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what are the vibrational exercises that you all do on the regular basis..,for keeping yourself in the "feeling good state" for the entire day or for manifesting something.

love,light n blessings..


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I work out. That's enough. Don't need anything else.

(05 Dec '12, 05:39) CalonLan

But on non-regular basis, singing and dancing is great for me. I hear a lot of people using mind thinking about this and that. Sometimes they even get caught in thinking too much. Like I would be thinking about dancing to feel good, why? If I can just dance.

Using thoughts to reach state of feeling good, will never catch up with doing the thing you'd think of otherwise. It's two different worlds of dwarfs and giants.

(05 Dec '12, 06:42) CalonLan

Meditate... I can't put into words how incredible it is for me.

Maybe I'm crazy (lol) but I LOVE working out. And meditating while I work out. Ahhhhhhhhh:)

I love 'exploring' if you wanna call it that... go out in the world and see what happens.:) The only "manifestation technique" I do is probably visualize, but I've always been an art-sy person and love creating pictures.

My general goal is- find something fun and enjoyable, and go for it. Leave fear behind and trust in yourself.:)

(07 Dec '12, 22:33) LapisLazuli
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I am experimenting to make the following tools a daily habit and they are highly effective for me so far. After waking up i do

Then while working on my computer during the day i work with Stingray's Focus Blocks spreadsheet just for a few minutes at the breaks if something important pops up in my mind. Sometimes i also do the Focus blocks in combination with Faster EFT. In the Focus Blocks statements there are also "Wouldn't it be nice...?" -questions that i throw in once in a while.

I realize this makes an impression as if i were obsessed with those tools :). And probably i am :D.


I do not recommend doing Zhan Zhuang on one's own any longer - not because it's not possible to learn it his way but it's just too easy to push it further than one is ready to handle. If you can commit yourself to doing no more than 5-10 minutes/day for a year at least - go for it! But if not, you might find yourself experiencing very uncomfortable side-effects. I'm just speaking from experience :).


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@releaser-wow..,u have planned ur daily vibrational exercises ,so well.. :)))

(05 Dec '12, 03:54) supergirl

@releaser99 - Seriously impressive example :) As for being obsessed, I think when one genuinely comes to an inner realization that our physical lives are nothing more than a direct reflection of our vibrational states then not only is this kind of dedication not obsessive, but it actually seems ludicrous not to (at least) devote this kind of time and attention to cultivating your vibration. The pay-off is so big in every area of your life for such a relatively small time investment.

(05 Dec '12, 04:12) Stingray

@stingray- "The pay-off is so big in every area of your life for such a relatively small time investment.."..,very very true..

(05 Dec '12, 04:15) supergirl

@releaser99 This doesn't sound at all excessive to me. I commit to spending thirty minutes in the morning and then another 10, 20 or 30 minutes before bed. A systematic programme like yours works really well for me and is easier than constantly reminding yourself to think high vibration thoughts. If I miss the evening session I notice it the next day.

(05 Dec '12, 08:19) Catherine

I really like the idea of Zhan Zhuang. Thanks for sharing Releaser :)

(05 Dec '12, 08:51) lastplacefavourite
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I have been doing the Bashar exercise's Transformative Shifting and Sacred Circuits (found In Cory's Comment)

Along with using David Childerly's EFT videos for getting into the vortex and for abundunce twice a day (eight videos altogether that can be found in his uploaded videos here)

Sometimes if I feel inspired to I will use a guided meditation, usually Abraham-Hicks for 15 minutes.

Whenever I have a bad feeling thought I will write it down and then use an Abraham grid to find a better feeling later on.

I have always got a bag of crystals around me, just on me or playing with specific ones.

Finally I am just starting to write a story starring myself as the main character in which I am leading what I see as my perfect life with everything that I would like to do and be like as the subject.

I am very interested in everything that Stingray has to offer, When I read his answers and follow his links something seems to click. So I will no doubt be including more of everything he talks about on here into my daily routines.

Thank you everyone for being you, making me feel so welcome here and for contributing positively to our existence.

I truly love you all. 8D


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As CalonLan Mentioned above excerise is very good at making you feel good, So I try to get as much as possible (which is hard seeing as I drive at work)

(05 Dec '12, 10:15) lastplacefavourite

Keep some resistance bands in your car to do stretching and resistance while parked and waiting.

(05 Dec '12, 10:31) Fairy Princess

I will have to do that :) I don't have much waiting to do but it sounds like a good idea to do anyway. Thank you Fairy Princess :)

(05 Dec '12, 10:43) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite - I like your comment about writing a story starring yourself. Great idea! Thanks!

(05 Dec '12, 10:52) figure8shape

Thank you figure8shape it came to me the other day when thinking about visualising and other techniques to help you to feel the same vibration as what you are trying to manifest. I was also inspired by my love of role playing games on the playstation, so the combination of the two in a format that is easily accesible (using a pen and paper) just seemed natural.

(05 Dec '12, 11:12) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite- wonderful.. :))) thank u fr sharing with all of us, even,ur very much loved here..dear.. :))) God bless you..-love,light n blessings...

(07 Dec '12, 00:21) supergirl
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Meditation is my daily spiritual exercise (both sitting and "on the go"--even if for a minute here and there throughout the day works really well for me).

I play with a "singing bowl" daily, for a good feeling vibration in the mornings and evenings, or whenever I feel the want. It helps to align/synergize energy and creates a relaxed feeling state.

I use the Focus Blocks method developed by @Stingray. This has really helped me out tremendously. If you want to really know more about your beliefs (conscious and subconscious), Focus Blocks helps you to realize them and make adjustments as necessary.

I also repeat short mantras in my head, to stay focused on good things and good feeling thoughts.


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@figure8shape- me too "meditation is my favorite one,i also do it many times in a day..,here n there ,for 5-10 minutes. i also liked the idea of "chanting short mantras.."..its helps a lot to keep ur mind directed n focussed. thank you fr the answer.God bless.. :)))

(07 Dec '12, 00:25) supergirl

I do EZ Deletion Sequence in the morning. When I do it every day, things are great! It is the days I don't do it, because I feel so much better than before, that I notice things aren't as great as the days I do it. I have been feeling so good lately, that I wasn't finding things to clear, so I came up with clearing through the emotions systematically.

I do Two Hands Touching as needed throughout the day. Sometimes I do THT with other techniques like visualization.

I also do my exercises, which include stretching, balance and core. I don't do resistance right now, because most of my muscles are already tight from injuries, and I am working on releasing them.


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Fairy Princess

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@fairy priness- thank you fr the answer :)))

(07 Dec '12, 00:22) supergirl

I have a notebook wherein I write all kinds of thoughts, realizations and whatever things I find important. I like to think that the process of writing them down enables me to remember and integrate them easier in my life. It also gives me a sense of progress.

Also, dealing with negative feelings and beliefs becomes a bit easier for me if I write them down. It makes them easier to deal with when you can see them right in front of you and not as some vague feeling or thought in your head.

So basically, I write down everything I feel I need to work on, remember or change in myself. For me, it has definitely worked. If I look back to something I wrote down a year ago, I can see that I'm a totally different person today.


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