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Has anyone experienced synchronicity with the radio or television?

An example would be: while thinking a thought the same exact word came on the radio at the same exact time.

While watching t.v. you say, or think something and it appears on t.v. at the same time or minutes after?

This is an unusual phenomena I have been experiencing for a while now.....

Have you had similar experiences?

asked 16 Apr '11, 14:44

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Happens to me constantly :-)

(11 Feb '13, 19:08) Starlight
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Yes, many times, all my life I have had that where I could be talking to somebody and then the tv or radio says the same thing. Often in different context, so it's not like my conversation was influenced by the tv or radio, puting us on the same topic, making it more likely to say the same things.

Another, different phenomenon that I experience sometimes is that if I hear somebody else while I am talking, sometimes, I say what I hear instead of what I am thinking. Like my mouth gets the wrong signal. It is all so instantanious.


answered 16 Apr '11, 16:53

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Fairy Princess

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I get this too.

Could be your seeing the beginnings of manifestations,little pointers which are pre cursers to the main event.

I dont just get this from TV, it seems to come from other sources too,friends and family come up with this stuff too.My wife who has no interest in metaphysical things came up with the idea of placing requests in a box and forgetting about them and letting them go!!

Not sure where the hell that came from ,she just came out with it with no preamble,but just what i had been studying very recently.

You could say that there mini manifestations in their own right,your concentrating and focusing on something and similar stuff begins to show up.



answered 16 Apr '11, 15:03

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Monty Riviera

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Ha ha new name Sir? Love it!!

(16 Apr '11, 15:06) you

Full name Montecarlo Fondant Riviera!! Felt like i needed a change.Always liked that name.

(16 Apr '11, 15:21) Monty Riviera

For some reason I always think of you as a Knighted man. That is why I call you Sir. So now it's Sir Monty

(16 Apr '11, 15:27) you

Sam thats a very nice thing to say,youve made Saskia and i laugh and cheered us up.Many thanks and best regards.

(16 Apr '11, 19:24) Monty Riviera
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yes i have had the experience of actually feeling to be in the same place as the person

speaking on tv , as if they are speaking personally to me .


answered 19 Jul '11, 05:24

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blubird two

Yes and quite often. I no longer "watch" TV but is in the background of some locations I am at and I do listen to the radio and Internet. When I first read your question I knew what you were talking about.

The radio, TV and other media say the words (meaningful words) as I am reading them. This happens quite often.


answered 16 Apr '11, 15:05

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Yes, I have this thing with the number "836", especially with clocks, but in other things, too.

My childhood phone number ended "1836". I will get an urge to look at the time, and it is most likely 36 minutes past the hour. I laughed when I found out that Wade's zip code included all four numbers, and his main phone line ends with a variation on 836.

I also see Bible verses that appear on the license plates of cars- such as J 316, etc. It is eerily like what you have talked of, isn't it?

Blessings, Jai


answered 16 Apr '11, 16:00

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Yes, I get this with numbers also. 311,11,23 I accepted these numbers as signs on the path of light. Time will tell.

(17 Apr '11, 11:53) alumni

wow! i've had the number 583 all my life. so happens, the birth date of my partner adds up to 583! I had won the lottery with these numbers exactly (a small amount) a few months before I met him!

(11 Mar '20, 09:32) nejl1973

Yes all the time now. As I started to read a lot about the LOA it happened more and more frequently. A friend and I have a particular connection between us. Two cool examples I could think of: Once he wanted to get into a show and he wanted to play the character of "Roger". We talked about it as we were walking and I said to just think of it and it will come to him. As I was saying this we walked by a sign of a restaurant called "Roger's". Another time I was on the phone with him and he loves The Golden Girls. I never watch it but I saw it was on tv so I turned it on and said to him "I was thinking of you so I'm watching your favorite show and it's this such and such episode". He was stunned because he had just opened the DVD Golden Girls set and put it in to watch. He had chosen the same episode I had been watching on tv at the same time as he chose to watch it on his dvd. These are just two fun synchronicity experiences in my life of many more.


answered 19 Jul '11, 06:18

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I have a habit of seeing a lot of 1's, like 111 or 1:11 or 11:11. I'll just happen to look at a clock and it'll be 1:11 or 11:11. Don't know if I should be worried or glad.


answered 19 Jul '11, 18:03

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This is Law of Attraction in work. You are subconsciously manifesting numbers like that. It starts when you randomly see a number and tell yourself something unusual is happening. That belief attracts another similar numbers. I saw 11:11, 12:12, 13:13 and so on throughout the day.

(19 Jul '11, 18:49) Asklepios

Yes, for some reason number 11 has been in my psyche for a long time. As a matter of fact I embraced the number 11 as "my " number.

(21 Jul '11, 22:51) alumni

Acording to Doreen Virtue your angels often communicate messages by showing you sequence of numbers.

111 or 11:1 or 1:11 asks you to monitor your thoughts carefully,and be sure to only think about what you want. It is a sign that there is a chance to manifest into form very quickly so be sure that you think of what you want and if not than correct your thinking.

