recently i have been reading a lot of material on law of attraction and i got to know about ESTHER and JERRY HICKS. i discovered that jerry died of cancer and leukemia. how did this happen? of course death is inevitable but why couldn't he cure his own illness? i also read somewhere that Jerry Hicks death came six months after he rejected what his wife Esther preaches as the Teachings of Abraham. Doubt and disappointment swelled among followers. The embarrassing and now abandoned attempt to pass Jerry Hicks' cancer off as a spider bite put Jerry and Esther in a corner from which there was no easy escape. it does take the determination that you're going to put your thoughts upon something that does feel good. And so, here we're going to make a very bold statement: any disease could be healed in a matter of days, any disease, if distraction from it could occur and a different vibration dominate--and the healing time is about how much mix-up there is in all of that. so why did he started being resistant?

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This is a very common type of question which I believe is purposely allowed to be repeatedly asked & answered, because it's a very important one addressing the fundamentals of spirituality.

However I'm still surprised any time one asks "Why did person X not change Y event?" answers are almost always from a 'failure' perspective, or the inability to react.

I think slightly deeper consideration makes it easy to see reasons why people would avoid certain degrees of interference in their own lives

(26 Oct '13, 19:41) Snow
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Who knows? Maybe Jerry felt that was the way to dispose of his physical body. Some deep seated belief system of his, some unresolved fear, some way that part of him felt it appropriate to discarnate in that manner.

Or, (and this is my likely answer),

Let's say Jerry wanted to experience pure non-physical; and Esther wasn't ready to join him; and he didn't want to say, "Hey Esther, I'm leaving you, see ya on the Other Side." So he consciously or unconsciously chose dis-ease as his way to go.

Though Esther channels Abraham, it does not mean that she or Jerry are perfect. Neither of them ever claimed to be Divine Avatars who could personally cure disease, neither someone else, nor their own.

Jerry and Esther are/were human beings. Abraham often uses examples of their humanity.


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Dollar Bill

I think it was Jerry wanting to go. He wanted to experience the total release of resistance and he wanted to experience pure positive energy. It's hard for me to judge him, he was in his upper 80's. What might I feel then?


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umm that may be a reason but y did he wanted to go with a disease... people do die of natural death at an age of 80..

(25 Oct '13, 13:29) ravishinggal

i will quote what spiritual masters usually say. Its not like i know this in experience.

Usually human beings are designed to live and then die and re-incarnate etc. Very few beat the normal life cycle of humans phsyical existence. Like bababji is supposed to have never died and only appears to some spiritual masters. Jesus beat death to come back etc. But for all others usually you go. Sometimes i have asked the question why God does not come and reveals himself in one swoop to everyone? then everyone would believe. But spiritual masters say this is Divine play. Just like there is no point in watching a movie if everything is right told to you that this hero will in the end survive and conquer everything. Then there is no point to movie.

Same way life has been designed that we go through challenges to eventually remember and experience the Truth and go back Home. Coming back to Jerry thats why when someone dies they have to die through some disease sort of. Anyone who dies is attributed to something. Even when you say Natural death something is failing. This is mostly so people need a reason to someone dying.

As far as Jerry goes since "everyone has to die from this phsyical form" is very strong belief for humans to overcome even as many alreayd know we are not just our bodies. They say Only very already liberated spiritual masters can get above this belief to extent to appear again in same body even after passing away. So its very possible Jerry could not have gotten to truly believe he can live on and on. And maybe he wanted to anyway go too.


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and isn't it true that Jerry didn't die, he just croaked? and to me he lives on in the naritives in the audio books amd the videos of A.H

(25 Oct '13, 18:56) ursixx

croak is just a term used for physically passing away by Abraham since death brings different feelings for people... but yes they say those who pass away in physical life are still accessible through the astral energies... so probably thats how jerry lives on in other ways...

(25 Oct '13, 21:22) abrahamloa

I get the sense that Jerry didn't buy into his wifes teachings 100%. But this doesn't take anything away from the teachings of Ester. She claims that you can have anything and be anything. Well most of mainstream Christianity would have to agree with her, its in all 4 of the gospels and many other sacred writings.

Esters message is as old as the hills and carries much truth.

