I know were all psychic in some way or another but i was wondering how can some people feel spirits and others can't like everytime these male spirits that are attached to me are around me i feel there pressence and so can one of my staffs in the group home the other staff can feel them and my room mate can feel my step mom cant and her kids can my grandma cant and you get it how come some people can feel and others cant it makes no since. if were all psychic then shouldn't we all be able to feel spiritual energy. when i feel them i feel cold spots and it feels like a prickly feeling in my hands and body. sometimes when someone i dont like or they dont like gets close there energy rises rapidly and is freezing like now they hate my pet rat chloe and she hates them she runs from them. i see them and others dont they just feel them im so confused shouldn't all psychics have the ability to sense a spirit or not please don't read this and ignore cause of my disibilitys. i need to know why.

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hey sweetheart , i can tell by way u talking,,u need to love urself much more. u r seeing urself as different, but u r perfect. please listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiESuF7nWWk

(29 Aug '13, 14:26) TReb Bor yit-NE
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It s not about being in touch with ur abilities. It s about being in touch with who you are. It is about loving yourself, trusting ur intuition. And it is also about making ur growth of not only ur abilities, but your inner self the most important thing, and highest excitement. Now I know there are some of us who have a natural open energy that gives us an advantage, but even that must be nurtured and grown. My gifts where strong as a child,then i fell away from who i really was. ONLY through re-finding myself, did they come back. Be yourself, love yourself, trust ur intuition, and let finding ur abilities not be a choir or problem, let it be ur greatest excitement EVER!!!! If u wanna know how I did it, listen here.


also more on selflove on our radio show..


hope it helped. love n light



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Good stuff Rob! I like this "It s about being in touch with who you are. It is about loving yourself, trusting ur intuition." ... and soo very true. Never lose touch with your inner child.

(17 Sep '13, 02:55) ele

Its all by law of attraction. Souls (good or bad) get attracted to embodied souls on earth who have respective sanskar (personality traits/tastes). This means Not all souls will not get attracted, and not all embodied souls on earth will attract them or sense their presence. They come to seek fulfillment of their unfulfilled desires—good or bad.


answered 02 Sep '13, 09:19

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