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Here is a meditation technique that has been life changing for me and for many others. First some benefits that can be obtained only with this one technique over the long term.

  • Achieve Goals
  • Conquer Fears
  • Lose Weight
  • End Anxiety
  • Master Public Speaking
  • Boost Confidence
  • End Social Anxiety
  • Sleep Better
  • ...

Most meditation practices are about stopping the thought process. Of course, this is an excellent way of raising your vibration and feeling better for a few hours or even a whole day. This is true and great of course.

On the downside, hours or days later you often have to handle a flood of negative emotions and thoughts that need to be integrated in other ways. Because, to be honest, regular meditation isn't solving your emotional problems in life. Strictly speaking, it is a form of avoidance behavior.

Avoidance can be a good thing in many cases, but if your emotional problem is huge and keeps coming back despite your best efforts to distract yourself, it isn't actually beneficial. It just gets bigger and bigger. And therefore experiencing your avoided emotions afterwards can be very overwhelming... especially if you don't even know what those feelings inside mean.

But with this daily meditation practice you can kill two birds with one stone. It not only gives you the benefits of regular meditation (feel much better immediately), but it also helps you in overcoming major negative issues that bothered you your whole life often in just 2-3 sessions...and they disappear for good!

So here it is and it's all free:

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Seems pretty cool, I will give this one a try later tonight. Thanks! :)

(08 Jul '13, 19:06) ikaruss21

Had a long comment written but then hit "Post your answer" instead of "comment" and lost the typed. I just want to say it's great, but I combine it with "regular" meditation for better results. But I start with this type of meditation.

(09 Jul '13, 10:46) Notgonnatellyou

@ikaruss21 @Notgonnatellyou I hope you enjoy it :). And indeed you can integrate it easily into your daily routine. "lost the typed" Here is a previous comment from Stingray to avoid this type of things happening "Try installing the Lazarus Form Recovery addon into your web browser. It's free and it saves you from this sort of thing happening: external link (opens in new window) I've been using it for a few years and it has saved me a number of times"

(09 Jul '13, 11:02) releaser99

Argh, I keep meaning to try this out, but I can't now cos I'm away from home for a few days now. Hopefully I'll remember when I get back, you always give good recommendations @releaser99, so this is probably good!

(13 Jul '13, 21:02) cassiopeia

I am stuck on hemisync gateway experiance, To teach people tecnique, but now i am ok to do it on my own, or if i want the bionerial beets, i use equisync

(13 Jul '13, 21:24) TReb Bor yit-NE

This is really, really good. Thank you for sharing!

(16 Jul '13, 18:45) corduroypower

it makes me laugh that someone said this.Because, to be honest, regular meditation isn't solving your emotional problems in life. Strictly speaking, it is a form of avoidance behavior. is it that the technique is not working or that the meditator does not meditate properly? then can we say that he did not find the proper way to deal with is emotional problem? then what to blame the technique the level of awareness and learning of the meditator?

(22 Apr '14, 10:52) white tiger

if one ride a bike and like it except when he fall out of balance and fall what can he blame? And why would he sell it or tell other it is the best technique to meditate? it is easy you avoid to think. if you cannot think how will you solve your problem or find out the cause of your inner turmoil? yes it is easy to do and easy to sell to make money. is it what is desire or should I say does it serve the proper perpace? then why does many people try it? because it is easy?

(22 Apr '14, 10:56) white tiger

if it is so easy why do you encounter such resistance from your self to try to not think to avoid the source of the problem. is it a problem of balance between easy and hard? of going in one extreme and falling in the other? the door is narrow. the middle path is like walking on a razor blade. why rely on someone else to find what is in you? If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.

(22 Apr '14, 11:02) white tiger

fear is the last narrow door to overcome. know your self. who am I to tell you this you ask your self. one that is greater then john. a little child of seven days told you this. I am who I am. if you follow the truth and have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth will set you free. I am your helper. Seek and you shall find. seek with in if you look for a savior with out in this world often you will deceive your self and often you will be deceived by your elected savior.

(22 Apr '14, 11:37) white tiger

the effects of this meditation are very similar to antar mouna

thanks @abhishek mishra

(22 Apr '14, 13:15) jaz
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Will terrible things happen if I stop trying to micro-manage my thoughts>feelings connection?

Thank you for this valuable question. I think this is exactly what Abraham miss out (or what we don't understand) when they talk about deliberate creation. They say that deliberate creation is about thinking better thoughts and they also say that negative emotions are our guidance.

But what we often think what those words mean is this: "Hate, combat and, if you can, kill your negative emotions. Because if you can't kill them, they will kill you through the Law Of Attraction! And you will die in pain. Muwhahahaaaaaaaaaa (evil laugh)..." :)

But what we often don't get is that negative emotions/thoughts are not our enemies. They are just valuable contrast as Abraham would say. In fact, they are like our best friends.

Ignoring and pushing away strong negative emotions is like slapping the postman who delivers your letters.

Negative emotions are just messages like letters with valuable information. If the message is very important and you ignore it, it will come back again and again and again... There is no need to hate the messenger, nor the message. Just acknowledge the message completely. Embrace it, touch it, smell it, know it.

And then know what you do want instead.

There is nothing wrong with the postman. There is nothing wrong with the message either.

Just acknowledge the message fully and know what you do want instead. Abraham would say "Know what you don't want first to know what you do want".

And don't be afraid of your negative thoughts. Be playful about them. If you want, think negative thoughts deliberately just to have fun with them. It's OK. Because have soooo much leeway.

