For those who don't know, apparently when one is physically ill it is due to the assumption that his/her energy is not flowing properly, therefore creating "a blockage" which then results in a physical illness.

Since I was 17(am 23 now) I have always had not just a feeling but ACTUAL food stuck in my throat, some days worse then others. Now when I had a video swallow done it showed some food getting stuck in my upper esophagus, so my doctor diagnosed me with a "motilty disorder".

And of course, knowing doctors and the whole medical system, according to them there is no cure, but personally I do not believe in that crap. So my question is, is this physical illness due to energy blockage within my body?? (which I belive so) and if so HOW can I release these blockages so my energy can flow properly once again??

I know meditation is a good way but it is only temporary and does not provivde a full cure and does not ALWAYS work. any body have any thoughts on this subject??

Any information you guys can provide me with will be MUCH appreciated. because personally speaking, this SH*T is REAAAAAAALY starting to annoy me. I just wanna move on with my life and not have to feel this feeling of discomfort on a DAILY BASIS! Thoughts please. Thank you.


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I agree with Stingray. In addition to believing you are vibrantly healthy I would also like to tell you a little about the throat which might help. The throat is the center for communication, the avenue for self expression, and the channel for creativity. The probable thought pattern cause for your throat imbalance is, 'The inability to speak up for oneself. Swallowed anger. Stifled Creativity. And /or, Refusal to change.' The following new thought patterns might be affirmations to practice while you are meditating. "It's ok to make noise. I express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease. I express my creativity, and I am willing to change.' So pick one or all that resonates with you. There are also different exercises which stregthen the energy of your throat. Shoulderstand and plow are yoga posture you could try while breathing deeply. There is also a breathing technique called Ujjayi breath which might help. Ujjayi is a technique where you would slightly constrict your throat and breath to make a sound similar to Darth Vader. Also simple things like screaming and singing are known to break things up and strengthen the throat.

The book I refer to about the mental causes for physical illness and the way to overcome them is called. Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise L. Hay


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First of all, as you say correctly, there is nothing that is incurable and your own absolute refusal to accept what the doctors are telling you is perhaps an indication that you understand this already at a deeper level within yourself.

The ultimate answer as to how you cure yourself is contained in the following sentence (following this paragraph)...the sentence is brief and to the point, will probably raise more questions than answers (and I encourage you to ask those questions), and will probably sound annoyingly simplistic and unhelpful right now...but I can promise you that contained within it is the secret behind all healing methods and it will cure any energy blockage regarding your throat (or anything else in your life) if you can achieve here is the sentence...

When you no longer believe yourself to be a person with that problem, you won't be.


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How do you do that?

(14 Mar '10, 21:39) Vesuvius

See any question/answer on belief change

(14 Mar '10, 23:48) Stingray

Your health problem is being caused by negative thoughts and emotions about a particular thing or a set of things in your life. Now, you contracted this problem at 17 which means that the root of the negative emotions is something or things that started to bother you some time before you contracted this problem.

I have been through a similar health issue and I traced it to a particular part of my life that I was not feeling very good about. My health problem (which I thought was incurable) lasted about 3 years.

I think there are several ways you can cure a health problem. However, I think that as long as you do not work on the source of the problem but just on curing the physical manifestation, then if the source of the problem is still there, the physical manifestation will happen again. It might manifest in a different form but the way it makes you feel will be the same.

So, I think you need to work on the source of your health problem. Now, the way you can identify the cause of the problem, is to think about exactly how your throat issue makes you feel. Does it make you furstrated, depressed or powerless for example? The source of your throat problem will have the same emotions attached to it. However, if there are only a few things in your life that you are not happy about, then the source should be easy to identify. It will be something that keeps coming up again and again which causes you to have very strong negative emotions.

With regards to my problem, it was pretty easy to identify the source as there was only one really big issue in my life at that time that was making me feel depressed. It was related to a relationship I was in at that time.

Once you identify the source, then you need to change the way you feel about that issue. You need to somehow feel better about that particular issue. I partly utilised a method taught by Abraham Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham) in one of their books ‘Ask and It Is Given’ called the ‘Focus Wheel’ method which I have described in one of my answers on the site here.

