I'll try to explain my question as smoothly as possible. I was having a discussion among good friends and we came to a few conclusions about this mystery. Now, a lot of people at times tend to have the notion that in some way life repeats itself. Nonetheless, take into account the theory or belief of past lives as far as your soul coming back to learn the lesson you were meant to learn (repetition), on an even smaller scale, do you think situations in life will repeat themselves until you learn the lesson you were supposed to learn, as well as get the desired outcome you wanted (but may have not been able to handle at the time)?

For instance, I'll use a very close friend's past pursuit as an example. No, this is not about me, I have no qualm admitting when a situation is if you haven't read my previous question posted on this forum. Anyways, years ago as a very insecure, very fearful, confused and conflicted dude with absolutely no spiritual foundation (but had the motivation) wanted something with all of his heart, soul and mind. He confronted the situation under a constant false pretense of boldness and admits now that had what he wanted manifested, he wouldn't have been able to handle the pressure alone, much less the actual manifestation.

Long story short, what he wanted did not happen back then...in fact, it went the complete opposite. Years later, in a very interesting and ironic turn of events, the situation all year has been hinting in the most ironic and coincidental ways as it did years ago, almost like his life is repeating itself for him to reclaim a missed opportunity and come out victorious this time around. Let me tell you, it is quite uncanny how some of it has unfolded, the good and the bad.

He is no longer the person he once was and I'm quite sure is ready and able to handle what he wants (despite his deep fear from time to time, but that's natural). Lessons have all been learned, painful ones as well as ones of triumph and most importantly being his own worst enemy, as that is usually the case in life for us, blocking our own way. We can all feel it for him that something is about to change for him, something big. To me, it would seem pointless for things to work out like they have this year for it to NOT happen (despite the struggle he's been victorious over, same lessons that crushed him years ago).

The only life lesson I can even see in this situation is victory, and that's got a lot to do with his positive transformation, faith, his tenacity and his perseverance. Hopefully that example is descriptive enough for what I'm asking you. Do you think God, universe, source, etc. will arrange things corresponding to past events to give the desired outcome of things that were supposed to happen in the past, and didn't? Do you think situations in life will repeat themselves to get the desired outcome you wanted (but may have not been able to handle at the time)?

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The Chosen One123


And allow me to emphasize, the stakes are high

(21 Nov '13, 02:30) The Chosen One123

Thank you. Very good insight

(26 Nov '13, 19:07) The Chosen One123

Good link @jaz

Applicable to many queries asked here. I especially like the anonymous quote ~

"When you blame others, you give up your power to change."

"When someone blames someone else for the bad things that happen, a victim mentality is created & empowered. Not taking responsibility lowers self esteem" ~

Henrik Edberg

Thanks !!!

(02 Jan '23, 14:23) ele
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Whatever happens, happens because it was what you/or your friend - designed as the experience that you - in the deepest part of you - designed to occur for you to experience it ..... so - do that! And don't stress the details - just go with the experience.


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Thank you, good perspective to have. I guess being more laid back about the situation might be helpful.

(21 Nov '13, 11:55) The Chosen One123

The Chosen One, this is a huge synchronicity for me! You could be describing me there. I came close to having all my dreams, and they are what most people would call 'huge' dreams but I ended up at rock bottom instead, as I failed, and that's how I discovered going inward and inward quest, and it's been a 3 year journey to wholeness, to being able to remain in the vortex on a consistent basis with no real effort.

I have recently discovered a new way of being in the vortex which is this, I can deliberately mould my thoughts and feelings really fast to align with the things that I want and hey presto, the doors to that world open up to me, and really really fast. It's sort of like I can tune myself from within to what I want and it shows itself to me in my reality.

All the things I wanted to achieve, previously, are now there in my email inbox. One after the other, deals, offers, 'big' money (in the millions). I applied for a premium bank account and that came today, with "massive" benefits attached, a personal concierge ete. Now I know how to align with that life, I know what thoughts to think to just put my foot on the gas and just go but, today, I'm thinking (Actually, I'm playing with some resistant thoughts) to hold it at arms length. (I can't lose any of it so I can take my time - because all those deals are coming from within me.)

I am very, very happy in my life as it is now. I never thought I could be happy without my 'dreams' but I am and I don't live with 'lack' per se but I do live with limits. Now I know how to bypass those limits (I know which thoughts to remove to do this) I'm wondering whether I should. We do, after all, come into these bodies to know boundaries and limitations. It's as if there are two doors open to me, the basking, savouring happy, quiet-ish life I'm leading now and the super fast, mega-successful life of my dreams and I know how to tune myself from within to do either. It's a straight choice for me now.