The reason is because well-being/love is so extremely dominant in the universe.

That's why there are so many people who think negative thoughts almost all the time and they still survive very well. I had severe panic attacks for a long time and I didn't manifest many bad things as you would think.

Always keep in mind that positive thoughts are 100+ times stronger than negative thoughts.


answered 17 Jul '13, 21:47

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Thanks so much for this explanation. I have to meditate on this until I really get it! I feel like it might be my personal missing piece.

(18 Jul '13, 04:40) corduroypower

Fine response, releaser99. Abraham do touch on this briefly but you really, really have to quell, release and diffuse the energy that may be keeping you back from what you want before you can put your attention on what you do want else you'll go round in circles. I guess they do sum up their whole message with 'release all resistance and it's yours' so you could argue most of your 'work' is in releasing the thoughts that keep us rooted to let in what we do want.

(18 Jul '13, 18:48) Focus Dude

P.S. One coach calls it 'finding neutral' like a gear stick, and that could simply be relief, before attempting to go forward. Really works for me

(18 Jul '13, 18:49) Focus Dude

I've been doing this for a few months now, although a bit less formal and more off-the-cuff than in the initial video: I just sit and feel for anything that feels weird, and then try to embrace that feeling and feel very compassionate toward it (which is pretty easy to do, once it stops being a thought and just becomes the sensate focus, if that makes sense) and generally the feeling fades or changes. And I try, when possible, to do the same when a feeling pops up after...

(10 Sep '13, 02:46) corduroypower

having an upstream/out of alignment thought or experience during the day (although I find that harder to do, just logistically, because I find that it works best if I can really treat it as a meditation, and seek quiet first). I can't really even describe how useful this is being for me. It has led to me having what is a very basic realization, that our individual world is an exact reflection of our beliefs, and that I have spent a lot of time lying to myself about my own beliefs! Basic, but...

(10 Sep '13, 02:48) corduroypower

really useful to me. This technique has also enabled me to see, for the first time, how out of touch I often am with my own emotions and feelings about things. (Which I never, never would have said, since I'm your typical sensitive nerd, you know. I would have said that I was quite in touch with my emotions, in fact!) And that realization in turn led to me finally getting that everything really is a vibrational journey, that honestly feeling where you are right now has to be the first step...

(10 Sep '13, 02:50) corduroypower

or you're lost before you even get started. And that you can indeed feel your way to belief. I don't know why it's taken me so long (mumble mumble years) to get this basic stuff, but I feel very grateful that it sunk in. Thanks so much to @releaser99 for bringing this technique to our attention. This has been huge for me.

(10 Sep '13, 02:52) corduroypower

@corduroypower Thank you for sharing your experience. And you are welcome of course. Isn't it nice to get those deep realizations about life? :) "This technique has also enabled me to see, for the first time, how out of touch I often am with my own emotions and feelings about things." I believe that once you realize this, it is over. Because then you've figured reality creation out exactly and nothing can stop you.

(10 Sep '13, 08:42) releaser99

Since you find this useful, I recommend you bring this technique to the next level. Go to and log in using the password "mc2free" (without using quotation marks). Once you are logged in, scroll down and click on "PART 2" of the course. There you will learn an advanced "grid building" technique which is very powerful.

(10 Sep '13, 08:42) releaser99

@releaser99, I really like your response. Thank you, very helpful reminders.

(04 Dec '13, 15:00) figure8shape
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So I am working my way through the audio tracks on the fellow's website ( and I'm finding it very interesting and thought-provoking and it's pretty much blowing my mind. I'm wondering if anyone else who's working with this stuff can clarify something for me.

Normally, I take unpleasant physical/emotional sensations (what the meditation calls "energies") as a sign that I'm thinking thoughts that are in opposition to what I really want/what my Inner Being knows/etc, insert your metaphor here. And so when I'm feeling a knot of tension in my solar plexus, I think "Okay, what am I thinking about?" and often I'm thinking about something in a worrying way, and I can tweak the thoughts a bit and I will feel better. But not always - sometimes it feels like the feeling just has a life of its own, and then I start off on the "What am I doing wrong?!? Why do I feel this way?!?" treadmill. So this technique immediately strikes me as very, very useful to neurotic types like me, to STOP pushing against the feeling and just observe it and see what happens.

But I'm so immersed in the Abraham-type worldview, where emotions signal the vibrational content of your thoughts, that I feel some slight confusion - or maybe mild guilt! Is it really okay to stop trying to manage my feelings and just observe them? Will terrible things happen if I stop trying to micro-manage my thoughts>feelings connection?

(Even asking this question feels kind of ridiculous. Hah. Be gentle!)


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yes, it's ok.

(30 Nov '13, 16:52) Inner Beauty

Yes this is a very effective meditation technique for overcoming negative issues ... from the video i particularly retain these phrases;

"profound insight comes through awareness of your subtle body energies, your inner world is the only thing you can ever truly know and when you get to know it you're going to find that, that one connection is also your connection to everything else and to real knowledge"

"this approach has a tremendous capacity to transform on so many levels"

A "guided meditation" as described in the video and a "virtual viewing" are as alike as two peas in a pod. Virtual viewing was developed from remote viewing by Dr. Simeon Hein, both processes use guided meditation and words as tools to keep your awareness focused.

Virtual viewing can used not only for investigating personal negative issues but also for exploration of past, present and future events.

In the following video you can actively participate in a virtual viewing session, the real value of the exercise is when you learn something about yourself ... have fun :)


answered 21 Apr '14, 05:27

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