After some experience with focus blocks I can see the power in it. I've had pretty interesting things happen buuut not in the degree that I know it can deliver. However I do know that It has helped me get to where I am today.

Recently I've discover a small piece of the power of EFT. And after some study, not much as I am still reading Gary Craig's manual, I can see how powerful it can be along with focus blocks. I realized that I was slowly working through issues with the focus blocks but with EFT it seems a lot quicker.

I believe my relief was less with focus blocks because I was so used to feeling in a certain way. Don't get me wrong I did have some success with focus blocks, even if that just means getting in the vortex a few times.

But now what I've realized how quickly I can release things with EFT, I feel like adding focus blocks to issues that are closer to the neutral feeling would be the equivalent to lifting weights with steroids. :)

How can I integrate the two in a semi-systematic way? I feel like I need to learn how to approach focus blocks in a new way. Taking neutral feeling thoughts to better feeling thoughts seems to be different than taking bad thoughts and making them feel better. I hope that makes sense.

I'd be interested in hearing your experiences with what I think may be the Dynamic Duo of vibrational exercises.

I believe my boat has finally turned down stream and I'm excited. Although I don't need a high powered motor on my boat I'd love a small motor just to make things interesting and I think I may have found it :)

Thanks for your thoughts, excuse the rambles :)

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Haha, thank you Chris. I really wanted to ask this question after a comment I gave to Stingray, but I never got around to it >.>

(17 Mar '11, 08:11) Liam
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Sure, Chris, you can integrate Focus Blocks and EFT with no problem at all - I've been doing it for years myself before Focus Blocks was called Focus Blocks :)

From time to time, I mention other approaches on this site (like EFT, Faster EFT, Sedona Method or Release Technique, and probably others) but I don't tend to talk much about how they interplay because it's hard enough to get people inspired to try even one method rather than a combination of many. :)

For example, that first manifesting experiment really just says "write what you want on a piece of paper, put it in a box and forget about it".

It is a highly effective and powerful approach to specifically getting whatever you want in life - and I've been using it (and variations of it) successfully for years. But, in my personal life, I know very few that have tried that method, despite its simplicity, and I know even fewer who have continued with it in a systematic way...even after they have got obvious results!

So, just to get people to even try methods, I try to simplify approaches as much as I can and keep them as separate as I can to avoid confusion.

The ideal approach is to know a variety of methods and intuitively choose the one that feels right to use.

I tend to attribute this unwillingness of people to gravitate towards something that will help them as being caused by them being in the "vibration of the problem" rather than in the "vibration of the solution".

Those are two different vibrational places and, for that reason, it is hard to see even obvious solutions when you are stuck in the problem.

You may find (as I do) that despite knowing all these other methods, such as EFT, you may still not feel inspired to use them when you actually need to.

It's a bit like the difference between learning fighting martial arts when you are in a classroom or at home, compared to when you are actually involved in a real fight on the street. As anyone who has experienced a real street fight will tell you, learning the theory is very different to applying it in-the-moment when you actually need it!

alt text

So, for this reason, I tend to stick exclusively to Focus Blocks because of the software I use to go with it. I've found over the years through many different life situations that when you are deep within the problem and you can't even see a method to get to the solution, never mind the solution itself, that the software acts as my best friend in pushing me towards vibrational change.

The spreadsheet provides a way for the version of me residing in the solution (the one that created the spreadsheet) to pass a message to the version of me residing in the problem...

"Hey, you idiot! Just forget everything that's going on, sit down in front of this spreadsheet, hit these buttons and fill in some thoughts for these subjects ...and then welcome back to the Vortex!"

Self in solution-vibration talking to Self in problem-vibration :)

So, coming back to your question, mixing and matching methods intuitively is a great approach as long as you are able to use them in the midst of a problem and that's easier said than done sometimes.

I should probably add that earlier versions of the spreadsheet actually had EFT as part of the vibrational molding process. I even had macros to automatically juggle the EFT statements as I was doing the tapping so that different tapping points experienced different statements on each round!

After some months of using this though I was finding more and more that it was simpler to just do the tapping outside of the spreadsheet (in the moment of the negative feeling coming up) - and then clean up the remainder using Focus Blocks - rather than trying to conjure up the negative emotion again later to tap on.

And that's what my recommendation would be to you in combining these methods...use EFT in the moment (if the situation allows it) and then use Positive Aspects (or Focus Blocks) to take over to later move those vibrations further up the emotional scale, if you want to.


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So step1 tap,write. Step 2 repeat?

(17 Mar '11, 08:00) ursixx

@Ursixx - Assuming you are referring to EFT, I was using the EFT Choices variation ( ) and I would come up with the list of negative statements (to be interspersed with positive statements) before starting, so there was no writing involved during the tapping

(17 Mar '11, 08:09) Stingray

I've gotten great results by using EFT in the moment. Tap and move on with "I completely accept and Love myself".

(17 Mar '11, 11:39) Brian

So write the negative statement,then tap and then repeat with a less negative statement

(17 Mar '11, 20:43) ursixx
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EFT and focus blocks mean nothing unless you practice loving your brothers and sisters

Be a loving, mindful, kind, heart giving person and you will be naturally

vibrationally Aligned.


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