So, yes, absolutely, I do believe you get what you want when you're ready to handle it. In this 'successful' life I know the 'clean' thought patterns I would need to hold to remain positive or neutral 24/7 now whereas before my thoughts used to run all over the place with worry about "failure". But, failure doesn't exist because failure can only come from you running the thought pattern that then ensures the failure manifests. Because I KNOW about deliberate creation I can be successful now in a way that I would not have been possible if this had all stayed for me the last time.

Thank you for asking this question today. It's really helping me a lot.

Much love to you, and great name too, great name.


Just to explain further, just in case this helps anyone. The first time around I put out the intention for a business, deals and success and the Universe gave me what I asked for. I manifested lots of commissions, meetings, deals etc. and success was given to me - but all the resistance in me was triggered by the 'bigness' of the offers. So, my thought patterns at that time would run along the lines of 'how am I going to do this' 'They are going to find out that I can't do this' 'I'm so scared of the big boss in this meeting' 'How will I find the staff I need to pull this off' 'I'm not good enough to pull this off'.

It doesn't take long for that stream of consciousness to manifest so, of course, all the deals disappeared and I "failed" cue the spiral of despair that led me on here and to look inward.

As 'time' has gone by I've cleaned up my vibration on lots of subjects, worked with my beliefs about life and myself, and mainly just focused on FEELING GOOD and staying in the Vortex (this is the key to everything!!!!!).

So, now from inside the Vortex, I launched the desire again, on a bigger scale. I contacted those at the very top of their fields to seek their business. Because from inside the Vortex I feel like I am them. They are at the top of the pile and so am I. I am fantastic at what I do and they are lucky to be working with me and we're all ONE anyway so let's just do this together and have fun doing it.

That is the difference in my thinking patterns regarding this desire, then and now. Outside the vortex, doubt, worry, fear, "I'm not good enough" and inside the Vortex I am invincible and I can do anything I want to do and it it always works out for me. And so it has........... I hope this is useful to someone :)


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Well well, perfect timing for both of us because your experience pretty much validated what I was asking. I tend to see a lot of things on inward quest that are leaning more towards the "move on, go elsewhere, let go, it's in the past, it is what it is, etc." type of advice (not that it isn't good advice in some cases)but I do believe that what you and I are saying is completely valid in some cases. I look at these experiences, of you and my good friend, as second chances (for lack of a better

(26 Nov '13, 19:10) The Chosen One123

word) to reclaim what may have been "lost" or may not have happened in the past. Even for people who don't practice the law of attraction I see the same thing happen with celebrities or those who are successful and shared their story. I don't believe if something in life doesn't work out the first time that there won't be other opportunities or that a person has to take a different route or move on in order to achieve what they want. That's contradictory advice when people on here say that

(26 Nov '13, 19:13) The Chosen One123

I am very glad to hear of your experience and thank you very much for sharing. Glad everything is working out for you like it has

(26 Nov '13, 19:14) The Chosen One123

I'm starting to realize that you can't actually 'lose' anything. Once you have expressed a desire for something it exists. To 'see' it you just have tune your thoughts and feelings, your vibration, to match up with it, and then it's in your reality and super super fast too. Thank you for this question and your comments. You have really helped me to solidify my feelings about this new reality that I am in. It's an exciting time for your friend too! Dreams come true for all of us :)

(27 Nov '13, 04:56) Yes
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Nope, situations will continue to repeat themselves if your consciousness remains the same. If your conscious of the fact that illnesses are very easy to catch you will repeatedly get illness. If your conscious that your healthy you will get health.

Repeated results and situations are a sign of consistent consciousness or beliefs. Life has no purpose in itself, a mirror has no purpose either, it merely reflects back whats placed in front of it.

Life is like that too, it doesn't need a purpose. We tend to want it to have one though.


answered 21 Nov '13, 10:09

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Monty Riviera

I see your point. Repetitive thought always becomes reality. But I believe life has a purpose other than attracting things. To each his own.

