Ok so I had a FWB awhile ago and it ended pretty bad, I ended up falling for the guy and have been trying to move on and forget bout him for months now, anyway I went out last night with my BFF and ran into my ex FWB cousin, his cousin kept asking me if I still had feelings for this guy and once I admitted that I do he said well you never know with my cousin he just may change his mind and say what the hell and give it a chance! I said well I don't want to be 2nd choice! He didn't say anything back to that except smiled and said he knows his cousin! I'm just really confused now as I know he just spent last weekend with my ex FWB and I'm wondering if they had spoken about me and now he's trying to play matchmaker with me and his cousin, so can you guys help me? Am I reading too much into it and it was just his cousin being curious or is there more to it? Btw his cousin hasn't rly said more then 2 words to me prior to last night, first time ever he actually spoke to me about his cousin. Please help ease my mind and whether I should still try and get over him, I was doing ok until he brang all those feelings back :(

asked 10 Oct '13, 22:16

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Leilanie Owen

@Leilanie Owen, this is now the fourth question you've asked here for personal dating advice with barely a connection to the Law of Attraction, Spirituality or Mind Power. Please edit your question now to make the relevance to this website clear otherwise I'll be closing this question shortly for being off-topic. Thanks

(10 Oct '13, 23:28) Barry Allen ♦♦

Forgive my illiteracy but what does FWB mean? Hum... "friend with benefits"?

(10 Oct '13, 23:39) flowsurfer

Yes friends with benefits :)

(10 Oct '13, 23:41) Leilanie Owen

Meh.. Part of me thinks personal questions have a place here. Not really my place to say though.

@Answer: You have trust issues. :) Only one way to find out what happens.. Follow your heart, be careful without being closed off, etc. Somewhere inside you'll know what you want, which likely seems just to investigate further.. You wouldn't be asking if there weren't a reason. Good luck.

(10 Oct '13, 23:51) Snow

I'm sorry - she has NO idea what FWB's means. The emphasis is on FRIEND first and foremost. What she calls FWB's is casual sex of a recurring nature with a dude she knows by name.

(10 Oct '13, 23:54) ele

Thanks :) but it bit hard to follow what I want when he doesn't talk to me anymore, I guess I'll just leave it for now, if he did want to get in touch again he would try, I'm just over doing the chasing, I want to be chased! Time will tell I guess :)

(11 Oct '13, 00:00) Leilanie Owen
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