My point is though, that although there might be several ways to heal your health problem, as long as you don’t change your vibration about the source of the problem, then you have not really cured your health problem.


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All of us have unresolved issues in our lives. What it means that we are more often than not not allowed by society to express our true feelings about certain things. We fake our smiles and pretend that things don't bother us. The feelings that are not expressed freely become suppressed feelings and suppressed feelings reside physically in our body and they can manifest in many different ways. The most common way for them to manifest are physical dis-eases. Here is a piece of information from another book on how you can identify why you feel pain in some parts of your body and what suppressed emotions stand behind them.

Specific body parts
The head signals thoughts and ideals - the way we think life ought to be. The face has to do with what we are presenting to the world. If our presentation is different from what is actually happening inside, our two “faces” are in conflict. As a result, acne may develop. If we have negative thoughts, resentment, and feelings of being inadequate, mucous will develop in the sinuses. Phlegm, the fluid in the throat, is also an indication of negative emotions.

Headaches often constitute repression of memories. They can also signify a conflict between the left and right brains. For example, our right brain knows that we are all-powerful beings— that every one of us is a consciousness superimposed over All That Is. If the left brain opposes it, we develop a headache.

Ear problems can mean there are things in our environment that we don’t wish to hear: abusive language from a spouse; nagging from a mother; or disrespect from a child. When we protect our boundaries, yet realize that we cannot control the behavior of others, this heals. It is also helpful to see the abuse as their reflection, not ours, so that we don’t take it personally.

The thyroid is where we suppress anger at not being heard. If there are pieces of our reality that don’t fit, and we try to ignore them, it effects the thyroid. Teeth and their roots are connected to bones, therefore, they indicate conflicts with parental figures or societal attitudes. Teeth have to do with how palatable parental teachings were. If we cannot accept a life situation, our teeth may become hypersensitive. Teeth also pertain to the need for aggression.

Problems with gums indicate something we cannot swallow in life. It is stuck and bothering us, so it becomes an abscess in the mouth.

The neck is where thoughts and ideals meet - reflecting the way life is for us. Light workers often have neck problems because the way they would like life to be and the way life appears, is at variance. That conflict meets in the neck.

A lot of people have atlas problems, meaning the head isn’t on straight. This indicates a dramatic conflict between ideal and reality and an inability to embrace the folly of mankind. If we can start to see the perfection underlying all things, by looking at the larger picture, this conflict goes away.

The shoulders, arms and hands reflect that which is done to us or that which we are doing to another. The hands indicate the present moment. Arms mean it may be less obvious or more under the surface. Shoulders indicate that we have been trying to push it into the past. If our feelings were hurt today, it manifests in the fingers. If we are still hurting over something that happened last week, it will possibly manifest in the arm, up toward the elbow. If there are issues from our childhood or from past relationships that we suppress, we find that in the shoulders or back.

Specific areas of the hands indicate different things. The top joint or section of the fingers has to do with ideals and the mental. The middle joint has to do with emotional issues. The lower joint has to do with the physical body. For example, when someone is hostile towards our spiritual beliefs and makes fun of a sacred object or a spiritual book we hold dear, we may develop a problem with the top joint of the finger. If someone makes fun of our intellect or our ability to solve problems, it also manifests in the top joint. One young woman who had developed a huge tumor in the brain came to me. Her husband’s favorite nickname for her was “brain dead.” That was an insult to the mental and she continually injured the top joints of her fingers.

The area below the shoulders down to the hips has to do with our desires and passion and our self-expression of the things we love to do.

Liver problems indicate anger. Kidney problems indicate fear. Sacrum problems indicate that we feel unsupported.

The hip area is where we balance between how we desire to live and how we are actually living. For example, a man wants to be an artist but his parents forced him to become a lawyer. Therefore, he develops problems in the hips.

The pubis bone can lock in the front. There is a cartilage joint that should move, and if it doesn’t, it throws the back out of alignment. It locks when our sexuality is being drained. For example, when a young boy is expected to be the man in the family, he may start to shield his masculinity because he feels his energy being drained. If a woman is abused sexually, the pubis will lock.

Sexual organs relate to our ability to be active in reproduction.

