I can say for the last past year numbers have been very predominant in my life. At first the synchronicity shown itself in the form of my birthday which is 5/20, and my birthday is a very powerful meaning in my life as well. My son, fiancee`, and myself share the same birthday. Then I could say that the numbers were 11:11. After some research I realized that something was trying to seriously get my attention. These numbers beside my birthday had no specific meaning to me. I started to research. I then found that, 11:11 was a number to get my attention. Afterwards I start to see 2:22, 3:33. And it happens mostly twice a day, if not atleast once a day. If anyone could give me some insight to what might be happening, or what kind of materials they would suggest me read besdie Doreen Virtue I will greatly appreciate it. That is not to say that I don't like doreen virtue, it just seems as if her material doesn't resonate with me as much as I start to research in depth. Thanks in advance guys.

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I've spent a good three years seeing number sequences, and multiple times daily I might add, and at first I was confused and frustrated because I couldn't understand what they meant or what they were telling me. It's funny because the more I noticed them the more they would appear, I researched endlessly on the internet on the subject of law of attraction and numerology, trying to understand their meanings and it would just create all kinds of confusion, as there is SO much info out there on the subject of L.O.A. and numerology. After several months of vibrational chaos I began to think there were forces ''outside'' of me telling me what I should do, so I questioned everything I was doing. Thankfully, that was not the case, the numbers were simply indicating/directing my alignment, and once I discovered that I was in control [my thoughts] I began to use the number sequences to assist me. Nowadays, as my trust has grown with L.O.A, I don't see them quite as often as I used to, but when they do appear they're usually reminding me that I'm on track or off track, as I've given each number sequence my OWN meaning, and since I've chosen my own interpretation of the number sequences it's easier for me to communicate with the unseen forces working on my behalf. It's funny, the more you notice them of course the more you'll attract them, but what's interesting is when you decide what you WANT them to mean to you, the Universe responds with that very meaning by showing the number sequence [and meaning] you've chosen. One example is the number sequence 333, which for myself means balance, If I'm feeling good and I see this number sequence [333] the Universe is letting me know I'm doing good and I'm balanced out, but If I'm feeling ''off'' and see this number sequence, the Universe is reminding me that I need to bring myself back into balance. These days I get more ''direct'' messages and less number sequences but yes, occasionally they do show up even when I'm not looking for them, letting me know all is well, [222] is very common still. I could go on and on about this subject but I better stop here.


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When a series of numbers is being repeated, that usually indicates that these are not random number sequences. The Bible uses numbers: 1111 speaks of order 3:33 speaks of the trinity 6 speaks of man or imperfect, man was created on the 6th day 7 speaks of perfect, 7 days, 7 colours of the rainbow 8 speaks of new beginning, 8 people survived the flood in Noah's day Gematria: 666 speaks of the antiChrist 777 speaks of Christ 888 speaks of Jesus www.1260-1290-days-bible-prophecy.org/111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999.htm But some authors get too complicated.


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Land of Oz

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yes @Land of Oz I very much like what you're pointing to, that numbers carry hidden truths :)

(27 Jul '15, 02:36) jaz

Hi @Ilovetruth718

The arabic numerals 0123456789 are the most commonly used in the world today. Numbers can be used as a language just as the letters of the alphabet can be used as a language to communicate.

An intuition can come to you from the inside in the form of thoughts, emotions and feelings though emotions and feelings are really the same thing. And thoughts and emotions(feelings) are both expressions of the same pure raw energy but presented to you in a different fashion. Intuitions can also appear inside you in the form of bodily sensations.

An intuition can also be presented to you on the outside that is in the physical world, something attracts your attention, a colour, an animal, a number, a sequence ... the colour, animal, number, sequence acts as a trigger for a feeling of recognition, you recognize you become aware that you're receiving feedback. Whatever I send out sooner or later, sometimes immediately always comes back to me in some form or another. So you're receiving something that has an importance to you.

We commonly communicate using words and phrases but words and phrases can be interpretated in many different ways, each person for example interprets the word "mother" in their own way. If I told you my mother died it would have very little long lasting effect on you, If your mother died you'd probably feel your world had collapsed, I think you get the idea. Putting it another way "words" can have a highly emotional content based on experience, words like war, peace, death, joy, sun, stars, atlantic all trigger different emotions. Words are symbols and as shown they often carry a subjective emotional charge that taints the pure raw energy so as to modify it's original vibration it's original meaning, thus cloaking the truth with a veil that hides truth from most humans. I very much like the Urban Dictionary definition of language; device invented to hide our thoughts :)

Numbers are also symbols but go much deeper and the emotional content is far more obscure they do however have definite meaning and in last analysis are the only reality of the universe, they have originated from the invisible world and are thus symbolic doorways into it. Having said that here's the symbolic signification of the first numbers to which all others can be reduced that in my experience is the truth. It is gleaned and translated from the Servranx book "L'Influence des Nombres"

1= beginning ➝ creation

2= opposition to beginning ➝ duality

3= equilibrium of beginning ➝ trinity

4= beginning of opposition ➝ activation

5= opposition to opposition ➝ reaction

6= equilibrium to opposition ➝ instability

7= beginning of equilibrium ➝ triumph

8= opposition to equilibrium ➝ trials

9= equilibrium of equilibrium ➝ neutralisation

10 = 1 ➝ innovation

"Everything is linked to numbers just as life as to matter, the evolution of illness as to the solar system, events as to tides. Understand the influence of numbers, devine the forces of which they represent the intervention, predict their incidence prosperous or harmful, is to know how things are going to come about. Use numbers is to mobilise their influences."

So words can hide the truth but numbers bypass the emotions, bypass beliefs that falsify and hide the truth and allow access to the pure raw truth energy.

Now back to the question about what does number synchronicity mean; numbers are also shapes that produce specific vibration energy and using dots it's easy to see that geometric shapes and numbers fit nicely together

alt text

notice that the sequence 1 - 4 - 9 - 16 - etc. gives perfect squares and the number of squares is unlimited

here's another possible sequence

alt text

this time perfect triangles are formed and the number of possible triangles is unlimited.

Where does all this lead? well it leads into the fact that "energy into shape creates function" to coin the words of Dr. Ibrahim Karim. In other words raw natural energy can be programmed to perform a specific task and to do this the natural energy sequence or momentum is mirrored using specific shapes.

Many specialists have of course and do use such steps necessary to accomplish specific tasks. Personally I like to think of it as consciously putting into motion vibrational energy, it's also commonly known as radionics.


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