(03 Aug '13, 10:09) Paulina 1
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yes.. all the time.. specially since I got "woken up" recently.. this isnt something that I asked for so it is still freaking me out.. Sometimes I am so ant sinc with the television.. radio and facebook that it freaks me out.. I will think of a phrase and open a page and it will literaly be on it.. word for word.. it happens to me everyday.. Its amazing to know I am not the only one.. do you guys think that this is happening to more and more people around the world because we are about to enter a whole new frecuency as human beigns?.. are there any other things that didn't use to happen before happening to you right now?.. cause I feel like I am living in a big acid trip that I can't wake up from..


answered 16 Sep '11, 22:16

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Thank You Allie for your comment, Yes, this gift of insight is very amazing and challenging. Truth is thee is not much I can say about it because I don't really understand it, so I've decided to just accept it and flow with the Universe. As I move in the Universe and WITH the Universe everything is changing. I can truly "see" now. I am know trying to Master Balance within myself at all times. Be wary of some "human beings" this gift is beyond their closed minds. As I go onwards on my journey it is good to know that you, and many others are also moving forwards towards the Light.

(17 Sep '11, 23:58) alumni

I find your comment to be healing and beautiful and I thank you for it.. yes I feel the same.. It is an amazing feeling to know that there are many of us that are together in this, I like everything you said and I will try my best to adopt that attitude.. :) bless you..

(18 Sep '11, 02:04) jinxx

All the time!

It's great. It's proof that what I'm holding in my mind is being reflected in my reality. When I imagine myself as being someone already receiving these little delights, I immediately see the world reflecting back ideas I'm holding in my mind. The secret to living the life you wish to live is clear. It's all about state of being: How you see yourself.

The universe really is a great mirror. You get what you wish to see. It's not that seeing is believing....Believing is seeing.

See yourself as already -- right here and now -- being the person you wish to be, living the life you wish to live, and the world will reflect that energy though synchronicity. But we live in a dimension of time and space. It takes time for that thing you want to get to you. Keep the faith. Keep your preferred state of being alive. You'll see the evidence of your manifestation through this wonderful thing we call synchronicity.

Mahalo, Raym


answered 20 Jan '12, 13:53

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@raym - mahalo

(20 Jan '12, 14:14) blubird two

Love this answer it is so true.

(03 Aug '13, 10:14) Paulina 1

yes it happens to me sometime also i will think about something and say something at the same time the tv say the same word or phrase. it is strange when it happens but is funny also. since all is happening now. it is like a corrolation that what you think is reflected back in the now. but there is nothing to freak out about. experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Jan '12, 21:52

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white tiger

This happens to me ALL the time, almost every day. Sometimes I like it, but sometimes it drives me crazy. When I'm driving, I have the radio on - usually a talk show - but not really listening. Thoughts float around & the exact words going through my mind are said on the radio. Also, the tv, or just when people are talking. Once I was driving and for some reason a thought about tigers went through my mind....a minute or 2 later, a truck came out of nowhere, pulled in front of me...and there were huge pictures of tigers all over it. Also, dreams. I'll have a dream about animals or insects and the very next day, something happens just like my dream. Always the next day. Last month, I had a weird dream about bees. The next day, I was on the freeway and traffic was stopping...all of a sudden a big swarm of bees smashed into my windshield, also the other cars which is why they were stopping. I had to pull off the freeway to clean off the windshield.


answered 12 Jul '12, 13:48

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yes! daily! with words said aloud, words read, thoughts and actions. i shared this info with my therapist and he thought i was "reapeating" words and i said "no, same time or just after, different context." and he tried to put me on Lithium!!!!


answered 11 Feb '13, 16:07

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Yes, occassionally. Sometimes I'll turn on the TV to watch a tv show and I'll get a feeling that it will be a specific episode of The Simpsons or something, and to my surprise it is that episode!


answered 13 Feb '13, 22:06

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Yes, I was going to ask this question, but decided to google first to see if it had already been asked. Several times here lately I have been reading something on my computer while the tv was on and as I am reading the word(s) the actor on the tv says the exact same word(s) as I am reading it. Last night, I was watching Moby Dick and I decided to read about the novel and as I was reading about the characters, I can across "Perth" and at that same moment, the narrator of the story, Ishmael, introduced Perth. As I read the name "Perth," the actor said "Perth." On Saturday, I was reading about Laura Riding on Wiki and as I was reading a passage, the actor on the tv show said the exact same words I was reading. I have also experienced synchronicity in other matters. Not sure what this all means.


answered 02 Aug '13, 00:43

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Yes, I experience this quite often. I’ll be reading or say something and the exact same word is said simultaneously by someone on tv. It’s been happening a lot more often recently than it has in the past. I’m wondering if this has some kinda hidden meaning like maybe my life is on track and I need not worry, or something like that. Also my friend and I’ll be texting and we’ll send the same message at the exact same time. This also has been occurring more often than it has in the past


answered 22 Feb '20, 02:27

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