For months I've been only doing things that feel comfortable to me in my free time. When i'm not working I usually do something only if it feels inspired. However my life has been very boring because of this. I've been manifesting plenty by just acting when it feels inspired however their isn't that much fulfillment or excitement in my life when just doing something when I feel like it.

I'm going through a phase of keeping myself occupied productively whether it's working out for a certain amount of time or weather it's choosing something to accomplish during the day and completing it. I was wondering if you can manifest desires by just doing your best and being persistent at a goal even if you don't reach it yet as well as surrendering and only taking action when inspired. I feel like I'm more occupied when being persistent at a goal. The idea of being persistent towards any goal and being rewarded just for being persistent and not giving up appeals to me.

I've heard this quote many times, "Persistence is faith". I like the idea of manifesting when you only follow what feels good, but I also like the idea of manifesting through persistence in action towards a goal and being persistent in prayer.

I was wondering if you can manifest by both being lazy when you feel like it and by reaching for a goal when your simply just bored and their is nothing to do, or of it's something you have to do. The idea of being rewarded with manifestations of being persistent gives me a sense of purpose in everything I do including my current job.

I would like your thoughts on this topic

Thank you

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Is being persistent in a goal a way of ignoring your fears about pursuing something else you either really want to do but are afraid to or not want to do at all? I find sometimes that when I don't want to face another goal, I will persist with doing something even if I don't feel it's getting anywhere or is the most productive goal. In the past it's meant that I've rejected other important opportunities I may have been inspired to pursue as I was too busy with a current goal. I suggest perhaps analysing your own reasons of why you want to persist with something. I guess there is also a balance between taking action when it's needed and in moderation and being so busy that you cannot allow inspiration to reach you.


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Thank you. This was simple but very helpful.

(18 Sep '14, 15:15) jarreau
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