okay i go to cemeteries with a friend of mine and it seems that every time i go to one i bring back a spirit but no one followers her home i have i don't know how many spirits in my home that follow me around places and talk to me i am psychic and so is she i also use an EVP recorder to talk to them and they talk really well and i have no problem with them in fact i like the company but i'm kinda curious on why they attach themselves to me.

asked 23 Jul '12, 17:56

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I've had similar "things" follow me around in the past - they probably still do but I don't care :)

I mentioned some of my experiences in Has anyone ever seen a real ghost?

I've never seen any of them myself or have even bothered trying to communicate with them...I'm really not that interested, but the people who do see them suggest it's to do with giving off a large amount of inner spiritual energy...it seems to attract them in the same way that moths are attracted to a bright candle flame.

I wouldn't worry about it. I've never come across any evidence in my own life that they are anything but curious.

Our reality is shared ("interpenetrated") by many other realities existing at slightly different frequencies to our own so we don't normally notice them. So there's probably all kinds of things always going on all around you just outside your sensory perception.

But in the same way that you can walk down a busy street and simply ignore everyone who you are not interested in, I would say that you can simply do the same to these "things"...ignore them if you are not interested,

If you feel inspired suddenly one day to stop a stranger on that busy street and start an impromptu conversation, go right ahead and do it...but how often does that really happen? :)


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no doubt their is an affinity
that brings you together or
a wronged, now spirit that
expired when in form at your choice

there is also mention of
a law of gravity that
holds on ethereal as
well as physical levels

thus all of similiar weight
naturally group together
call it magnetism, gravity whatever

it is like you


answered 25 Jul '12, 21:00

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because they want to speak to you. some might be confuse to see where they end up depending on their belief(example: some believe that life ends and that it is total darkness after so that is where they end up. some think they will go to hell because they have darkness in them so that is where they end up. some are athee and believe in nothing except what they can touch so they are in a world that they cannot touch annything physical(the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit) what a shoking discovery for them. some might stay attach to love ones and want to talk to them. only once done can they move on. etc. so help them as you can. and tell them to drop their darkness and go to the light because no darkness will enter the kingdom of light.


answered 23 Jul '12, 21:00

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white tiger

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