What if inspired action rarely comes to you- say you have a period of two years where you just don't feel any real call to do much? Not even on a small scale?

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I think that when you are seeing no inspired action, it is because you are not recognizing your actions as inspired, though they probably are.

  • Your decision to get up on the other side of the bed this morning? There was a creepy guy peeking in from the street, who would have got an eyeful if you'd go up on your usual side, because you forgot to draw the blinds.

  • When you decided you had time to stop for coffee on your way to work one morning, you went down the coffee place street instead of your usual street, where somebody was having an argument while driving, and swerved into what would have been your lane.

  • That time you were inspired to walk in a store to look at something interesting that made you so happy? There was someone in that store who needed to see a smiling face - just at that moment.

I believe that all these things can be leading you to exactly where you need to be, whether for your own benefit, or someone else's. The more you practice being in the Vortex, the more these inspired actions will add up to bringing you the manifestations you are looking for.

I think if you open up your heart and feel warm love and appreciation for the guidance you are receiving from your beautiful higher self, you will be able to recognize it more. It gets to be a lot of fun! Believe it first, then you will see it.



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