Hi all, I've done some great work on my money vibe exploring my fears and attitudes while not working. I'm noticing that I'm getting what I want but it's through a partner's business, state handouts or family bailouts. It's been interesting to observe but I just don't want it any more.

I want to feel more like I'm earning my own money. I don't want to be limited to a fixed salary job and I don't have a sustainable private business. I now see the power of passive income where it doesn't require your ongoing effort but is open to increasing sales that match your vibration.

Maybe I should start with a job to experience that feeling of making my own money before branching out into passive income.

I'm very successful once I find and hold the right vibration but struggling with what that is. I wonder if you could add any of your own thoughts and suggested vibrations. Have you ever been in this position?

Thanks for all suggestions and advice, this really is the best metaphysics site around!

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Focus Dude

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Can you first clarify what you actually -mean- by "earn"? What bothers you about handouts? Is it the sense that you are not in control of the money (that you are dependent) or that you are not returning value (that you are a moocher)? For example, would winning the lottery solve your issues? If not, what value would you like to provide to others?

(30 Sep '13, 01:47) flowsurfer

Thanks for your input, Barry. Handouts bother me because, yes, I feel like a sponge and would get greater satisfaction in providing value to others in exchange for their money. Also, I'd like to invest in personal development courses, books, which are hard to justify when money is given by a family member. Thirdly, I just can't see a sustainable income from things like lotteries, something I can count on. Hmm... now seeing my 'earthly' thinking as I write this :)

(30 Sep '13, 05:58) Focus Dude

Okay then your job right now is to figure out something you can provide (immediately or soon) that you believe has value; and to align with being a supplier of that. I'm sure there are many small things that can get you started with that vibrationally, even if they do not provide much income. You can for example begin here: http://www.nichepursuits.com/

(30 Sep '13, 15:07) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer, yes that feels like the next step, thank you

(30 Sep '13, 16:46) Focus Dude
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Phrases like...

I want to feel more like I'm earning my own money


that feeling of making my own money

...feel resistance-laden to me.

Money is just a form of energy-flow - the same kind of energy that flows through your body and keeps you physically alive.

When you wake in the morning, do you think about how much health you are going to make or earn during the day in order to stay alive more successfully? :)

If you are looking to clean-up your financial vibration further, I would suggest re-evaluating these ideas about the need to put in effort (i.e. earning or making) to gaining financial prosperity.

The absurdity of these ideas regarding earning was highlighted quite well in a recent science-fiction movie called In Time which described a world where you had to earn time in order to stay alive longer. If you didn't earn enough time one day and it ran out, you died instantly. Might be worth watching if you want to shake loose a few ideas about earning :)

alt text

Abraham once suggested a phrase to Esther Hicks which I like quite a lot...

The World Is Awash With Money

Now when you look at your world through that filter instead, financial prosperity then becomes more a case of just allowing some of that enormous natural flow to trickle your way...effortlessly. It's a much softer, soothing vibration to hold.

I don't mean you won't have to put some physical effort into ensuring some of the flow goes your way (you will have to comply with your existing belief system) but I think you would be building upon a more empowering vibrational foundation than the implied "no pain, no gain" mentality.


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I just heard that exact phrase a few hours earlier... :)

(30 Sep '13, 02:45) Liam

Thanks @stingray. I understand I don't need fo earn money but can't see - yet - the alternative. See my reply to Barry and why I'm looking for different perspectives. If you end up putting some physical effort in, according to your belief system, then isn't that earning?

(30 Sep '13, 06:09) Focus Dude

@stingray aaahh i love that movie :)

(30 Sep '13, 22:58) ikaruss21

@Stingray - "Money is just a form of energy-flow - the same kind of energy that flows through your body and keeps you physically alive." - A few minutes before I read your post, I came across the following quote by Fraggle Rock producer Larry Mirkin, about working with Jim Henson:

(01 Oct '13, 01:03) lozenge123

"He viewed money as energy, the energy that makes concrete things happen out of worthy ideas. Money was not an end in itself. It could provide physical infrastructure or it could help him hire other artists and technicians to realize a nascent idea. I don't ever recall him being the least bit concerned or afraid of money or obsessed by it, which many people are. It just wasn't what drove him -- at all."

(01 Oct '13, 01:03) lozenge123

@Focus Dude - "If you end up putting some physical effort in, according to your belief system, then isn't that earning?" - It depends. If you associate the idea of earning with painful physical effort, then it's not an idea that is serving you. If, however, the physical effort brings you joy & happiness then that's the best use of physical effort that exists. It's not the physical effort itself that causes resistance but the physical effort that you don't want to do

(07 Oct '13, 18:51) Stingray
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There does seem to be a little resistance in your question as Stingray has pointed out. Ive been in a very similar circumstance and have found this helpful.

Instead of trying to "work" on the money vibe ive directed my efforts , if you could call them that to clearing my resistance or neediness for a financial outcome. Im spending time removing the "want" or "need" or the excess "desire". Im sure im one with Source, im sure Source understands my financial situation and has put in place a desired outcome.

