I have been in a rather interesting situation as of late, and have been loving my life, even though the physical circumstances haven't YET changed. However, as amazingly happy as i have been, my circumstances have gotten even worse. I was a caretaker for my elderly parents - full time - and they have both passed on. I'm 48 - have been out of the workforce for a while, and have zero luck in finding a job - so far. However, I kept to a daily prayer time, and God led me to do some writing, and i've been over the moon - completely fulfilled with a purpose that i've never had before. My money ran out, i have no "physical" way to pay my rent, or bills or unfortunately - buy food. So regardless of how joyous i have been, things have gotten rather worse... so i guess i have 2 questions really, Number 1. is that normal? Does it truly get darker before the dawn? or have i still been thinking about what i don't have - and i have been genuinely happy, really feeling it. I'm writing here now, cause i've been reading, looking for some answers... And with zero food (except for coffee! thank God for coffee - and i do have some butter... lol) obviously my situation required a step up. So i spent all day today in prayer, and i actually got excited about having food! hahah (food supply's been really low, just completely ran out today) after doing this i walked up to the shop i usually go to, i walked in... all the while believing it was done! I had food! thank God, immediately on entering the store, i grabbed a basket and in it someone had left a bulging wallet - bulging with money. I didn't keep it of course, because HELLO!? karma - so this leads to question Number 2. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? i needed money - i'm hungry - and there it was and it wasn't MINE... how in the heck did i DO THAT? any insights, i'm open, because let me tell ya, i was SEVERELY tempted to keep that money... again, if i hadn't been physically hungry, i wouldn't have thought twice.. I thought it was kind of a mean trick, and being a rather big fan of Neville - i guess it's a trick i played on myself? errmmmm again any insight?

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Hello? anyone?

(24 Feb '14, 18:27) serenegirleen
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You are always manifesting, always, you cannot turn that off. Every single thing that happens in your reality is created by you. I would say you have some 'practiced thoughts' (limiting beliefs) on the subject of money that are not serving you.

Hey, the good news is you asked for money, it was vibrationally given instantly and then it was 'physically' given. If you had been in alignment with receiving money today the owner of the wallet would have been an affluent person that was so grateful to get his wallet back - as it was a special gift from his wife and it meant a lot to him, sentimentally - that he emptied it out and gave you all the cash as a thank you, he would not take no for an answer! "Please take this money, thank you so much, thank you!!"

There is so much advice on this very site to improve your vibration on resistant subjects so I would start by playing with some of those processes, to shift some of those thought patterns away from lackful thoughts to thoughts of having.

More good news for you, you don't have to spend your time in a job at the moment so you can use that time to play with your thoughts on a regular basis. It is really, really easy to shift thoughts from a resistant place. Don't think of it as a chore. Focus on the ease, think 'it's just a thought I keep thinking and when I shift the thought my outside life will change', it's simple, and effortless and I can do it. It's a game, all of your reality is a game, controlled by YOU. :) :) So, play with it, have fun and remember that it can all change in an instant! Good luck :)


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Thanks - appreciate the input :) seriously, i couldn't believe the cash i so longed for was literally in my hands - and i couldn't keep it! Jeeezzz.... You're right, i have some serious questions to ask about that limiting belief - any thoughts on the 'darkest before the dawn' theory? true? not true? or true if i believe it is? hahaha

(24 Feb '14, 18:39) serenegirleen

Anything you believe becomes true for you so, yes, it's true if you think it is :) I do believe that when you start playing with your reality consistently and doing vibrational work you get 'all hell breaking loose' scenarios. There's lots about that on IQ too. I just found this, which might be helpful to you. Have a look at Stingray's answer here for an exercise to start with: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/43592/how-can-you-raise-your-unconscious-ceiling-of-money-by-a-specific-amount :)

(24 Feb '14, 18:50) Yes

One more thing, there's absolutely no reason why you can't manifest a similar situation tomorrow but this time you keep the money. Go to sleep tonight imagining that happening, play that scenario through in your mind and feel the joy that situation would bring, and remember, you decide, you always decide what happens to you. :)

(24 Feb '14, 18:56) Yes

thanks again! this looks really helpful :)

(24 Feb '14, 18:58) serenegirleen

You're very welcome. :) Keep us all updated on how you get on. :)

(24 Feb '14, 19:00) Yes

Thank you for that reminder! i shall indeed!

