I can't find a question related to this topic so I decided to ask this.

I don't feel happy and blissful all the time. Sometimes I feel calm and relaxed. Also, if there's something going wrong in my life, I can choose to feel bad about it or not. I don't know about "every time" but sometimes, I choose to stay calm. But calm is not happy. And happy is being in the vortex.

So, what role does being calm and relaxed really play? I know its better than feeling bad about something but its not in the vortex, so is it less likely to get better if I CAN'T make myself feel happy about it?

it RARELY happens but this question just popped up in my mind. Also, I've noticed that when some desires manifest, I'm not particularly 'happy'. So does that mean that I can only attract events or results that will make me feel more calm and relaxed or just the same as I was feeling before?

I've heard that the fastest way to manifest something is to ask for it, believe in it and have faith and then let go and just move on and feel good.

So, if you let go and feel normal, not bad but not really good either, is it likely that the desire will manifest?

I know I've pretty much turned one question into something else but anyone with a good explanation will be appreciated. Thank you!

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yes @Happyunicorn17 I reckon there's no calmer place to be than in the center of a vortex :)

(07 Sep '15, 01:37) jaz
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Is being calm and relaxed being in the vortex?


It's a weak Vortex alignment, so weak that although technically correct, I don't even personally call it a Vortex-aligned state.

The "Vortex" is Abraham's analogy for a state of alignment between "Broader Self" and "Physical Self". When Broader and Physical Selves are aligned, you have access to some powerful energies ( See Is it true that positive thoughts are 100 times stronger than negative ones? )

Consider the chart below...

alt text

You can say that anywhere from Contentment (#7) upwards is a Vortex-aligned state. But a strong (and useful) Vortex-aligned state is higher up the scale with Joy/Appreciation etc (#1) being optimum.

To make it even clearer, if you map this chart onto a bullseye diagram...

alt text

...then Joy/Appreciation etc are right in the center of the diagram (the most powerful Vortex-aligned state) while being Calm/Relaxed (i.e. Contentment) is out on the edge in the white #1 area.

When trying to get Vortex-aligned, it is best to always aim for the center (if you can). If you can't, then being somewhere on the outer edge of the bullseye is better than nothing :)

To put it another way, being calm and relaxed means that you are not offering much resistance to your Broader Self flowing through you but you are not focused on anything much that your Broader Self is interested in so it doesn't flow through you with any particular "force" i.e. the energy flow is "slow".

Being in Joy/Appreciation means again that you are not offering much resistance to your Broader Self flowing through you but you are now focused on a subject that interests it so much that the energy of it is flowing fast through you...and it's an exhilarating feeling...physical life doesn't get any better than Broader Self flowing strongly through Physical Self.

For a fuller explanation of the interplay between Broader and Physical Selves, see Is life really just about living in a state of bliss?


It occurred to me that for the sake of completeness, I should also mention the "opposite side" to this answer as it might provide some useful insights to someone...

In this answer so far, the questioner is asking from the point of view of someone who is not generally Vortex-aligned about whether the Vortex alignments feel calm and relaxed.

The "opposite side" of this is if someone was asking the question from being dominantly Vortex-aligned.

Now the game changes because of the nature of our fixed emotional ranges.

Over time, a dominantly Vortex-aligned person will not feel anything particularly thrilling or exciting from that alignment. It just feels "normal" and, in fact, this presents some tricky issues in then deciding whether you are actually Vortex-aligned.

There is still relief to be felt in moving from your normal Vortex-aligned state into an even-better-feeling state but it is incrementally much less noticeable than someone experiencing the emotional shift of going from a non-Vortex-aligned state to a Vortex-aligned state.

So, what I'm saying is that, if you are dominantly Vortex-aligned, it can feel at times that genuine Vortex-alignment is just a "normal" calm and relaxed state.

Nothing like a good paradox, is there? :)


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Thanks @Stingray. I guess though that calm and relaxed is better than being in a state of repeatedly trying to be joyful and falling short and therefore falling way down the scale?

