While attempting to access certain areas of consciousness, some internal, some external, I am encountering resistance which takes a few different forms.

Sometimes it's only a feeling without an identity, no indication it's coming from anywhere, just myself feeling "I shouldn't be here." or "I need to run. Get away, as far and as fast as you can."

Other times it comes from an entity other than myself. They've taken different forms according to different situations, but they can be most easily described as what I feel are 'guardians' or 'sentinels.'

How they approach their objective varies, but they always seem to be clearly trying to discourage me from looking into Akashic records, looking at particular pieces of information or knowledge, or even participating in the practice to approach the situation in the first place. Sometimes they seek to threaten or intimidate, other times warn or worry, confused or misdirect. It seems they don't care about the methods, only the ends. And their means can be positive, negative, or otherwise to reach them.

Despite sometimes seeming like hostiles or posing as allies, I am not entirely convinced they are actually malevolent, benevolent, or either at all. Any similar experiences or thoughts on the subject are welcomed. Thanks. ^_^

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asked 16 Nov '13, 00:24

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snow, perhaps their message is one of remanding you that it is not safe at this time of your development to have such knowledge that you are demanding. particularly, if one does not believe in coincidences

(16 Nov '13, 05:05) fred

Yes fred, this point in particular has been come up a few times, though usually in a bit of a different way. I've got fuzzy memory patches, and while playing around with them in meditation I've come to the understanding I'm not ready to emotionally handle one part or another or it'd be dangerous.

This however is applied to a more 'broad' spectrum, like trying to access other's information or things which don't similarly trigger the feeling I have personal investment in the reason I'm not ready.

(16 Nov '13, 05:11) Snow

In the former example I'm pretty clearly sure about the cause and the reason to be warned away, and it's always a 'warning' with no mystery around its purpose. It clearly says "You can't handle this yet."

The entities I refer to here use other methods to discourage related activities. Making me fear the experience, trying to convince me it will hurt myself or others if I do, trying to come up with logical or emotional reasons to discourage progress. Including positive encouragement.

(16 Nov '13, 05:13) Snow

@snow if someone could tell you all the truth about your self and you are not able to handle it. should that person tell you? if that person know you are not ready he can stay silent and wait for you to be ready and give you what you are able to handle according to your level of understanding. and in this world many cannot receive the truth, since truth as no division and many are divided in them self.

(16 Nov '13, 18:56) white tiger

@white tiger I complete agree that many are divided within themself and I'm happy to let you know that I have a feeling of oneness in all forms of my behaviour. I thank you for giving so easy example that people can understand and I pray for all to have the feeling of oneness within and not divided. March towards destination that directed with the feeling of oneness (no anger, axiety,or any kind of teasers).

(17 Nov '13, 23:49) PERFECT GOOD
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Interesting synchronicity, at work yesterday the subject of the spirit world came up. And the person I was working with related to us an experience she had with a medium. She had a participant in several séances and had received relevant information to her and people around her. At what was to be her last sitting she was told that she really didn't need to be involved in the spirit world. The her place was in the here and NOW.
@fred comment in the 3rd related topic
"not a process to share but, perhaps more is written of you with every action and thought you take, likened to a history book or kept journal. at one time he thought he wanted to know what a reader could see that he does not, but now it matters little, as he acknowledges the responsibility for his daily thoughts and actions, becoming what it is he believes himself to be"


answered 16 Nov '13, 03:13

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