In my current life experience, money is hard to come by and I'm a tad broke. For a few weeks it's just been paying off bills, unable to spend money on things I'd like.

As part of this I've had to currently suspend giving my weekly $$$ to charities.

As a brainstorm, it would be helpful if members could pop in some suggestions on ways we can give to other people without necessarily having the need to use money in the process.

It's meant I cannot buy gifts for others, lend others money, or give money to organisations. Even in a micro-sense I cannot do things like buying others a drink when we go out!

Some none-money things I've come up with that can be of use: listening to others, offering your time for others, doing others chores/jobs around the house or at work, giving others way when I am driving...

So this question it would be great if you could pinch in your own wisdom on giving to others without any expectations. It is a bit of a side-question to:

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My brother and sister in-law are both firemen. That is a very worthy cause and much needed.

My mom used to work the food kitchen, also very noble and much needed.

(14 Jan '14, 15:51) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- Many volunteer firefighters are needed here in Australia. Why don't you move over here and begin creating some good karma :P

(14 Jan '14, 19:48) Nikulas

I don't know how my brother does it. Just drops everything and goes to put out fires. He does a lot for those less fotunate actually.

Plus my mom used to cook the food for our church food kitchen, anyone could come for a free hot meal.

Jai said to tell you there are some hot chicks in the fire departments.

(15 Jan '14, 01:15) Wade Casaldi
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Here is my personal order of priorities when it comes to giving to others.

  1. Always give yourself the best of everything you can in any situation first
  2. Give away tools that others can use for the rest of their lives
  3. Give away emotional upliftment
  4. Give away materialistic goods like money or food

Always give yourself the best of everything you can in any situation first

This is highest priority. You are the most important person on earth. If you feel guilty giving yourself the best you can, you have nothing or less to give to others. Give yourself the best feeling action first. Give yourself time for yourself before giving it to others. Give yourself the best emotional upliftment first. Give yourself the best materialistic goods you can find first.

It's like the idea on airplanes. In emergency situations, put your own oxygen mask on first. Then you can put the oxygen mask of your friends and loved ones on. Otherwise you will pass out. And then you have nothing to give.

Give tools away that others can use for the rest of their lives

The second best thing to give to others are tools which they can use on their own.

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

But they must be ready to take the tool and use it.

Give away emotional upliftment

This one is tricky. While it's a good idea to give away emotional upliftment, you can't give it if you don't know your own emotions. Know yourself. So first you must be able to give yourself emotional upliftment in order to give it to others. Be happy first. When you know how to uplift yourself, then you almost intuitively know how emotions work and you know how to give it to others.

But if you can give it away eventually, other people can now find their own answers. They can find their own unique ways to learn how to fish so to speak. Maybe they will even find better ways to find food than you do. And one day they could teach you that the best way to find food is not to fish, but to go to the grocery store where all the food is already available... or something like that :). You get the idea ;).

Give away materialistic goods

I think that one is of lowest value. Because if one doesn't have the right thinking, then it's almost of no value. He will lose it anyway. Your food will feed him for today, but tomorrow he will starve again. And he will again reinforce his belief that he is powerless to life circumstances.

(There is also a metaphysical principle that when you give yourself the best upliftment, you cannot not give to others. You will uplift them in every possible way even if you don't intend to do it.)


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Another thing to give away: honesty.

Being radically honest is a big form of service.

(11 Jan '14, 21:16) Nikulas

I spend a lot of time working with a night shelter for the homeless. They always need warm clothes, hot food, could you make a cheap, home-cooked meal for example? Doing a load of washing or donating board games, newspapers and old plates, knives, forks etc. They need your time too, if you have that to spare :) Listening is something else that is so needed. I always find myself talking to strangers, engaging them and then just listening. It helps to know others care enough to listen I think.

(12 Jan '14, 12:06) Yes

@Yes- I've began inquiries into youth work as a volunteer for one day a week. Should be epic!

(14 Jan '14, 19:46) Nikulas
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Hi Nikulas,

The very best present by far that I received for Christmas was a phone call on Christmas Eve from my son, who couldn't make it home this year. We each opened up a bottle of wine, sat down with each other 3,000 miles apart, and chatted away for nearly 3 hours about important things and unimportant things, about everything. I hung up the phone feeling wonderful, wonderfully full, and very merry indeed. ;)

And there was me thinking I would be a bit sad and lonely this year. Didn't happen.

Your time, Nikulas. Your time and attention are precious gifts. Give of them freely to those who can appreciate them.

Love, Grace



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Ahh what a wonderful story!

(12 Jan '14, 00:48) Nikulas

.@Grace it is true just shooting thr breeze with a loved one that is far away can be uplifting. I Skype with my son who lives in another country. Always makes me feel happy

(12 Jan '14, 13:12) ursixx

@ursixx - That's good to hear, I'm so glad you enjoy it too. That phone call was what resulted in my silly Christmas pic with the giant poinsettia in my hair and goofy grin on my face. Hardly the blue Christmas some good friends were worried about for me! :D

We both have such wonderful boys, @ursixx. I sooo appreciate living with the technology that allows us to stay close to them. Remember when "long distance" calls used to be such a big deal?...

(12 Jan '14, 15:54) Grace

...Our chats would have cost a fortune 20 years ago, and been impossible for most folks to afford. Especially yours, being able to see one another - well that would have been just plain impossible. I wonder if we are breeding stronger, happier generations due to there being less necessity to lose contact with family?

(12 Jan '14, 15:54) Grace
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give to them way to not be financially challenged. it could be to show someone how to fish. it could be to show someone how to use stuff throw in the garbage, some people sometime throw good stuff away. also sometime that stuff can be use to do other stuff called recycling. also some people make money on the web, mostly people who sell stuff(material or virtual) or service, so they can show other to do the same I have seen a story about a poor being given some course and the next year he was making money with it enough to live in a home. we could take a look at bombardier who is given a set of tool and start building stuff he made a company making skidoo, boat, airplane. if someone did not believe in him and give them those tool would he have made the same thing? the simplest way for people to not be financially challenged would be for their government to lower tax the simple fact is that they spend lots of money for war science and other stuff, at the base of it all is the people if you crush your people eventually your little empire will fall down. so rather then make war and study and spend huge amount on stuff that does not help your people, first help your people clean the inside of your cup, to make big stuff on the outside in the world to praise yourself does not help you. but to help your self and your neighbor, will help you. if you have millions and billions to spend on war and study and people are poor in your country there is a problem that you need to solve. what is a country with no people in it? is it still a country?

Well I have tell you the truth and it cost you nothing, and it is the best gift that someone can receive in this world of duality and inequity.


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white tiger

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