But as ever the message has to be believed and lived. Im sure Jerry could have walked on water if he had believed his wifes words. I believe anyone on this earth can attain to anything.

And a few do.....and a great many don't.


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Monty Riviera

I think the simple answer is that most of us chose to incarnate knowing that we were going to die someday, that our lifespan would be limited.

Most of us didn't choose an earthly life to learn how to beat death, but rather to learn some other lesson. Beating death would undermine that lesson; if we had all the time in the universe to learn it, then we can always learn it tomorrow.

From a vibrational perspective, we chose a space/time reality with very strong rules about how things work, so fundamentally changing that perspective (while still within that space/time reality) is difficult. The ones who already have that perspective know that death is merely a transition to a different kind of existence anyway. It is not something to be feared, but embraced (after we have learned the lessons we came here to learn).


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yea this is what usually spiritual masters say... is this from knowing from other masters or you have direct experience to say this? i am ok either way but was just curious..

(15 Nov '13, 18:53) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa: If by "direct experience" you mean that I have beaten death, no; I still age. :) It is merely my philosophical point of view.

(15 Nov '13, 20:20) Vesuvius

lol... no i didn't mean you beaten death.. sorry should have been specific.. that we come to this world to learn lessons...

(15 Nov '13, 20:57) abrahamloa
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[Keep in mind I know little to nothing about Esther / Jerry Hicks, Abraham, or anything related to them or their teachings. This answer is at the subject, keeping in mind more information and understanding about them could lead to a different response regarding their specific circumstance.]

There's more at play here than just "did they believe hard enough" or "did they have ability to heal themselves or survive longer." Just because someone chooses to not use their power doesn't mean they don't have it or they/it failed at a critical moment. Yes, beliefs on this topic can be a very difficult to work around for some people, but on some level it's actually very common wanting to age or not interfere with the outcome of your life no matter how much you could if you had the inclination.

Sometimes events happen in this life we'd rather 'truly' forget or get another attempt at. Sometimes when people come here they explicitly make the choice to live as mortals, aging and facing normal challenges in life. Part of this experience can mean wanting to have the powers you voluntarily gave up before arriving here but being unable to do so until you leave.

Even those who do have the ability to do otherwise will make this decision, for more reasons than we could come up with. Once you KNOW there's more to be seen, even if it's just living from the perspective of a different life, it actually becomes surprisingly unlikely to actually choose to stick around here unless there's something in particular you're waiting or looking for.

To one who doesn't have the same 'certainty' (and the subsequent content feeling and peace which comes with) the idea may seem outlandish at first consideration, but with understanding of what comes next and your purpose for being here your outlook on life strongly changes, as does what's important to you, and what you would do if you were given the ability to dramatically alter your life or health in ways some might find 'extreme' or even 'supernatural'.

For those who reach this level and the understanding their purpose is really just to experience life in a new way and they're here because they want to be, the idea of 'dramatically altering the script of their life' can actually become undesirable. Looking into the future, creating or changing events.. Knowing or changing how you're going to die? Even for those who know how and are capable of looking for others, who wouldn't mind "spoiling the surprise" and want to do this for themselves, it's completely different when you're talking about your own future. The knowledge can still be too much to handle or follow through with so they find themselves unable to.

Just awareness can cause some to decide to put down the entire subject outright, in the interest of preserving the 'integrity' of a 'natural' run through life: no pulling any cards or peeking behind any curtains from inside their life experience. Others may have known themselves well enough to foresee they would always choose to use the tools if placed within reach, and so guaranteed living a non-altered existence by stripping their own powers for the duration of a lifetime or placing their control in someone else's hands under instructions they not be used in specifically undesired ways, or only used under particular conditions, etc.

@"umm that may be a reason but y did he wanted to go with a disease... people do die of natural death at an age of 80.."

Well, no, there's no such thing as a natural death or dying by natural causes, ever. We use these phrases to describe when we're not surprised at their passing or are unable to explain it, but people never simply die without a reason. Beyond this once you make the decision you want to age or you want to die you don't often get to pick and choose the specifics of how or when, and even if you could it's another decision not many would actually make once in their reach. Choosing to dictate the specifics of your life takes a great deal out of the experience, whether you're choosing to define how you live or how you die.


