from this over the past few years and became much more logically minded and seeing-is-believing mindset that I was even questioning if all of those times of seeing those things and having paranormal experiences were just all in my head and had never really happened in the past. This cat pretty much did not allow me to go back to that old mindset, because there was no way for me to make an equation in my head that would support that what I am seeing is not real with that cat chasing after the waves and being able to see just what the cat was looking at when it looked like the cat was looking at something imaginary flying through the air to my roommates. Sooo what was really interesting though is that the other cat did not even seem to be aware of any of this stuff. It was just a lazy cat that laid there all day. This other cat that could see it though was very skiddish and always alert. I think that has something to add to why it was so perceptive to it. But I remember when I came back to California I also tried to see if my mom's two always relaxed cats could see any of this stuff. None of them saw any of it. It almost frustrated me. Mostly because I always heard other people say cats in general can see things others can't, but after experiencing all of this I don't think this is 100% true.

I think possibly because we have domesticated cats so much over the centuries, some of them just don't perceive in this detail anymore. I think it's kind of like just how some humans can perceive more than other humans, with cats, some cats just don't perceive higher at all even though from what I have been told that is what they are suppose to be able to do by default. That was most definitely not the case from what I saw. I know this story is not exactly about rat's perceptions, but I hope this helps.


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wow, were you afraid of those ghosts in your room ?

(03 Sep '13, 17:09) Marin

Yeah. I definitely was. I was always trying to keep my cool when that stuff would happen. Sometimes I couldn't and I would just make a break for it and dart out of the house lol.

This was more so though because I was raised by a very christian minded family, so I was ingrained to think that anything that didn't come in with white wings and a halo or looked like any of the bible characters was a demon.

Part 1

(03 Sep '13, 19:16) ikaruss21

If it was now times though, I would be very open and not so much scared because I do not hold onto fear based beliefs anymore such as that and I do not allow other people to tell me how to perceive things anymore, but rather see how it really is for myself.

I just want to say that I don't want anyone to look at this and get all scared, because there is nothing to be scared about, we definitely share this world and space with others, even if we cant all physically see them.

Part 2

(03 Sep '13, 19:28) ikaruss21
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