(07 Sep '15, 05:20) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - Yes, definitely. Better to be somewhere in the Vortex even if not right in the center. As one practices alignments more and more, it becomes easier and easier to get to "Joy/Appreciation" etc but, at the start, it's perfectly acceptable to just aim for the outer edges first, and gradually, over time, improve the alignments. Just remember that no-one can stay Vortex-aligned forever, since you are an expanding Being, so there's nothing "bad" about falling out of alignment.

(07 Sep '15, 05:27) Stingray

Thanks @Stingray

(07 Sep '15, 05:37) Inner Beauty

Thankyou for that explanation @stingray . It does seem better to be somewhere in the vortex than out of it. Today I went to school only to be told that while I was absent day day before, We had been given some topics that everyone had to prepare and speak on.

(07 Sep '15, 05:51) Happyunicorn17

Everyone was trying to tell me that I had to really hurry up or I'd be in trouble. I told myself I can do it and remained calm .So in one lesson, While chatting and laughing and joking around with my best friend and occasionally writing my speech (lol), I finished it. I spoke really well and my speech was really well written and when I came back home and told them the story and my speech, they looked so proud at my positive and successful approach. Even my teacher told me I did a good job.

(07 Sep '15, 05:51) Happyunicorn17

@Happyunicorn17 - You're welcome

(07 Sep '15, 16:22) Stingray

So true this is Stingray, in my own experience regular vortex alignment has become normal to me, almost as if it's ordinary but the thing is I hardly feel excited anymore nor do I feel much different overall, with the exception of appreciation where I can feel the difference but soon after I'm back into a more neutral and relaxed state. I agree that with dominant vortex alignment jumping into higher states is more easier.

(14 Sep '15, 23:29) Kreatr

Stingray, your answer nails it! it explains expansion in the simplest manner, easily one of your best answers on the quest, loved it!

(14 Sep '15, 23:37) Kreatr

@Kreatr - You're welcome. As with all these In-the-Vortex perspectives, they seem like useless "blah, blah, blah" when you're (predominantly) out of the Vortex and then they seem too blindingly obvious to mention when you're (predominantly) in the Vortex :)

(15 Sep '15, 09:06) Stingray
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Yes. I believe it is. When you relax and are calm and are gentle with life. Life will be calm and gentle with you in return and will give feelings that match. I've experienced this first hand. I used to be wrapped up around feeling good and having total relief and would panic when ever a negative emotion would start to take over.

To me true detachment is about not even worrying about how your vibration is or what you will attract as a result. I find it much easier to just be calm, relax, and to handle life with a gentle approach.

I tend to use a little bit of energy clearing if I need it. I don't as much these days.

When you put to much effort into anything you create a resistance to it.

Just let it go.

Loved your question.


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Thankyou for that! Yep! We just really need to have a positive outlook and not really worry about being in the vortex the whole time thanks!

(07 Sep '15, 05:39) Happyunicorn17

Is being calm and relaxed being in the vortex? hmm

For me the vortex means feeling energy moving fast inside me, this can happen for example when having a rendezvous with a gorgeous new partner, it can also happen doing something dangerous like spinning round a race track, vortex for me means experiencing a high intensity flow of energy. Some soldiers in a high intensity conflict where there life itself is in danger say that the situation is 10x more pleasureable than sex! These situations can be labeled "passion" "joy" "fear" whatever.

I can also feel slow moving energy inside me, for example when sitting on soft green grass overlooking a placid stretch of water, whilst doing the washing, walking around the shops window gazing. These situation can be labeled "content" "boring" "overwhelm" whatever.

Where does happy fit into all this? Imagine an instant that these learned labels disappear in a puff of smoke and just feeling the various flows of energy like listening to music sometimes fast, sometimes slow and all the variations in between. Genuine happiness englobes both very intensely flowing energy patterns, very slow energy patterns + all the other infinite variety of energy patterns in between.

True happiness is living in the now in a state of perfect equilibrium of mind, body and soul.

alt text

and here's a graphic representation

alt text


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