Thoughts (persistent ) become things,im sold on that.

But do we receive things,situations and states physically that are a product of thoughts made ,not in this incarnation ,but a previous one?


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would say that thoughts or LOA are more recent and about the present life. Karma extends in to present and future lives caused by our behaviors.

(16 May '11, 15:04) RPuls

I used to think that,and still mostly do.But if karma stretches to a FUTURE life as you say...then could it have done that in,and from, a past life? Can you see what i mean? Im with you really,but if karmas karma, and it stretches infront of us,then it could have done that before.

(16 May '11, 16:47) Monty Riviera
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well in reality we see these lifes from, past to presant but in reality, they all are from teh higher self now, and trhis si why certian peole experiance things from the "previous " lifes as well as people who have "multipal personalitys" are actualy having issues with the filters of these multiple lives at one time,, it is a bleed through of energy from these lifes that cause this, when you understand it in THIS fasion then you tend to see it as not mannifeting from previous lives , but experianceing and mannifesting them because we have found that spicific connection to that part of our higher self !

if this makes sense lol

love n light,



answered 16 May '11, 16:31

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I think i know what you mean Rob.So we have multiple lives in the "NOW " and time not being linear we think this may stem from the past. Is that what you mean.Stuff seeping or leaking thru from a present time reality,albeit a different one than we think we occupy now.

(16 May '11, 16:50) Monty Riviera

yes exactly actualy if u want to hear my source talk a little about it listen to this if u never seen my channeling maybey just listen,, it is easier ,,,, lol this expalins the EXACT issue but u hit it right on the head ,, alot of the ideals i have i learn from my source, and with your interest i think you would like him,,, love n light

(16 May '11, 22:17) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I am reading Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy and it goes along those lines that we are on a learning journey. That certain decisions and feelings are the product of residual emotions and or unresolved conflicts from our souls past. If we resolve those issues with or without the knowledge of our past it is a step forward. And we better our chances for a better future self.
It is a good read.


answered 16 May '11, 14:09

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Cheers ursixx i will follow the thread. I got the idea for the question from a character called baba,an indian mystic type chappy. He was on U tube next to Nev Goddard.I will read your thread and look into it. I must confess the thought of past life thoughts affecting my current reality wouldnt have occured to me.

(16 May '11, 14:20) Monty Riviera

I had heard of it before but never really considered it.Until I read this book. One does get affected in this life from actions of this over simplify say you fall off a horse and refuse to ride ever again due to the fear of falling off again and if you don't change that belief/fear.It stays with you. True? And in that sense why wouldn't follow your soul. If you follow the logic that most souls are not new souls. and if you think about stingrays question that we are developing

(16 May '11, 14:43) ursixx

and this life is just one more step along a long journey that of course we have baggage from this journey ( who does have trinkets from a holiday?) Peace Monty

(16 May '11, 14:46) ursixx
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Abraham often said that they just want us to enjoy our vortex things in this lifetime and it doesn't necessary to die or reincarnate for enjoying the good things we put there. :)

I think that we all put all kind of thought forms into the future not limited by this lifetime. Karma, I think exists in the context of unmanifested thoughts what we create at this or another lifetime, maybe from our future lifetime (time is not exists as we experience).


answered 16 May '11, 19:42

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Tibor S.

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