Legs reflect how we are moving forward through life. The man who becomes a lawyer instead of an artist may also be prone to hurting his legs. Since his artistic talent is part of his feminine side, and the masculine is crowding it out, it will likely manifest in his left leg.

Knees reflect our flexibility towards what is happening to us. For example, a woman may have a sore right knee when she is being inflexible with her husband.

Problems with the feet indicate how we are moving through life in the present moment. For example, a man has many wonderful ideas at his job but his boss won’t give him the freedom to follow those ideas, so his masculine side becomes stuck. He may have a car accident and jam the bones of his masculine foot, because his life is jammed from moving forward at this time.

(excerpt from 'Life of Miracles' by Almine)


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The doctors see it as a physical problem. But what if it's just a physical indicator of stress, or some dis-ease that is mental in nature? Some people's esophagus will tighten as a result of stress, and you may just be well-practiced at it by now.

So here is my suggestion. Pick up the Focusing book, by Eugene Gendlin, and see if you can use his techniques to get at the feelings underneath the tightness in your throat. I suspect that, if you come to an understanding about where the feeling originates, that it will disappear of its own accord, and so will the physical symptoms associated with it.


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This is essentially the same thing as Rani said in his answer, except that he said it better than I can. The Focusing method I describe here is a way to get at the "source" of the problem.

(14 Mar '10, 21:42) Vesuvius

Seems to be an interesting book you have suggested here...Btw, it doesn't bother me too much, but I am definitely not a "he". I like the fact that you have decided I am a guy. I wonder why...

(16 Mar '10, 22:09) Pink Diamond

@Rani: I've given some thought as to why I got your gender wrong, and the thing that seems to resonate strongest in my mind is that, absent any other gender cues, your name (in my mind) sounds like "Ronnie," which is a distinctly male American name.

(17 Mar '10, 02:21) Vesuvius
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Open the link at the end of the post.

Use the magic of water, magic of food and conscious breathing from Step I: Magic Physical Training and the autosuggestion technique from Step II introduction. To say something about the the first three, you put the idea of health in your food during every eating, in the set of breaths you take during the short exercise and use the astral and magnetic properties of water of remove the illness or gain health. For the last method this quote should serve well, go to the book if you want to know the actual technique.

Now the question arises: what kind of wishes can be accomplished by autosuggestion? Principally, every wish can be fulfilled as far as mind, soul and body are concerned, for example: refining of the character, repression of ugly qualities, weaknesses, disorders, recovery of health, removal and promotion of various aptitudes, development of faculties, and so on. Certainly, desires having nothing to do with the personality as lottery numbers and such can never be fulfilled.

Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

Now if you really want to get through this problem, you should see this. But read carefully to avoid mistakes (at the beginning I thought I have to use the conscious breathing constantly) and boost effectiveness.


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Yes, when all else fails read: “Miracle of the Mind” By Russell Targ, and Jane Katra. This is a very intriguing book about healing!


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I have had tonsilitis back to back for a while and then strep throat, and then a sore throat, and began to worry. I am an herb person and that is how I stay healthy. The herbs got rid of the infection, but it would soon come back, like within a 2 week time period. I went to a naturapathic dr. and he told me I had an energy blockage to the spleen. So I rented something called a blue tube and I held it to a certain pressure point in my body for a few minutes and within a one month time the energy blockage was remover. No more sore throats . Just thought you guys needed to know this. Also ,sometime a persons swallowing problem as with me was stress, I was having panic attacks and was told to take b complex about 6 a day, and it did relax my throat muscles. God bless you all. s.s

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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sandy woolwine

dear friend take some HOMEOPATHIC will be helped


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haaa ok guys, thanks for the info. that was MUCH appreciated:). but personally when it comes to something "mental" i just dont have the patience, so FOR NOW that will not be an option for me. you guys have to remmember, im only 23. majority of you guys are pushing bout 40 sooooo LOL! its gonna take a while by the time i reach your level MENTALLY. so in the mean time i will go with brians advice and try some PHYSICAL excersices. thankks brian, nuff respect bro lol. thanks to all though....blesses. Peace


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Mebb, this is such a good example that words don't teach, it is life experience that teaches. Unfortunately, that is the way it goes.

(16 Mar '10, 22:14) Pink Diamond
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