(26 Nov '13, 19:15) The Chosen One123

Happenings may or may not repeat. There will always be something to learn from anything that happens in our lives. Take the lesson and press forward. Enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Everyone knows starting adequately early gives us a relaxed time ahead--yet people repeat the same old mistake of doing everything in a hurry, making life a hell for themselves and for others! This means there are many people who never learn anything from lives! But you be different!


answered 22 Nov '13, 06:29

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T D Joseph

I think people get a lot of chances to do things over and either squander them when they arrive or don't even see them when they are in front of their faces. Or accept defeat and don't even try. I don't believe in a God that doesn't give people more than one opportunity to reclaim what may have been lost.

(26 Nov '13, 19:17) The Chosen One123

God has kept in places the IMMUTABLE AND IMPECCABLE laws of Karma, and will not infringe them at any time. We have to learn from experiences. The shrewd ones will learn from others' experiences.

(27 Nov '13, 02:01) T D Joseph

The answer to your question is Yes! I believe things/events in our lives repeat themselves. AS to why they do that is a mystery to me. I do not believe it is to learn. I might be the one who has to learn, but why and who or what is doing the teaching? Some of us never learn. Why does the learning process have to repeat itself. If we didn't get it the first time round are we going to understand a second or third time? Cut a long story short, I started a new job last July. Since then everything with the new job is happening twice and I cannot help feeling there is a reason for it. Am I responsible for what is happening or is there a latent force at work guiding me along the correct path? O r is there something I have to learn from it? If that is true, why don't I understand? Why is everything a riddle or cryptic to me? Take care Chris


answered 09 Apr '16, 03:12

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Chris Fowler

chris, these things that cycle (repeat), a thought or action taken, are waiting to be balanced.

(26 May '16, 19:26) fred

to answer your question this world is not perfect, people in it are not perfect either and what happen in this world is done by people living in it. so it is not only about the perfection of one person or one person getting better at something. some people can fail with situation that are totally out of their control. you see you do not live alone in this world. there is interaction and many factor from one person to the next. the cause of your fail could be from someone else failing. just for example you could say fail as in a job. you could lose your job not because you are not doing a good job. could be that someone is jealous and see you as a treat because you do your job better then him. it could even be your boss that fire you because he looks bad compare to you. could be your boss that as financial issue or doing some illegal stuff. etc... can it happen more then once yes. is there something you can change about it? nope the choice is not your choice it is out of your hands. you can only turn the page and do another choice. in this world can loosing your job or having financial issue happen more then once yes of course. does it makes you look bad on the outside maybe. in this world that judge only by outside things; what you have, what you own. you know what you came in this world with nothing and all that you have and own in this world will go away you will not bring any of it with you that is the same for every one. is it good to judge people by what they have or own? we live in a world of appearance for many it needs to look good on the outside even if it is not good on the inside. like a cup do you prefer to have a cup clean on the inside? or the outside only? it depends on what water you want to drink. you see the water is inside of the cup not on the outside. you might have a cup that appear to be very clean on the outside but if it is full of mud and poison on the inside what kind of water will you drink or make other drink? there is many people that lie to appear better then they are they often barrow expensive stuff from other to appear good, saying did you see my luxury car, my tuxedo, my Rolex etc... they appear rich and they are not. yet you will think what a successful person that is. you see people are often their worse own enemy, they lie to them self and to other, they shut their eyes and ears to not see or hear because they could not be proud about them self and praise them self. you see if life repeat it self often is because the same is happening often. if you go in extreme you often fall in the extreme opposite. it was the same 2000 year ago read your bible. Mathew 13:15 For this people's heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.'

But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.

For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

Mathew 6-5 "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Mathew 26-23

You blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.

you see some people do not care that they lie to you as long as they can be praise or that they can make money out of it. they do iniquity to them self and other and they do not want to see it (blind in darkness) or understand it as long as it brings them something for them self. the ego leads them, 2000 years ago they would have said that he is from the devil or under the devil control of any men that seams to have a big ego.

even if you can help your self from your own choice other people need to do the same. as long as their is division and iniquity in this world. people will suffer from it. and often things are inversed in this world of illusion and false appearance.

Do not be surprise at my saying some are poor and are rich and some are rich and are poor.

growth takes time. do you have the faith and the patience to grow?

look at a plant it takes good soil, space to not be choke by the weeds, time, sunlight and good water for it to grow.

if you are in your most dark hours trust in the lord take you faith and wait on the lord your god to give you the answer. that is the only way that you will grow and purify your water to see the living one in you made in the image of the living one above. this can take over 40 days.

James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 10 Jun '16, 06:09

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white tiger

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