So instead of imagining financial success or flowing energy towards it, ive worked at removing my excess desire for the outcome. Its a bit like a damn full of water trying to flow thru a small bloked opening. A MASSIVE head of water has "already" built up, I don't need to work at filling it up anymore its full anyway! I just need to remove a bit of rubbish from the opening and allow what already there to flow.

The desire served me well in opening up a new possibility, but its now done its job, I need to remove as much of it as I can to allow in the outcome. The initial desire for a passive income could be the very thing that's now slowing the results down. Its taken me a while to realise the paradox that my great desire is perhaps the very thing that blocking the outcome or perhaps slowing it down. Ive always feared that removing the desire would somehow nullify the result!

Ive found Frederick Dodsons clearing technique very useful in helping me to skim off the excess desire of the outcome. Im sure Esther and Daryll have very similar techniques. Ive found a great sense of relief practising this and its fairly pertinent to your situation as ive used it primarily for finances, income and a lump sum of money. .


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Monty Riviera


@Monty Rivera, your response seems to resonate more with me. Yes it often feels like I have a wellspring of money banked up and that I simply need to adjust my attitude to let it in (Abraham) as in dropping fear and more likely need.

Where can I find Frederick Dodson's clearing technique, it sounds quite apt?

(30 Sep '13, 06:17) Focus Dude

Please explain here why you downvoted: Mistake!

(30 Sep '13, 06:20) Focus Dude

Nope,i didn't downvote, its a good question actually. Heres a link I found very useful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNzHAuFB0mQ Found it on You Tube, theres not a great deal on there from Frederick so have a look at them all. I had always known that neediness was a manifestation killer but Freds explanation brought it home to me.

(30 Sep '13, 07:10) Monty Riviera

Im now personally doing 99% of my work in reducing the desire. Ive done so so much visualisation and Focus Blocks or incremental affirmations I think ive worked it enough! Its a personal thing but I feel ive overcooked things and inadvertently increased my desire to much too high a level. My hearts telling me to reduce the desire and leave it alone for a while. So I will do.

(30 Sep '13, 07:13) Monty Riviera

Monty, Neville often spoke of how doing the "visualization" correctly results in a refractory period. That is, the means by which you "reduce" desire is by fulfilling it, in imagination. I think your problem may be one of a difficulty in feeling the naturalness of it. Have you tried building your income up slowly, so each step up in it can feel more natural to you?

(30 Sep '13, 15:02) flowsurfer

Funnily enough Flowey ive actually taken a few decisions recently that have halved my income! But the result is that im in a far better feeling place than I was before. Im now of the opinion that the bulk of my income wont come from a nine till five job. It will come from visualising the result, and then releasing any pesky resistance. Its a gamble in most of my familys eyes! But I reckon its worth a punt.

(01 Oct '13, 03:23) Monty Riviera

Monty, have you read "The Law and The Promise"? If you are not attached to any source of income as the means (needing to be a "businessperson" or whatever), he speaks of a very interesting case of taking care of financial problems through outright gambling (horse racing in this case). Actually two, because a second guy was inspired by the first. It might be a fun way to go!

(01 Oct '13, 03:45) flowsurfer

Yep, saw that one , really interesting story. Im open to money coming in a way ive not figured out with my lower mind. Ive now read just about everything that Neville wrote...I think! Im now putting more effort ( if you could call it that ) to detachment. The stuff from Frederick Dodson is so practical and easy. It kind of compliments Nevilles work. I use his techniques , and then use Freds to skim off the excess importance. I'll let u know how I get on mate.

(01 Oct '13, 04:57) Monty Riviera

That's a great video and I am probably going to be using that technique quite a bit. Fredrick Dodson is good!

(08 Oct '13, 12:03) cassiopeia
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There are 2 possible ways to approach this based on where your vibration stands.

1) If you feel that this money issue has bogged you down a little. and you have quite a bit of emotions swirling around on this aspect. I would ask you to chill out and just temporarily do something else where its easy for you to enjoy and have fun. It could be things like maybe you like to sing or dance or hang around friends or paint or some hobby etc.. since its NOT related to money and you are not doing it to earn money, this area will be easier for you to raise your vibration. this is the reason Abraham hicks says forget everything and just follow your joy and everything you want will come to you even if you dont do nothing about it. There is great truth in this.

2) Your vibration is not that muddy. And if you get idea of some business you want to jump on it and you cant wait. You get excited about it. Then go for this option. Put all your strength behind this. Take some time to get inspiring ideas and go get them!! Put every ounce of will power you have behind it and enjoy it. You will NOT be denied. Your WILL will be stamped by the Divine. Basically go for the kill :-)

From what you wrote it feels like you want to make sure you are having fun in life. And focus a little on that. Make sure you are in great spirits outside of this money issue first. Then follow your own inspiration. Spend some time quiet and meditate 20 mins or so before you make decisions.


answered 08 Oct '13, 19:23

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