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What difference does it make HOW our die? Our bodies will die by one means or another. Dying of cancer may not be your choice, but it is the mechanism that some people choose, either consciously or unconsciously. We create what we focus upon.

(27 Oct '13, 13:25) Beach Baby

Jerry died through cancer, raises many doubts. All the doubts need some strength to turn into hopes. Alter with dynamic thoughts bring back faith. We come in touch with presence which have all answer in itself. Listen to it attentively. It clears all doubts and brings new energy to survive. Experience it. All the Best.


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Similar questions were asked when Jane Roberts, the channel for Seth, died in her fifties. Seth had given her and her husband thousands of words of advice on how to create health. Why didn't she take his advice? What happened?

In Seth's new books he talks about something called the Soul Contract. When we come into physical existence, we do so for a broad purpose. We have free will to create reality, but we do so within a context of identifying our Issues and learning our Lessons. Having learned our Lessons adequately, we become open to making the Transition. The Soul knows when we are going to make our Transition, but the ego pretends that we are immortal. So the ego IS surprised when physical death occurs. It is also surprised to learn that the ego is not annihilated at death. The identity continues.

So why did Jerry Hicks die and why did Jane Roberts die, given that they both had information from Source that could theoretically help them to extend their lives? I would say that they both had accomplished, broadly speaking, what they came to the physical dimension to do in those incarnations. Seth calls it Value Fulfillment. These Souls had fulfilled those particular values that they came to Earth to explore. This is greatly simplified, obviously, but I hope you see the main points. peace love light


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Mark Allen Frost

Maybe because of his experience through the 'manifestation' of 'Abraham' he lacked true conviction that cure was truly possible.... therefore he went through the experience that he had predestined for himself as his culmination of that phase of his duality.


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Being a non-denominational minister I say make your peace with the good Lord of whatever Higher Power cause we don't know how long will be here regardless of beliefs. Proof: Great people die all the time, Evil or negative people live long lives. Reverend Tom


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I sometimes reflect that the journey to get to where I am in my current state of being was long and at times arduous, so I want to protract my current state so that I can enjoy it ... rather than pining to return to All That Is ... only to start all over again!

(15 Nov '13, 18:13) Anney

"Great people die all the time, Evil or negative people live long lives." Great answer Reverend Tom -- should have made a comment when I voted your answer up the other day.

(19 Nov '13, 03:05) ele

LOA is fickle. It never works when you need it badly. Jerry was dying and he must have been trying too hard to apply what he was a firm believer in life. And it didn't happen because to live wasn't his true desire. We talk about contrast but I believe that any desire that is born out of fear always lies un-manifested. Anything that adds something wanted or removes unwanted from our life is supposed to be a desire that is born out of fear. Because we are complete in ourselves we need nothing. But as the soul came into physical plane the only reason is to experience things. There are only two ways, one when we are attracted to something or when we feel repulsed. In both of these moments a desire is born within us. To get more of it or have it completely removed from our life. The kind of desires never manifest. The result brings pain. Its true that soul becomes what it wants to be, but why become attached to something we ourselves created. Or why fear it?

The question you asked has an answer to it. That, although everyone talks about it not many have learnt about our true selves. Even when we know we're afraid. I mean Osho didn't want anything, but he got a fleet of Rolls-Royce and whole world following. It's a paradox in life that when you want nothing, everything comes to you. When you know your real power you don't care whether something you want to experience comes to you or not.

So Jerry having experienced every thing he wanted to, decided to leave the physical, any which way. Swami Vivekananda's guru also died with painful throat cancer. While I won't say that Jerry was enlightened or not but when you want to leave body, it starts to degenerate, one way or another, internally or externally, in pain or in ease. So even though Esther tried all that she could to save Jerry or even Jerry himself out of fear. The fear and the fight against nature brought him the pain not LOA. Desire born out of fear or attachment always gets superseded by our souls desire or our base desire. The fight against it brings pain, of course you can't win with yourself in a fight. And your ego, the pseudo-opponent is not you!

So my dear friend Jerry (the real one) never died in pain. Only the Jerry-ego and Esther-ego felt the pain, because they were in fight against themselves. Part of the Universal Soul that Jerry was has exlerienced all he could in this physical body's limited time and then it returned to manifest again in all it's glory.


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Pankaj Pal

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