(24 Feb '14, 19:12) serenegirleen
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If you're a fan of Neville then you know he states "You don't need to know how it works, just that it does work!"

I had a similar experience where I was asking for money and I went to the grocery store and was at a self checkout machine because the lineups were too long at the cashiers. At these machines you can also withdraw money from your bank account like an ATM machine. As I was scanning my groceries I looked down at the money slot and there was $40 just sitting there forgotten and left behind from another customer. I took the $40 and gave it to the lady who was monitoring the terminals and said "someone left this behind" and she said "Oh! Aren't you honest! Most people would take the money and run."

Some time had passed (days? weeks?) and I was asking for money. Then I had a strange vision, or dream, where I saw several people looking confused and looking at each other like they didn't understand me? Then finally saying to me "But the last time we gave you money.......you returned it!?" I know this sounds very comical but I understood in that moment that whether you're experiencing guilt, karma, or trying to be honest person.....you're actually returning their gift they lovingly sent to you and saying "No Thanks."


answered 26 Feb '14, 11:37

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Thanks Eldavo, interesting point... i did think that very thing (briefly) and if i had found it without it POINTEDLY belonging to someone else - believe me i'd kept it! gratefully! (grin) It was SOMETHING anyway, as the timing was too - too perfect for it to be anything but a specific manifestation - i guess it's the 'specific' bit i need to work on...

(27 Feb '14, 00:07) serenegirleen

I think it's a nice scenario that has appeared for you both to work on your current belief systems. You are creating everything always so you could create the scenario where the wallet/cash appeared just for you and you enjoy it or you can create the wallet/cash and have them belong to someone else. Bashar always says we have to take 'logic' out of the equation when manifesting....

(27 Feb '14, 06:23) Yes

..... You found (created) money and then you choose to create another person that the money belonged to. That's why I said to Serenegirleen, imagine the person that owned the wallet giving you the money. That might sit in your current belief system easier than 'I find wallets all over the place stuffed with money and they all belong to me' Be happy that you can create money! And play with it a little more. You're obviously close to alignment there or you wouldn't be creating these situations. :)

(27 Feb '14, 06:26) Yes

Abraham has also said you can create cash appearing in your postbox if you want to. Your beliefs would decide whether you keep the money and enjoy it or ask around for someone that the money belongs to, someone who's 'lost' the money. Either situation is right for you. You could then create a person that claims the money. You decide which one to experience.

(27 Feb '14, 06:30) Yes
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Now you say you spent almost your whole day doing prayer time and that you have no money right, maybe it's time to learn about God and Jesus for "This means eternal life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ" John 17:3 because "Happy are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Happy are you who hunger now, for you will be filled" Luke 6:20-21... bro what you did was righteous and honest. I can tell that since you in your hunger didn't even steal to keep your self alive, your a trustworthy person, and I hope God will lead you into the living water of Jesus Christ so you can love God, Jesus, and your neighbor, so you can have true happiness in your life my friend. I been in the dark side(fights, immorality, hate, anger) and I felt the light( the sayings and commandments of God and Jesus) and I tell you that Justice is lovely. Not the kind of justice that people come up with, but the natural justice, the one that flows through God unto the people. For when people act in accord to God's will, they experience a harmony that is simply amazing, cause God is taking care of you.


answered 27 Feb '14, 02:39

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Thanks Dodova - I love God and couldn't imagine my life without his presence. I also believe in HIS POWER - the "i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" etc... :)

(27 Feb '14, 10:31) serenegirleen
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